BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

PrimeTime Preview – Wolfy Kessel vs. Night – US Championship

What happens when you take a rising star and put him in a match with a golden opportunity? You find out if he is worth his weight in gold.

On the March 1st edition of VWE Primetime, Night making his Official Main Roster debut took on the reigning VWE US Champion, Wolfy Kessel in the main event for the United States Championship. Less than a week earlier, Wolfy successfully defended his championship in a Fatal 4 Way at VWE Frostbyte. Unfortunately for Wolfy, Night was on a mission after losing his VWE Pulse Championship on Frostbyte and took out all his frustration on Wolfy. Night defeated Wolfy and became the US Champion.

A week later, Night celebrated his victory with his best friend, Cody Houley. During that celebration, a fan jumped into the ring and attacked Night. That fan was actually none other than Wolfy in disguise. He vowed to make Night’s life a living hell and win back his championship.

Over the next couple of weeks, the two went back and forth in distracting each other during matches and trying to one-up the other. It wasn’t until Night and Cody decided to turn over Wolfy’s wolves to Animal Control during a match Wolfy was having, that really set Wolfy on edge! The following week Night mocked Wolfy with a fake wolf fur coat. But it would be Wolfy getting the last laugh. As Cody was on the titantron gifting Night a new Lamborghini, Wolfy attacked Cody from behind and proceeded to set the new vehicle on fire!

The two will finally face off once more in a US Championship Match and we’ll finally see who will come out the victor. Will it be Wolfy exacting revenge and regaining his championship or will Night be the one to once more stand tall and retain? To find out, join us live on Wednesday, April 5th at 5pm SLT from the Empire City Colosseum for a special VWE PRIMETIME!