ShockWave Preview – Christina Krovac vs. Chloe Valentine – Women’s World Championship

It isn’t everyday that you get to meet someone you look up to. Or even work with them and become friends with them. But when that relationship sours… it can make for some good fireworks.

That is what happened between VWE Women’s Champion, Chloe Valentine and the former champion, Christina Krovac. Their friendship and work relationship was working out just fine, until Christina began taking on a new attitude towards the end of 2016. Of course that attitude led to Christina winning the VWE Women’s Championship at WrestleSeries VIII. Chloe, being happy for her friend tried to spend time with Christina, but Christina was avoiding Chloe.

During an emotional interview Chloe was having, where she explained the cell phone she carried was one in which she remembered her mother, Christina made her presence known by interrupting the interview and proceeding to stealing the cell phone and destroying it! Chloe, having an emotional break down went after Christina and beat her down.

The stage was set for Chloe to defeat Christina at VWE Frostbyte and capture the VWE Women’s Championship. Over the next few weeks, Christina and Chloe have been playing tit for tat and coming down to watch each other’s matches with Christina even stealing Chloe’s championship belt and forcing her to come on the talk show, “The Star with the Irrelevant”. As Christina belittled Chloe, Chloe decided it was enough and destroyed Christina’s set!

Christina seemed to change her tune the following week, apologizing to Chloe and even wearing a Chloe Valentine T-Shirt. A video played showing Christina in a dark room with Chloe photos on the wall in front of her. A match between the two was announced for the upcoming FPV during last weeks Primetime. During the contract signing, Christina once more apologized to Chloe but after the contract was signed by both parties, Christina turned the tables and put a beat down on the Women’s Champion!

Can Chloe rid herself of Christina once and for all? Will Christina’s mind games and tricks pay off and get her a 4th Title reign? To find out, join us live on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 5pm SLT from the Empire City Colosseum for VWE SHOCKWAVE!