ShockWave Preview – Alison Daines vs. Misaki Yumako vs. Ellie Christensen Embers

Another milestone for VWE Pulse will be reached this Friday when the VWE Pulse Women’s Championship is awarded to one of three women.

Allison Daines, a former VWE wrestler and current D.I.E. performer is just one of the many invaders trying to stake their claim in VWE. Ellie Christensen Embers is a VWE Pulse wrestler who has looked unstoppable since her debut and has the brash attitude to back that up. The only kink in Ellie’s armor has been Misaki, undefeated since her Pulse debut on January 15th of this year.

Allison turned on Ellie earlier in the year and faked a leg injury trying to throw her opponents for a loop. Misaki has given Ellie her only losses on Pulse as well has insulted Ellie’s mother. Misaki claims that Ellie’s mother trained her(Ellie) and that she is as big a loser as her mother was. Tensions are high between the three women and it all looked like it was coming to a collision 2 weeks ago on Pulse. That is until VWE Chairman Stuart Warf made an appearance and decided the three of them would face off for the VWE Pulse Women’s Championship.

Will the newly minted championship be taken into D.I.E hands? Will Ellie get some retribution on Misaki and show her that she can get over that hurdle? Can Misaki continue her dominance of the VWE Pulse brand and be the first Pulse Women’s Champion? And will Austin Night, Misaki’s manager play a role in any of this? Find out live this Friday, April 7th at 5pm SLT from the Empire City Colosseum on VWE SHOCKWAVE!