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Interview Brooke Owens May 26th 2017

Interview: Brooke Owens

VWE Superstar

 VWE: “Last night was an emotional rollercoaster for you. First, you retained your VWE Radiance Title in your 4-way match and then you lost it later on in the same night to Hilary Lanfier after she won the Queen of the Arena Match. How are you feeling now?”

BO: “I’m hurt…..mentally and physically…. I went through 3 other women to retain my title and…. all I wanted was to be nice to Hilary she’s worked so hard to get to where she is…and that’s the thanks I get?! Last time I’ll ever be nice that’s for sure.”

VWE: “Do you have any words for Hilary and how she won the title?”

BO: “Enjoy it while it lasts Hilary….. once I’m 100% I’m coming back for the Radiance title… far as i know…it was a cowards way.”

VWE: “Do you think it was a good idea to go out there? If you didn’t you would still be VWE Radiance Champion right now.”

BO: “In the moment I thought it would be a good idea like I said, I’ve seen how hard Hilary has worked ever since I came into VWE and I knew that QOTA win had to mean so much…and I just wanted to congratulate her…I regret it now!”

VWE: “I am sure your focus is on regaining the championship. If you had the chance, would you do the same thing Hilary did to you? Or would you do it in a traditional pre-announced one on one match?”

BO: “I am 100% focused on regaining the Radiance Championship and honestly….I don’t want Hilary to know when I’m gonna show up after what she did! I want her to keep looking over her shoulder and wonder when Brooke Owens is coming back but there’s one issue…. It won’t be the same Brooke Owens no Hilary you’ve just awakened my deepest darkest self…..”