BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

ShockWave Preview – Maxine vs. Viola Beaumont in a Last Woman Standing match.

Are all Sorority sisters created equally? if you asked Viola Beaumont, she’d reply with an emphatic NO! The journey of Maxine vs. Viola started way back last year at the Elimination Royale where Alexandra and Maxine came out and helped Viola defend her VWE Women’s Championship against Brooke Owens. It was on that night that OAMu was established.

For the next few months the three Sorority sisters ruled the ring and fended off many challenges including Rie Kurihara and Brooke Owens. The first cracks in the armor of the group started in the lead up to WrestleSeries VIII when Maxine lost a match that would have allowed Viola to name the stipulation of her Championship Match at the biggest show of them all. Eventually Viola Beaumont did lose her VWE Women’s Championship at VWE Fallout when Maxine was unable to help Viola in the match as she was attacked by Celina from behind.

As the weeks went by, Viola took care of the Celina problem and turned her attention to Maxine. Viola viewed Maxine as the weakest link in the Sorority and wanted her to retire! After some insulting comments about Maxine’s previous marriage were brought up, Maxine had enough and knocked Viola to the ground! Maxine used her own low blow tactics on Viola a couple weeks later when she struck a nerve telling Viola that she only wishes to please her father because he is disappointed that she wasn’t born a boy.

After months of cooperation and sisterhood to weeks of hatred and contempt, the two will now face off in a match after Maxine issued the challenge to Viola. Of the two former Sorority sisters, who will be the one to get the upper hand and walk out with their hand held high? Will Viola prove she was always the leader? Will Maxine prove she wasn’t the weakest link? To find out, join us live on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 5pm SLT from the Empire City Colosseum for VWE SHOCKWAVE!