BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Shockwave Preview – David Hawk Actor vs. Derrick Cult

Ever since DavidHawk Actor made his return to VWE earlier this year, he has been on a mission to reawaken the VWE locker room. His goal has been to inspire up and coming superstars and to remind VWE veterans on how hard they should be working. Seems noble enough… that is until one VWE veteran took offense.

That veteran would be 3-time VWE Champion, Derrick Cult along with his manager, Austin Knight. The duo were not amused by David’s words nor were they happy to see him back in the VWE. In fact it was the Human Concussion Machine, Derrick Cult who sent DavidHawk Actor out of VWE after WrestleSeries VI.

Ever since Derrick has made it his mission to send DavidHawk packing, he has come out week after week to solidify his point. However, no action was more direct than Derrick coming out and elbowing DavidHawk in the back of the head during Primetime last week.

So will the former VWE Champion, DavidHawk Actor continue to inspire and defeat Derrick and remind him why he calls himself the Icon? Or will Derrick Cult once more beat DavidHawk Actor down and send him off to obscurity like he did a few years ago? To find out come watch the action live on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 5pm SLT from the Empire City Colosseum at VWE SHOCKWAVE!