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Interview: Jessica Hykova

VWE Valet

Today we are sitting with arguably the greatest SL Wrestling Manager of all time, Jessica Hykova. Thank you for taking the time to sit with us.

VWE: “How are you doing today?”

JH: “I am doing well actually. I am actually feeling quite relieved at the moment. It’s like I dropped off an unruly pet at the shelter because I couldn’t deal with it anymore.”

VWE: “Would this pet… be Night?”

JH: “Yes it would be. You see Night wants to think he fired me but in reality… I’m glad I quit. He’s stale. I made him who he is today. All his accomplishments are thanks to me, not to anyone else. So yes, I’m glad to get rid of that ungrateful brat.”

VWE: “Well Night does have Team GOAT and himself to thank for his accomplishments, don’t you think?”

JH: “Team GOAT? I mean how unoriginal? You want to name yourselves Greatest of All Time. Sure Christina can have claimed to that… Cody no. Night? EVEN WORSE. I mean seriously. Relax. You won a Pulse Championship and a US Championship. You haven’t been able to capture a World Title, you aren’t Greatest of All Time in anything but trying to pump up your own meager accomplishments. If you look at it, Night is the weakest and least accomplished member of Team GOAT. He always had this thing about trying to think he’s better than he really is because he has to make up for what he lacks elsewhere… in being a man.”

VWE: “Night claimed you were becoming dead weight and you served your purpose and that is why he dropped you. Any words for him?”

JH: “Honestly… Night only became Pulse Champion because I interfered in that match and he won the title. I interfered in a few more of his matches and he kept the title. Sure I was the reason he lost the belt at Frostbyte, but if he never lost that belt, would he have made his way to the main roster for a US Championship shot shortly after that? NO! So he should be thanking me. Because without me, he would be nowhere. Congrats to him having his little friends Christina and Cody… two questionable siblings as his team now. Night can never do anything on his own.It’ss true, he always needs someone there because he just isnt good enough. Pity.”

VWE: “He says your managing career was on a decline and that you have a blemish on it by managing Curt and not leading him to a title. What do you say about that?”

JH: “Night can say what he wants but my managing career was not in a decline unless managing the current US Champion means its a decline which in turn means he’s calling himself someone not worth a damn. Yes I managed Curt and it didn’t lead to a title, but I still enjoyed my partnership with Curt. But once again you see that he needed me to be in his corner so Curt didn’t win the title… he’s insecure. He’s a little child. Pathetic really. Night is pathetic.

VWE: “Any plans going forward?”

JH: “Right now I am just enjoying my down time. You never know when I’ll pop up again. You never know what I’ll be doing in the future. Who I’ll be managing… will I wrestle? I don’t know. Time will tell. As for now, I may have a nice resort to go to and just enjoy being as far away from a little man like Night.”

VWE thanks, Jessica Hykova for her time.