ShockWave Preview – Loody Graves vs. Jeffery Fireguard

There is an old saying, “They just don’t make them like they used to anymore”. That is what Loody Graves would have everyone believe. For months now Loody has gone around and has been very vocal about the Golden Era of VWE being superior to the New Era. “The Golden Era” of course would be the early days of VWE.

Loody set his sights on one of the most popular New Era wrestlers, Jeffery Fireguard to get his point across. Loody has insisted that someone like Jeffery doesn’t have the same performance standards as wrestlers in the Golden Era. He has criticized the New Era’s extreme habits and even personal belongings! The German Sensation has attacked Jeffery during matches and backstage promos and at one point, he even stole a pair of dog tags that Jeffery’s late grandfather gave to him.

Jeffery to his credit has not given up. He has given Loody a taste of his own medicine as he too has interfered in Loody’s matches. Jeffery is determined to get his revenge on Loody as he is trying to prove that the Golden Era of wrestlers can’t handle what their New Era counterparts can bring to the table. Loody has used his verbal game play to his advantage, going as far as saying Jeffery was nothing more than the filth at the bottom of his shoe. It is clear that Loody views Jeffery as a prime example of what is wrong with the current era of wrestlers.

So will Loody Graves be proven correct? Will he show that the Golden Era is superior to the New Era? Will Jeffery get some revenge and shut the German Sensation up and force him to respect the current generation? The German Sensation vs. The Misfit. Golden Era vs. New Era. Arrogance vs. Respect. To find out, join us live on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 5pm SLT from the Empire City Colosseum for VWE SHOCKWAVE!