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Stretch Goal Announcement for VWE’s Patreon

It’s been a good month now since we’ve launched the VWE Patreon and it’s time for us to start getting the ball rolling on more exciting content to come your way through the Patreon. 

Weekly Shows

VWE PrimeTime

Wednesday at 6PM SLT

The highlight of every Wednesday Night is VWE Primetime at 6pm SLT, which brings the action of professional wrestling with the drama and adventure of character-driven storytelling.


Fridays at 6PM SLT

VWE’s crown jewel, the biggest show of the week, Edge, happens every Friday at 6pm SLT where the biggest names in professional wrestling clash for the entertainment of the live crowd.

PULSE Wrestling

Sundays at 2PM SLT

The hottest up and coming professional wrestlers get the opportunity to test themselves against each other and some of the most talented people in the world every Sunday at 2pm SLT