BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

A New Champion Is Crowned

VWE Shockwave sent lots of ripples throughout the SL Wrestling world with numerous events transpiring during the evening. One such event was the crowning of a new VWE World Heavyweight Champion in Braden Karsin. The younger Karsin abruptly ended the 4-month reign of Vince Easterwood by pinning him in the middle of the ring during last Friday’s Free Per View event. In the match, Braden defeated both Vince and Benja Nirvana and cemented himself as a Grand Slam Champion. (Braden had previously won the United States Championship, Tag Team Championship and European Championship). When we came across Braden, he was sitting in the Champions Locker Room, minding his own business, in his peace and solitude. We stopped for a few questions.

VWE: ” First off we would like to offer you our congratulations on becoming VWE World Heavyweight Champion. What does it mean to you for finally reaching the top of the mountain?”

BK: “Thank You. For me finally capturing the VWE World Heavyweight Championship means more than anything to me because starting my journey in Second Life Pro Wrestling, I wanted to be a VWE World Heavyweight Champion. I wanted to be the best or known as one of the best and by capturing the World Heavyweight Championship I am stepping in the right direction and not only am I a World Champion, but I’m also a Grand Slam Champion! Its been 8 years of me working hard on becoming the best and now to hold a prestigious title like I am, it means the world to me.”

VWE: “That sounds amazing. Once more, congratulations. Now… the way you won the belt… you used a low blow on Vince, do you feel proud?”

BK: “Why wouldn’t I be proud? I mean I beat everyone’s hero. I beat Vince Easterwood and not only did I beat Vince, but i also beat Benja Nirvana. Two guys who are definitely legends and to ask me a question like that, you have to be out your mind. I did what I had to do to walk out of VWE Shockwave your new VWE World Heavyweight Champion! So I suggest that you dont ask me questions if you already know the answer. To add to that, I am the Greatest of All Time!

VWE: “Alright, were you surprised at Benja going off after the match on Vince?”

BK: “Am I surprised? No I wasn’t surprised. Benja is a guy who for years has had people cheer for him and people loved him and then all of a sudden Vince Easterwood comes around and steals Benja’s spotlight by being the biggest face of the company! No I’m not surprised and Benja Nirvana made his mark by blasting Vince Easterwood after the match! I found it very therapeutic to watch.”

VWE: “Therapeutic? If you say so. Would you give Vince a rematch?”

BK: “If hes man enough to invoke his rematch clause, then yes I will. However I’m not the one he should completely worry about. I’m the World Heavyweight Champion and people need to respect the fact that I am and forever will be a force that no other man can touch or get near to!”

VWE: “Now that you have become World Champion… where do you go from here?”

BK: “There is only one place to go and thats up! Like I have done over the past 2 years, I have busted my ass to become better than everyone else.”

VWE: “How does your brother feel on your victory?”

BK: ” Have you spoken to him? Who cares what he thinks of my title win? I sure in the hell don’t! I’m better than he will ever be!”

VWE: “So you consider yourself the better Karsin?”

BK: “I’ve always considered myself to be better since day one and will continue to do so.”

VWE: ” Looking ahead, who are you looking forward to getting in the ring with to defend your title?”

BK: “I tell you what I’ ll be honest. If there is a guy I would like to step in the ring with to challenge myself, it would be a certain God that claims he is the Greatest of All Time.”

VWE: “Lastly, do you have any words for the fans?”

BK: “Really…fans? What fans? They have been doubting me for years so if there is anything I would like to say to them, it would be… how does it taste to have your foot put in your mouth? To the fans, you’re welcome, you all should feel blessed to be in my presence!”

Although some may not agree with the method on how Braden Karsin became VWE World Heavyweight Champion, one thing is clear. He is focused and he is confident in his abilities and his Championship run. Will Vince Easterwood get a rematch? Will Benja put more than Vince on notice? Or will Braden put down all future challengers? Time will tell but for right now… Braden Karsin is on top of the world.