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Interview with “The Gunslinger” Matt Asadar

Today we sat down with one of the hottest up and coming VWE Superstars on Pulse, Matt Asadar. We wanted to get to know the newcomer a bit better and decided to ask a few questions

VWE: “First off, we’d like to know what made you want to be a wrestler?”

MA: “Unlike some of the guys on the roster I didn’t grow up in an area where wrestling was something that was a dream. My life was a daily struggle to survive the best I could, and believe me that was the hardest work of all. It wasn’t until I rode into Empire City just by chance that my interest began to turn to the world of wrestling. I walked up those steps and stood at the entryway watching an episode of Edge and I knew this was a place for me to be. I’ve never been a man who settles down, being a drifter from an early age doesn’t lend much time for such things. Seeing the competition and the welcome that I received when I applied really solidified the feeling that this was a new path for me to go down.”

VWE: “Who inspires you as a wrestler?”

MA: “Inspiration isn’t hard to come by for me. Working hard, and doing things the right way has always been in my blood. I want to bring honor to my name, I want people to know that Matt Asadar does it right and doesn’t cut corners. My greatest inspiration would have to be my parents. Even though I lost my parents at an early age they stay with me everywhere I have been and guide me down the right paths. I hope that how I perform, the way I act, and the things I do will bring honor to their memory.”

VWE: “How does it feel to perform on Pulse in front of the crowds?”

MA: “It is one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt. From the cheers and even the boos, it is great to perform for the greatest fans in SL. Being on my own for most of my life I wasn’t sure how I would feel with so many eyes on me. The fans give me a rush of adrenaline that is hard to explain. It matches the feeling just before you engage in a shootout, except the feeling last a lot longer than just a few seconds.”

VWE: “What are your goals as a wrestler?”

MA: “To be the best I can be. We have those who strive to be the Greatest Of All Time but for me it’s taking it a day at a time, and working hard to get better. If my focus remains on improving, the accolades and the success will come in its proper time. This is a land full of Silver and Gold and I plan to have one of them wrapped around my waist in due time. I will not cut corners to get there, but I will be GUNNIN’ for it.”

VWE: “How did you come up with your character?”

MA: “Character? This is no character, this is who I truly am. What you see is what you get.”

VWE: “Currently you are feuding with Mr. Hollywood. What are your thoughts on him?”

MA: “Oh Mr. Hollywood…..well there isn’t that much to say really. He has felt the need to interrupt me time and time again. When he had a chance in the ring with me he resorted to his usual cheating ways and caught a Six-Shooter right between the eyes. He has accomplished things greater than I have, there is no doubt about that. For those things, I will tip my cap to him, but beyond that, I don’t think too much about the loud mouth fancy man who calls himself Mr. Hollywood.”

VWE: “How will you try to overcome him as an obstacle?”

MA: “Obstacle is a good word to use when it comes to Hollywood. As I said when I first addressed the VWE Grid, I am here to work hard and to make my way up the ladder on PULSE. Hollywood has inserted himself onto that ladder and my plan is rather simple. Stay one step ahead, and be ready for anything because I know he will resort to any means necessary. I have to stay ready and focused at all times. He will attempt to take a shortcut to the top, I cannot allow that to happen.”

VWE: “Do you have any words for the fans?”

MA: “To the fan, I say thank you. For the support you have given me in my short time here on PULSE. I promise to be a MAN, not a cheat. I will work harder than anyone, and whatever I accomplish will be a testament to that. We will celebrate every victory together, and I will improve from any defeat. I promise to be someone you can get behind and trust is doing it the right way. I will always be GUNNIN’ for the top.”

VWE: “Where do you want to be 1 year from now?”

MA: “I haven’t given much thought to a long range plan, very much a day to day, moment to moment sorta guy. A lot can happen over the course of a year. thinking about it now i can say that I hope to be performing in some great matches, be vastly improved from where I am now. Ultimately I hope to see my hard work pay off with a shot at some of that Silver or Gold. No matter what happens I will still be here, fighting each week in that ring if only to prove that you don’t have to cut corners in this company to make your way to the top. Thank you for the interview, always a privilege to sit down and speak not only with the VWE, but to the VWE Grid as well.”

VWE: “Thank you and good luck!”

You can come and watch Matt Asadar every Sunday at 1 PM SLT on VWE Pulse.