BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

VWE EDGE Returns This Friday At 5 pm SLT

by Brian Dusel

VWE King of the Arena was only this past Friday and it is still hard to wrap our heads around some of the things we saw happen at that event.  But, like most say with professional wrestling, there is no time off.  It was a great night for G.O.A.T. as Night retained the VWE United States Championship over Curt Bombastic and Christina Krovac defeated Maxine Endrizzi to retain the VWE Women’s World Championship.  Braden Karsin defeated Vince Easterwood in an Iron Man Match with a score of 3-2 to retain the VWE World Heavyweight Championship.  His brother, Michael Karsin won the King of the Arena Ladder Match in the main event, but Hilary Lanfier not only climbed the ladder to win the Queen of the Arena, she then took advantage of Brooke Owens coming out to congratulate her to hit her with the briefcase and cash in to become the new VWE Radiance Champion.  But, no rest for the weary, it is time for VWE to return with a huge dose of action.  


Coming up Friday at 5 pm SLT, VWE is back and kicking off with a highlight match as Maxine Endrizzi takes on Krystal.  Both ladies took a loss at King of the Arena and will be looking to make a big move in this match, perhaps move up the ladder towards another title shot.  Maxine was unable to unseat Christina Krovac as VWE Women’s World Champion but as a veteran with almost a decade inside the ring, she is never out for long.  She is the kind of competitor that never needs a reason when put into the spotlight.  She has been a successful manager and competitor and is one of the most strategic minds in the business.  On the other side of the ring is the 2015 Queen of the Arena, Krystal, who was unable to capture her second QOTA briefcase, but will not allow that to stop her.  She found success in WPWF, becoming their Siren Rising Champion, and has found success every place she has graced with her presence.  Krystal has a slight height advantage going into the match, but that won’t help her a near decade veteran like Maxine.  Can Krystal catch Maxine in her cradle DDT “Krystalized” or will Maxine counter to take the win?


Then, looking at the men’s matches, Benja Nirvana will go one-on-one with Chris Crossfade.  Chris did not find himself booked at King of the Arena, but Benja Nirvana had the opportunity of a lifetime in the KOTA Ladder Match but found himself failing to secure that opportunity.  Chris has a tall mountain to climb in this match being approximately one foot shorter than “The Big Shot”.  In addition to not having the height advantage, nor the weight advantage, he has to keep in mind that this is the reigning DIE Prospect Champion, a former VWE European Champion, former VWE US Champion, and of course, a former VWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Benja will go into the match trying to utilize his size and power, wanting to throw Crossfade around, but with his agility, Chris could find a way to counter that.  Can Benja defeat Chris Crossfade, or will Chris push Nirvana further down the card?  


Another match that promises fast-paced action is Rhys Tucker vs Jeffery Fireguard.  Rhys is a little smaller than Jeffery and brings that lucha feel to his matches.  His speed and agility will push the pace of the match, but Fireguard is no stranger to that style of wrestling.  That used to be Jeff’s wheelhouse but has really invested in his striking ability for the past three years.  A strategy change that took Fireguard up to capture the VWE World Heavyweight Championship.  After Jeff lost the title to Cody Houley, he has kind of bounced around from issue to issue but never really having the opportunity to grab the brass ring.  An amazing match and a victory over Rhys Tucker might be that moment he is looking for to showcase what he can do.  On the other hand, Rhys getting a win over Jeff might prove why Fireguard has been kept away from the VWE Championship.  


But you won’t just see amazing matches because there is also a title match scheduled.  As described above, Hilary Lanfier won the Queen of the Arena Ladder Match and then cashed in to win the VWE Radiance Championship, but Brooke Owens wants her rematch.  Some people say that the title change should not count because Brooke had already had her match earlier, having to successfully retain in a Fatal 4-Way Match, but those same people forget the QOTA and KOTA briefcase means “anytime, anywhere”.  At the end of KOTA, Braden had come out to stare down his brother, if Michael were as cunning as Hilary, he might have walked out with the VWE Championship.  As it stands, the match was legal and what some people call “underhanded” others call “strategy”.  The biggest question is why would Brooke have gone out there?  Braden showing up to stare down his own brother… that makes sense.  But Brooke had nothing to do with the QOTA Ladder Match, and it made no sense to this humble journalist that she would go out to the ramp, giving Hilary the opportunity.  But, looking at this match, a straight up title shot between the two, it could be anyone’s game.  Brooke showed how resilient she was at WrestleSeries 8, winning a Bombshell Battle Royale to become the first VWE Radiance Champion, but Hilary has shown to have expertise when it comes to preparedness, a gift that previously gained her the now retired VWE Women’s International Championship.  Hilary did not just take the Radiance Championship because it was there.  She had a plan and one can expect in the rematch, she will be ready for Brooke.  


That is all for now, folks, but make sure you show up to the return episode of VWE Edge this coming Friday (6/2/17) at 6 pm SLT to see all the excitement unfold live before your eyes.  The action takes place at the Empire City Colosseum so get there early and be ready for an amazing night of action, adventure and excitement as people put KOTA in the rear-view mirror and set a new course for the summertime in VWE!