BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

A Fallen Crusader?

At VWE SHOCKWAVE, Vince Easterwood saw his first reign as VWE World Heavyweight Champion come to an end in a Triple Threat Match featuring himself, Braden Karsin and Benja Nirvana. Though he lost the match and his title, it was what happened after the match that really shocked the VWE fans. Benja Nirvana attacked Vince and beat him down on the ramp. The usual fan favorite said he was tired of everything and wanted to put the VWE roster on notice. We sat down with Vince this week to see what was on his mind after everything that happened.

VWE: “How are you feeling days after your action-packed Triple Threat Match at VWE Shockwave?”

VE: “How do you think I feel? Irritated and sore, to say the least. Not only did I get cheated out of retaining the title, but come to figure out that Benja’s actions to create the situation that cost me the match likely were intentional, and Benja had further revealed it when he attacked me at the base of the ramp.”

VWE: “What are your thoughts on losing the VWE World Heavyweight Championship? Do you plan on going back after it?”

VE: “While I had a good run with the title, I still feel a bit frustrated that Braden had to continue his underhanded tactics to win the belt from me, no thanks to Benja taking out the ref earlier in the match. I do have my rematch clause, and we do know it’s at KOTA now, following Stu’s announcement Wednesday. I’m not one to really back down from a chance to regain what I rightfully earned back at WrestleSeries.”

VWE: “Speaking about Braden, were you shocked by him using a low blow on you to gain advantage and the victory?”

VE: “Surprised, no, but I should have expected it. Nothing was going to end while the ref was down, and I thought I had time to get her focusing on the match.”

VWE: “Do you have anything to say to Braden?”

VE: “Now that we know my rematch is at KOTA, I will get my revenge on him and reclaim my title. He will pay for the injustice both he and Benja did last week.”

VWE: “What are your feelings towards Benja and his attack on you after the match?”

VE: “Hurt and confused. Benja used to be a so-called good guy and even led us against a certain snake’s group way back. What caused this sudden change in attitude is beyond me, but he really did not help matters at all.”

VWE: “How will you respond to Benja?”

VE: “Benja set off something he doesn’t want me to unleash, and with turning that suddenly and dramatically on me, he will experience the full wrath of Heaven when I finally do get my hands on him.”

Vince Easterwood may have been knocked off his Championship perch at VWE SHOCKWAVE but it seems he has his focus fully set on Braden at VWE King Of The Arena. However, he seems to also have Benja Nirvana in the back of his mind and vows to get some revenge on The Big Shot as well. Only time will tell where Vince goes from here, whether he can become a 2 Time VWE World Heavyweight Champion or if he’ll fall once more.