BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Breaking News: IWPA Continues Investigations

Written by Brian Dusel

The International Professional Wrestling Authority is back in the news today.  After finishing their investigation into Derrick Cult’s assault on Ellie Christensen Embers, a fairly open and shut case, they have now turned their attention to the two probably separate incidents that occurred that dramatically altered the Tag Team Classic.  

The first incident happened during Day One when Morgan Jones was attacked and injured his ankle.  While the injury was not severe and Morgan was able to return to in-ring competition within just a few days, the attack did harm the TTC and caused quite a commotion when Lily Martinez, Jones’ partner, was forced to find a last-minute replacement and brought in her sister, Isabelle.  The incident caused harm to the relations between DIE, VWE and WPWF as well as jeopardize the TTC tournament.  

On Day Two, another attack, this time upon Kasumi Hyata, which forced her partner Vince Easterwood to forfeit their Quarter-Finals matchup, allowing Matt Asadar and Brooke Owens a bye into the Semi-Finals.  

The IPWA has already received statements from Morgan Jones and Kasumi Hyata and are taking this situation very seriously.  No suspects have been formally listed as the investigation is still in its infancy, but rumors have circulated that they will once again be asking Derrick Cult in for questioning as well as calling upon Cody Houley, VWE United States Champion Night and the VWE Women’s World Champion Christina Krovac, the three of them collectively known as “G.O.A.T.” for questions about the days of the tournaments.  

We at VWE.CC will stay on top of the situation and will be updating our website as well as all social media as more information become available.