BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Interview: Hilary Lanfier

VWE Radience Champion & VWE Queen of the Arena 2017

After Hilary Lanfier’s history making victory at Queen of the Arena where she not only won the Queen of the Arena Ladder Match but also cashed in her contract and defeated Brooke Owens for the VWE Radiance Championship, we sat down with the newly crowned Champion for some of her thoughts.

VWE: “Going into the Queen of the Arena Match, what emotions and feelings were you going through? There were former winners of the match also involved, did you think they had an advantage?”

HL: “Going into any match of mine, whether it is a title match, a ladder match or just a regular match. I have one thing in my mind and that is to win! I was not concerned with the former winners because I knew that I was going to walk in that match and win, which I did!”

VWE: “Can you pinpoint a part of the match that you consider a turning point or your favorite?”

HL: “If you didn’t notice, I let the other bombshells hurt each other while I stayed in the clear. And when Sierra climbed that ladder and almost won, I got triggered because I knew that she didn’t deserve to become Queen, I ONLY DESERVE TO BE QUEEN!”

VWE: “How did you prepare for the Queen of the Arena Matchup?”

HL: “A lot of people will tell you that they have prepared both mentally and physically for a dangerous match like this. Because you have to put your body on the line and blah blah blah. But you see, I have been head butting tables for as long as I can remember. So I think that I was always prepared for any match thrown at me.”

VWE: “When you won and became the Queen, did you already have in your mind to face Brooke?”

HL: “I haven’t given much thought to who I was going to face after i won. All I knew was that I was going to become a champion.”

VWE: “If Brooke hadn’t come down to the ring, you probably wouldn’t be sitting here as VWE Radiance Champion. When she did come out, did you know then to challenge her for her title?”

HL: “You see I wasn’t planning on cashing in even when Brooke came down to the ring. All I wanted was for her to sign my petition and she decided to disrespect me. So I had to teach her a lesson and at the same time I became the new Radiance Champion.”

VWE: “This is your first title since being VWE International Champion, how does it feel?”

HL: “I think it’s about damn time that I am champion again. So you could say that I am happy but at the same time I am pissed because it’s long overdue. I haven’t gotten the opportunities that the other bombshells have gotten, so I had to make my own opportunities and take what I DESERVE!”

VWE: “Brooke will no doubt be coming after you for a rematch, how will you prepare for her?”

HL: “You know what, I want her to try to come for me and try to take MY Radiance title back. But I will do whatever it takes to keep this title even if it means breaking her neck. I will show her what a true champion looks like and not a FAKE wannabe, sad excuse of a bombshell.”

VWE: “A lot of people thought you were crazy over the past few months with your table petition… but now you are a Champion. What do you have to say to the VWE Universe?”

HL: “You see a lot of people can easily be mistaken with intelligence and craziness. People think I’m crazy when I am truly just smart. I am trying to save VWE from the horrendous actions that the table has done. One day everyone will see my point of view! Mark my words!”