BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Breaking News Update: Derrick Cult fined

Yesterday on VWE.CC, we reported that due to his actions at this past weekend’s Tag Team Classic tournament, Derrick Cult was investigated by the International Pro Wrestling Association (IPWA) and found guilty of misconduct in his brutal and almost savage attack upon Ellie Christensen Embers after she and Drake Edwards had defeated Misaki Yumako and Derrick, eliminating them from the tournament.  More information has been released from the IPWA spokesman, Jaffer Avner, specifying the amount Derrick Cult was to be fined.  “Due to the nature of the Intergender Tournament, Mr. Cult had an unprecedented opportunity to attack Ellie, preying on her, perhaps lost in his own anger,” Avner was quoted as saying.

After Mr. Avner’s press conference, the specified amount of the fine liened against Mr. Cult was set at $25,000.00.  Immediately, VWE writing staff approached Austin Knight to find out what his thoughts on the matter were.  “Derrick always has had a short fuse and cares little for who feels his backlash,” Austin said.  “As for the IPWA,” Austin continued.  “I’ll say what I’ve said even back when I dealt with them on the board of directors.  They are a joke that tries to matter and you just throw money at them and they crawl away thinking they did something.”  

Now that the investigation and fine from the IPWA are complete, the situation is not resolved fully.  Stuart Warf, CEO of VWE can still find the situation warranting his own punishment set against Derrick Cult.  When asked about that, Mr. Knight had more to add.  “As for Stuart and any repercussions, I’ve not heard of any and I don’t expect to because really G.O.A.T. put him through a table (back in March of this year) and all he did was just start their finals match early.  He (Mr. Warf) gave them no fine, no suspension, nor talk of termination.  So if he won’t do that with actions against his own personal health, he won’t touch Derrick (Cult).”  Austin continued and added more to his statement.  “Hell, even if he (Mr. Warf) did; Derrick can pay any fine.  He can go on vacation for a suspension and if Stuart did fire Derrick, he would just be handing a legend over to the highest bidder.”

VWE.CC will keep you apprised if there is any update to this situation from Mr. Warf’s office.  Keep your eyes peeled on VWE’s social media for all the latest information about your favorite superstars from VWE.