BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

King of the Arena is still anyone’s game

During the two tournaments, King of the Arena and Queen of the Arena, there have shown some clear front-runners in the QOTA Tournament. Namely, Sierra Charisma, Krystal Neutron, Hilary Lanfier, and Viola Beaumont, who are all currently sitting at six points as we get closer and closer to the supercard, King of the Arena, to crown the two winners. And that raises a big question, could Viola Beaumont be the first person in history to be crowned two years in a row? But, in the men’s division, each bracket seems to still be contested, with most people taking a loss on their journey to fight towards the finals.
There are still front-runners, but it isn’t as clear cut as with the women’s brackets. In this new point system, a win will earn someone three points, a draw will earn both competitors 1 point and of course, a loss earns nothing. In bracket 1 for the men, both Michael Karsin and Jeff Fireguard are sitting with 4 points, with both men having only one more match to prove which of them should be in the finals. In bracket 2, the VWE Pulse Champion, Hamaso Franizzi and Benja Nirvana are both at 3 points, but Benja only has one more match to try to get into the finals, while Hamaso still has two matches to go. In bracket 4, Derrick Cult, Curt Bombastic, and Jayson Rain have 3 points. For that bracket, Curt and Derrick both have only one more match while Jayson still has two matches. The only bracket for the men that is already won is bracket 3 where DavidHawk Actor has already secured 6 points. Loody Graves and The Crisis both have finished all three matches, ending with only 4 points and Morgan Jones has zero points, finding no luck against the more experienced wrestlers. Even if David lost his final match in the qualifiers against Morgan Jones, his spot in the finals at the supercard would be secure.
But who will join David? In bracket 1, the shocker of the year could be Drake Edwards, who, if he can win his next match, and if Michael Karsin and Jeff Fireguard only draw or lose, could sneak into the finals. One thing is for sure, no matter who makes it to the finals, no one can say they got lucky or didn’t earn it. The real winner of the KOTA and QOTA tournaments is the fans because, in the end, we are going to see something special.
Looking ahead to the finals, the questions remain. Who will take the place of Cody Houley? Could they have as amazing a year this year that Houley did last year? Becoming the King or the Queen of the Arena is a huge honour that brings the opportunity of a future title shot. A shot that can be cashed in at any moment, an opportunity that succeeds more than it fails. The finals will lead to four-way matches for both the men and the women and that brings an air of unexpectedness because anything could and probably will happen. VWE King of the Arena will be held in the GOHA Cleary Arena on May 26, 2017 at 4pm SLT.