VWE King of the Arena 05/26/17 Results

VWE King of the Arena is in the books. If you have missed the show here are the results!

KOTA Pre-Show: 

Match One: Misaki Yumako def Ellie to retain the VWE Pulse Women’s Championship.

Main Event: Hamaso Franizzi defeated Jayson Rain & The Crisis to retain the VWE Pulse Championship.

After the Triple Threat Match, Kingston Ellington came out to confront Hamaso, kicking the reigning Pulse Champion with a quick spin kick to the face. Kingston was very clear that he was back and wanted one thing, had only one goal, to become the Pulse Men’s Champion.

Main Show

As the main show started, it started with guns blazing with the Radiance Championship being fought in a Fatal 4-Way Match with Champion, Brooke Owens, defending against Celina Del Rana, Cheryl White and Rani Patel. These women wasted no time crashing into each other and sending Celina and Brooke out of the ring. As the match continued, every woman had a moment looking like they could’ve won, but in the end, Brooke Owens successfully retained pinning Celina Del Rana after the Lucy Cutter.

Winner and still VWE Radiance Champion Brooke Owens!

In the second match of the night, a challenge was laid down this past Wednesday by Curt Bombastic and tonight, the challenge was set to action as he faced Night, who was accompanied by Jessica Hykova, for the VWE United States Championship. Both men are similar sizes, but their chosen styles are vastly different. Curt went into the match as if he’d been looking for weeks to get his hands on Night. He let his hands and feet do most of the talking, delivering heavy strikes but when he went for the Irresistible Ending, Night shoved him off and eventually caught Curt with Fatality, covering for the pinfall victory.

Winner and still VWE United States Champion, Night!

After the match, Cody Houley came to the ring with a microphone. He said that he knows people would rather see him face Braden Karsin for the VWE World Title or would rather he being in the KOTA Ladder Match, but since that didn’t work out, he would be joining the masses in the audience.

The fans in Cleary Arena at GOHA almost had a heart attack in the third match of the night as Maxine Endrizzi faced off against VWE Women’s World Champion, Christina Krovac. Both women hit hard, went for quick covers and showed their resilience, but at one point Maxine went for Top Rope Devil’s Guillotine and then covered for the pinfall victory, only to have the decision overturned when a second referee came out and told the match ref, Faith, that Christina’s foot was on the rope, which would have broken the pin. After the match was restarted, the action continued and the moments opening was all Christina needed to secure the three count.

Winner and still VWE Women’s World Champion, Christina Krovac.

Right after the match, Austin Knight was talking up the Champion when Chloe Valentine’s music hit. But, Christina started laughing because she played that to say that Chloe will never show up again. When the music played again, Christina was surprised to see Chloe Valentine rush down, but Krovac got out of the ring.

In the sixth title match of the evening, counting the pre-show, Vince Easterwood would finally step toe-to-toe with the self-proclaimed “King of VWE”, the current VWE World Heavyweight Champion, Braden Karsin in a 15-Minute Iron Man Match. In this type of match, whoever earns the most pinfalls or submissions in the allotted time wins and will walk out with the title. Right after the bell rang, Braden seemed to be distracted by something commentary said, turning his back to Vince, who took advantage and caught Karsin with a schoolboy rollup for a three count and the first fall. If this were a normal match, we would’ve had a new World Champion with that move. Braden evened the score, catching Vince with a powerbomb against the ring apron. When the two began a small package exchange, the three count went to Braden, who then got pulled over by Vince in that same rollup, evening the score 2-2. As the clock ticked down, it looked like the match might end in a draw, but Karsin nailed Easterwood with the Kings Ransom, a modified swinging neck breaker, securing the final pinfall of the match to win over Vince 3-2.

Winner and still VWE World Heavyweight Champion, Braden Karsin.

In the first ladder match of the night, this match for the Queen of the Arena, five women battled each other for the chance, a small chance, to win the briefcase to be able to challenge for a title anytime, anyplace. This match was a who’s who of the women’s division, with former International Champion, Hilary Lanfier, the 2015 QOTA Krystal, a 2-time International Champion Marionetta the Trickster, Sierra Kari-suma and the 2016 QOTA who went on to successfully cash in to become the VWE Women’s Champion, Viola Beaumont. There was too much action to put down into a simple results, but at one point Krystal moonsaulted off a set up ladder, down onto Sierra, Hilary and Marionetta. At one point, Alison Daines rushed to the ring, dropkicking the ladder to knock Viola off the top. And later, it was just Sierra and Hilary left, standing up on top of the ladder, the briefcase mere inches from both and Hilary delivered a succession of headbutts until Sierra fell off, leaving Lanfier free to reach up and free the briefcase as Krystal climbed up the other side, but found herself just a moment too late.

Winner and 2017 Queen of the Arena, Hilary Lanfier!!!

After the match, Brooke Owens came out and said that after that match, she would be happy to face Hilary one some other date. Hilary returned the kindness, smacking Owens with the briefcase and cashing in her title shot right there for the Radiance Championship and got a quick pinfall to become the new VWE Radiance Champion.

Winner and new VWE Radiance Champion, Hilary Lanfier.

In the main event of the evening, it was the King of the Arena Ladder Match, pitting the four men who won their brackets during the tournament, Benja Nirvana, DavidHawk Actor, Michael Karsin and Derrick Cult. It was three former World Champions and Michael Karsin, a former US Champion and Tag Team Champion with the reigning World Champion, Braden Karsin. Like the women’s match, there was too much action. Benja slammed into Derrick with a ladder, DHA caught Derrick Cult with an NMP off the ladder, but that took both of them out. In the end, it was Michael and Benja up top until Karsin knocked Nirvana off the ladder, reaching up and grabbing the briefcase.

Winner and 2017 King of the Arena, Michael Karsin!!!

What an amazing show and what an amazing night for the VWE and the Winner of the King and Queen of the Arena tournament. When will Michael cash in his contract against his own brother and current VWE World Champion Braden? What will happen with Hilary and Brooke? So many questions but the answers lay in the future! And with the multi-fed and Intergender Tag Team Classic around the corner who knows what will happen next.

VWE will be back on Friday, June 2nd, 2017 with VWE EDGE at 6 PM SLT!