By Brian Dusel

You normally would not see a man wrestling inside a WPWF ring, but last night at WPWF Asylum, the audience got to see not one, but two men wrestling for the main event as Vince Easterwood teamed with Kasumi to take on the VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions, Lyra Phoenix and Braden Karsin.  This is a match that potentially could have happened at the Tag Team Classic, but before the start of Day Two of the tournament, Kasumi was attacked backstage, giving Matt Asadar and Brooke Owens a bye into the Semi-Finals, where they fell to Braden and Lyra.  Had Kasumi not gotten attacked, who knows what would have happened?  Could she and Vince have defeated Brooke and “The Gunslinger” and then found a way to defeat Lyra and Braden, making their way to the final?  What would have happened if Kasumi and Vince went up against Christina Krovac and Cody Houley in the finals?  The landscape of the tournament was drastically altered and the team of Kasumi and Vince Easterwood had a just cause to want the first title shot.

The first defense of the Intergender Tag Team Titles was supposed to happen on the VWE Primetime before Ladies’ Night, but Lyra ended up having some claimed “travel issues” so their title defense became a Singles Match between Vince and Braden Karsin, a match that the self-proclaimed “King of VWE” won.  But, even though Braden and Lyra did not think Vince and Kasumi worthy to challenge them, the management teams of VWE, DIE, and WPWF did think it was a worthy main event and the live audience of WPWF Asylum last night was given a treat to see these two teams collide after weeks of anticipation.

While hard-fought from both sides, the ending results came with the sound of the bell and the audience lit up with applause as the announcer stated “your new VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions, Kasumi and Vince Easterwood!”  There is no official word yet on if Karsin and Phoenix will be looking for a rematch.  But one thing is for certain, we will be seeing the mixed tag team matches more often as people vie to face new champions, Vince and Kasumi.

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