Interview: Night

VWE United States Champion

Today we sat down with VWE US Champion, Night and asked him for his thoughts and opinions on a few things.

VWE: “It has been an interesting past few months for you, Night. With losing the VWE Pulse Championship, to capturing the VWE US Championship. To forming Team GOAT with Cody Houley and Christina Krovac, to firing your manager Jessica Hykova. How would you rate your last few months?”

N: “The Greatest. I didn’t want to lose the Pulse Championship. There was a lot of pride there for me, leading the brand that I built. Things happened though, but I made the best of it. When one door closed, another one opened. I had an opportunity and I made the best for it. Throw in my best friends Cody and Christina and it’s been a hell of a time.”

VWE: “Why did you form Team GOAT? And why did you choose to align yourself with Cody and Christina when you always seemed like someone who would be fine on his own?”

N: “I keep hearing this thing about “Team GOAT” and “aligning” with Christina and Cody. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because neither of those is true. Let me pan out for you the real story. See, Cody and I have been acquaintances for a while, since my earliest days in VWE actually. My first main event in VWE was on a road show, and Cody issued an open challenge when he was VWE World Heavyweight Champion. Being the opportunist I am, I took up the challenge. Ended up having a pretty hot match ending with him rolling off my back as I picked him up for my finisher and he catching me with a codebreaker. I didn’t win the match, but I won his respect as well as the winning mine. From then on, we watched each other’s careers and how we dominated our respective brands. Came to pass that after Fallout, our interests lined up when Benja Nirvana was a thorn in Cody’s side and trying to challenge for my Pulse championship. So, we worked together to put a stop to a mutual problem. That’s where the friendship really kicked off. Christina happened the same way of just us watching her and her watching us and finding out we make great friends. We call ourselves GOAT because we are the Greatest Of All Time. There weren’t any aligning or teams. It’s just a trio of friends that happen to be the best wrestlers on the grid. Period.”

VWE: “What does Team GOAT bring to the table in the SL Wrestling world? What are your goals in Team GOAT?”

N: “Isn’t this a rhetorical question? I mean, it’s in the name. GOAT. Greatest Of All Time. That’s what we bring to the table. That’s our goals. That’s my goals. It’s all said just by saying GOAT.”

VWE: “You faced off against many of the best wrestlers in VWE… even Seth Cameron. Describe to us what it feels like to be at the top of your game right now?”

N: “Although you’re right that I have faced off against many of the best wrestlers in VWE, I have to correct you on your question. I’m not at the top of the game. My game gets elevated every day. Every match. Every workout. Every spar. Every victory. I don’t think I’m at my full potential. If I was, I’d be VWE World Heavyweight Champion. So yes, you see the names I’ve faced, including a 5-time world champion in Seth Cameron, and I’m not at the top of my game? Imagine when I am.”

VWE: “Why did you fire Jessica Hykova? Where did things start to turn south?”

N: “Well obviously the first real sour note was at Frostbyte and getting cracked in the head with a pipe when I didn’t ask for her interference. Really though, it was never meant to last. The partnership between Jessica and I was a matter of convenience for a period of time. I was having to fend off two opponents in order to win the Pulse championship. I needed someone in my corner to even the field. Even after winning the Pulse title, I still needed someone in my corner going into WrestleSeries with three opponents trying to take it off me. After that, I didn’t really have much use for her. She didn’t add anything to my game. She was just there to model for the fans and get paid for it. Her management career has been on the decline anyways. She was Curt Bombastic’s manager before mine and couldn’t manage him to a title. Him fighting me at KOTA is the only reason I kept her on as long as I did. Didn’t need her trying to fix that blemish on her career at KOTA. I’ve got my best friends Cody and Christina always in my corner now. She was just extra baggage that siphoned money from me. Had to cut her off.”

VWE: “Do you have any remorse for what you did to Chloe Valentine or her father? The physical and emotional scars Team GOAT and yourself left them?”

N: “As I said in my first time speaking since that incident at Shockwave, if you haven’t seen it go watch it on YouTube, it isn’t my hands that have that blood on them. It’s the VWE Grid that’s responsible. They loved to laugh and make jokes with the GOAT name and not take serious the talent behind it. Meanwhile, they’re cheering a child with a very dire selfie obsession to be the champion of the VWE women’s division. It was a joke and a disgrace. So, we did what we had to. I did what I had to. The fans know better than to laugh at GOAT now and the best talent on the women’s roster is the champion. Chloe’s dad got what he deserved for being a bad parent and letting his daughter turn into a “selfie maniac”. So, no. I don’t regret it. The fans can regret what they caused to happen.”

VWE: “Do you think Stuart Warf will punish you in any way for what you did to him?”

N: “Stuart Warf has been punishing me since I joined the VWE. He left me out of the crowning match of the first Pulse Champion. He told me I wasn’t good enough when I demanded my rightful shot at the title. He stacked the odds against me to win the title. Then, he stacked them against me at WrestleSeries. No, look at my US title run. I’ve been beating everyone in my way so he brings in a 5-time world champion just to take the US title off me. He got a table for his troubles because I had enough. The only thing that’s bruised more than his body is his ego. He thought I couldn’t cut it and here I am beating everyone in my path, including Seth Cameron. I mean come on. How spiteful was it for him at the Tag Team Classic to put Christina and Cody against me then make Christina and Cody compete in the finals immediately following their semifinal match? I think he’s done enough and should just eat his humble pie.”

VWE: “Where do you see yourself a year from now?”

N: “Now, this is an interesting question. That’s hard for me to gauge. The for sure is I will still be VWE United States champion. But the rest…… that’s hard to say. I like to aim high though so I’ll give a bold prediction. And still your VWE United States Champion and NEW VWE World Heavyweight Champion. Wouldn’t that be something? I don’t think it’s ever been done before. My first year in VWE has been full of firsts. Why not continue that trend into year two? Hell, I’ll do that and then go win the Pulse title too. Really just take the bar and throw it completely out of reach.”

VWE: “Is Team GOAT… something you see carrying you far… or do you feel it’s just something you are doing now?”

N: “Now, I’m disappointed. That last question was so good, and I really had to think on it. Now you ask this question that’s just….. stupid. As I said, GOAT is not a “team” or a “faction”. It’s a trio of the best of friends that are the Greatest Of All Time. It’s not something to carry me. It’s not just a thing I’m doing now to get me ahead. Cody and Christina are my friends. My family. GOAT isn’t going anywhere.”

VWE: “Any last comments or words for the wrestlers or fans?”

N: “Keep your eyes at the top of the mountain. That’s where I’ll be standing with no plans of coming down.”