BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

The Return of The Eliminator

When the name Seth Cameron is mentioned, a lot of words come to mind. Creator. Wrestler. Champion. Charisma. Power. VWE. Technically the last one there is not a word, but the VWE comes to mind when you think of Seth Cameron. The former 5-time VWE World Heavyweight Champion has kept a low profile over the years since he retired from the ring. So when The Eliminator made his return at VWE SHOCKWAVE to thwart Night, Cody and Christina Krovac from doing, even more, damage to Chloe Valentine, he certainly sent waves through the SL Grid! We sat down with Seth to get some thoughts on the current state of VWE and why after being retired for 4 long years… did he decide to come back now?

VWE: “Seth, it’s great to see you. We just wanted to say welcome back. On that note, how does it feel to be back in the VWE?”

SC: “Surreal. Times have changed and it’s interesting to see guys that were just developing their careers at the front of the company now compared to back when I was main eventing.”

VWE: “Did you ever think after being retired for 4 years, that you would be back in a ring, let alone a VWE ring?”

SC: “You never think you’re going to come out of retirement. The fact is I’ve always said I’d never say never, but let’s be honest, the last time I was in the VWE, things didn’t end well backstage with management and I. It caused a rift between myself and this company. After that point, I don’t think I ever thought of coming back to the VWE.”

VWE: “With that said, why come back now?”

SC: “It’s two things really. I see massive potential in this current generation of VWE. For years, some of us veterans have talked outside the VWE and, the one thing we wish we could have done is to give some of the current generation a real fight with us. People say guys like us should have “Passed the Torch”. So in a way, I’m here because I say, it’s time they “Earn the Torch”. I don’t want to glorify the old days as the “Best” because they weren’t always. Though you have some of the greatest names and talent the VWE ever saw when I was competing back then. I think the current generation has forgotten really what it meant to be truly challenged by someone they’ve never faced before. Now I’m not saying they aren’t capable. TRUST ME, they are. This generation has some of the BEST I’ve ever seen but so were we in our time. Time to see if they can truly earn the torch they just picked up when we left. That’s all I’m saying.”

VWE: “You set your sights on Cody, Night and Christina, Why?”

SC: “It’s simple. Three examples of talent letting their heads swell. As I said at Shockwave, Cody has been running his mouth for a long time. Night, now that I found out his name, has been doing the same. They want to claim they’re from the best generation, that the “Golden Era” doesn’t matter. I’ll give them credit, they’ve earned a lot of accomplishments in the VWE. In fact, I used to be like them. I had the swollen head, I thought I was the best as well. Wisdom comes with age, I realized how ignorant I was back then. The same ignorance these two have. It’s about time someone steps up, knocks them on their asses and teaches them a lesson.”

VWE: “And Christina?”

SC: “As for Christina, What she did at Shockwave is similar to something I did at BeachBrawl 2011 to Benbe Kirax. It was low, desperate, and disgusting. I simply wasn’t going to stand in the back and let it go any further.”

VWE: “It did go pretty far. What were your thoughts on what the three of them did at VWE Shockwave to Chloe Valentine and her father?”

SC: “Look, I’m guilty for a lot of bad things I did during my career. I wasn’t the nicest guy. But I didn’t attack someone’s family member to prove a point. There’s a line you just shouldn’t cross and that’s one of them. It proved they’ll sink as low as they can to gain accomplishments. That’s not proving anything, it’s weaseling your way into an opportunity or advantage. I wish I would have been out sooner, to help him. I hope him a speedy recovery and Chloe knows I’ll have her back anytime.”

VWE: “Cody claims to be God and is a former 3X Champion. He says he is the GOAT. As a former 5X Champion, what do you wish to tell him?”

SC: “To be the Greatest of All Time, you have to beat the Greatest of All Time. I said it at Shockwave, and I meant it. Cody might have faced some of the best the VWE has offered, but He hasn’t faced me, he hasn’t faced Brakman Wylder. We both were known in our respective eras, for being the faces of the company at different points. I’m a five-time VWE World Heavyweight Champion. I’m Undefeated at WrestleSeries, three times. My accomplishments are there. Now times have changed, but I promise you, I haven’t lost a step.”

VWE: “The three of them didn’t seem to show much respect towards you returning. How will you change their minds?”

SC: “I’m not here to earn their respect. I’m here to earn the fans’ respect. I spent most of my career shunning the fans. They’re the ones that deserve my respect, and I will do what I can to earn theirs. As for GOAT, I’m simply going to beat the holy hell out of Cody, until he realizes not to take me for granted. He’s going to find out what it’s like to face someone like me, and more importantly, he’s going to see that no excuses are going to save him from the beating he’s about to get.”

VWE: “How would you compare the VWE now to when you were a Main Eventer?”

SC: “It’s definitely different. You have a lot of amazing talent in the VWE now, that compares to when I was main eventing. The training is more complex, the matches are sometimes more intense now. But back when I main evented, when we stood out, we stood out from the crowd. I personally feel, there’s some guys ready to stand out even more but they haven’t had that opportunity yet. Perhaps Guys like me can make sure that happens.”

VWE: “Speaking of standing out or accomplishing something, what do you hope to accomplish in VWE, this time around?”

SC: “What does anyone want to accomplish? I was a five-time VWE World Heavyweight Champion. If you don’t think I won’t aim for a sixth, you’re crazy. There’s no bigger accomplishment. But with that said, There’s other avenues I want to pursue. Now, I’m not qualified for KOTA, which is fine. I have a lot of work to do to get the rust off. But for the first time, I will be slated for Elimination Royale. Fun fact, I’m the only “Golden Era” Veteran that has never completed in the Elimination Royale. If everything works out, this will be my first time. I wouldn’t mind pursuing the United States title again. I’m the first ever United States Champion, Would be nice to have a second go after 8 years.”

VWE: “Besides some of what you already mentioned, what is there left for Seth Cameron to do in SL Wrestling?”

SC: “The one thing you learn in SL Wrestling, there’s ALWAYS something left to do. Someone left to face, Something left to accomplish, Some match left to achieve. I think there’s plenty for me to do in SL Wrestling. But the first thing I had to do, was Come Home.”

VWE: “Will you be back full time or is this part time?”

SC: “I’m signed to a Full-time contract with the VWE. This isn’t just an appearances like 2012, It’s a full contract, and I’m here to stay. For how long? However long my body can take it, and however long it takes me to finish what I need to accomplish.”

VWE: “Some of your old enemies are still around. Do you think you’ll run into them eventually?”

SC: “I would expect it. Anyone that remembers me, remembers Loody Graves as one of my most heated rivals. It’s been 9 years since we faced off against each other. Trust me, after 9 years, there’s still no love lost. Time will tell if we’ll run into each other. There’s others as well, and I’m sure guys like Curt, Derrick, heck even a guy like David Hawk Actor, who I’ve never faced, but we have a brief history behind the scenes will all eventually meet up with me. It’ll be very interesting.”

VWE: “Any last thoughts or words for the fans?”

SC: “Yeah, I do. I didn’t come back to jump on the “Golden Era” Train. What I did then and what I’ll do now, are two different paths, with one similarity. I will prove I’m not some “Old Man that’s going to break a hip”. I’ve kept in shape, I’ve maintained my wrestling practice even in retirement, and I’ll work the rest of the rust off. I’m not here to talk about the past, I’m here to prove what I say in the present. Cody wants to underestimate me, that’s fine. Makes it easier for me when I beat his ass from one side of that arena to the other. I’m coming for him, and I know the fans jumping on board the “ElimiNATION” want to see GOAT pay for what they did. Well, soon enough it’ll be time for me to collect payment.”

We would like to thank Seth Cameron for sitting down with VWE.CC for that interview. No one knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain… Seth Cameron has returned to the VWE and has his sights set on a varying degree of accomplishments he wants to achieve. But first… his eyes are firmly set on GOAT. How will things go in the VWE now that The Eliminator has returned? No one is sure, but if Seth Cameron means business, stay out of his way!