ShockWave Preview – Cody Houley vs. Chris Crossfade

What happens when you troll God? That is the question that will be answered this Friday night at Shockwave when Chris Crossfade takes on “The Code” Cody Houley.

Chris has been on quite the mission as of late in his quest to get a match against Cody. He has done everything from interrupting Cody to trolling and taunting him during matches from the crowd. The now infamous saying of “Cody is a Pussy” comes to mind. Never one to be out of creative juices, Chris has even presented homemade signs poking fun at “The Code”.

Cody to his credit ignored all of Chris’ taunts for a while. It wasn’t until recently when Chris wrestled a blow up doll look a like of Cody in the middle of the ring that Cody finally took notice. But still, he resisted a match! That is until a cryptic video was played and Cody’s nerves were struck! Cody finally accepted a match against Crossfade at Shockwave and Chris agreed to stop with the videos.

So will Cody finally put the ultimate troll, Chris Crossfade out of action or will Chris break “The Code” and show the world that even a “GOAT” can be tamed. Find out live on Friday, April 7th, 2016 at 5pm SLT from Empire City Colosseum at VWE SHOCKWAVE!