By Brian Dusel

It has been said that all the International Pro Wrestling Authority can do is institute fines levied against wrestlers who break the rules, and that is correct.  The IPWA cannot enforce any suspensions, firings or be utilized in any contract disputes.  They exist to enforce the rules and after that, it is then up to the management of the individual groups if they feel the fine applied is good enough, or if they need a secondary punishment.

For those of you in attendance for VWE Edge last night, in the middle of Night’s celebration as the reigning and defending VWE United States Champion, Stuart Warf decided to come pay respect and came bearing some bad news.  First, he let Night and Cody Houley know that because of their recent actions, attacking others and being disrespectful to the audience and management, they would be facing hefty fines.  Cody Houley and the current VWE Women’s World Champion, Christina Krovac, would both be facing individual fines of $100,000.  While the US Champion would be getting a more severe fine of $250,000 and also having to put the US Title on the line in an Open Challenge Over the Top Rope Battle Royale.  Without knowing how many opponents will want to rush to the ring to grab onto this opportunity, Night is facing a near-impossible task if he wants to remain the US Champion.  But, a win in a match like this might help bolster his claim of being a G.O.A.T.

The fines have 30-days to be paid in full and the Open Challenge Match for the US Championship will take place next Friday (6/30) on VWE Edge.  Be there at the Empire City Colosseum to see that historic match and see if Night can beat the odds and stay tuned to VWE.CC for all the news about the wrestlers you love, the wrestlers you hate, and everyone else in between.