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Spotlight: David Hawk Actor

Spotlight: David Hawk Actor

VWE Superstar

Tale of the Tape

Name: David Hawk Actor

Stage Name: The Icon

Age: 36

Hight: 6’1

Weight: 265 lbs

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Championships won

  • VWE World Heavyweight Champion
  • 2-time VWE International Champion



Wrestling footage


written by Brian Dusel

Before he was “The Icon”, DavidHawk Actor was just an actor and singer on Broadway in a showing of Hairspray and a kickboxer for White Tiger Dojo. And then the role that would define him came through a fortunate coincidence. In early March of 2010, DHA and his brother, Jedrek, were introduced to the world of professional wrestling and quickly got introduced as the tag team “R&R” with David as “The Renegade” and Jedrek as “The Rebel”. The two paired up and worked the independent wrestling companies at the time. During these travels, David had even found some singles success representing a group as their United States Champion.

Many people wonder why David did not join VWE sooner, but in a sit-down interview, David said, “The truth is, I loved what XWA (the group that became VWE) was doing and I really wanted to join, but I saw the depth of their roster and figured I might get lost in the shuffle. So I wanted to get some more experience under my belt and perhaps make a name for myself to make myself more desirable to them (VWE) in the future.”

That experience came with hard work and a lot of miles put on his vehicle. During that first year of his career, after being trained by Morpheus Shelman, David was working five shows a week, and only a couple of those with Jedrek as a tag team. At a height of only 6’1″, David knew he was never going to be the powerhouse in the ring, so “The Renegade” focused learning the technical aspect of professional wrestling. Thanks to his background in kickboxing and Jukido, he had a pretty good mix of submissions and strikes, but knew that unlike in kickboxing competitions, the weight classes in pro wrestling were vastly different and at any moment, he could face someone thirty pounds lighter, or one-hundred pounds heavier.

During his first two years in professional wrestling, David managed to become a Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, International Champion and even a multi-time World Heavyweight Champion over a few smaller independent groups. He had gone from being “The Renegade” to a tribute to one of his favorite wrestlers, becoming “The Stinger” DavidHawk Actor, including some neon tights and face-paint. It was during this time, his journeyman career, that David was making a name for himself within the world of professional wrestling and caught the eye of Stuart Warf, who, along with Loody Graves, was looking to branch out in a new wrestling company. David was chosen as their first World Champion, using him to catapult their company into instant notoriety among the independent scene.

It was during this time period, in mid-2012, that David also found himself as the Heavyweight Champion in a freestyle fighting competition and afterwards needed a break from active competition. DHA was fending off quite a few offers and even made a few one-off appearances at a few independent groups before finally signing on the dotted line of the group he had been a fan of two years prior, the VWE.

In September of 2012, David made his debut for VWE at the Elimination Royale, eliminating Cody Houley before the then VWE US Champion pulled David out over the ropes after Cody had already been eliminated. This one moment sent the two heading for a clash at VWE Six Feet Under, where David defeated Cody in a Ladder Match, a match where had David lost, he would have had to leave the VWE just as quickly as arriving. Heading towards WrestleSeries IV, David got into a competitive feud with Benja Nirvana and the VWE European Champion, John Struk, which culminated in a Triple Threat Match where John pinned “The Renegade” to retain.

After finding himself on the losing end against a myriad of foes, DHA got the feeling that VWE management had something against him. Perhaps his time on the independent scene made it to where they did not think they could trust him. So, wanting a change in the management team, David became a surprise member of Team Warf, fighting for Stuart Warf, who had hopes of earning 50% control of VWE. This match teamed David with Cody Houley and Stuart himself, where they were successful in defeating Team Kirax. Perhaps in thanks for his assistance, Stuart Warf awarded David a shot against VWE World Champion Acheron, who was locked in a submission hold when the time limit expired.

Almost renewed with vigor, DHA became “The Icon” and found himself in line for quite a few title shots, that unfortunately, he was unable to capitalize on until VWE Frostbyte in early 2014 when DHA won a Ring Master’s Challenge Match to become the VWE International Champion. He then lost the title at the King of the Arena pre-show that year, winning it for a second time at BeachBrawl in a Steel Cage Match. David was on a roll and wasn’t stopping. He began working every match, defending the International Championship claiming that the VWE audience always deserved to have the most worthy wrestler as the VWE International Champion. After losing the title on an episode of Primetime, David was given a unique opportunity.

While he had a guaranteed rematch for the International Championship and becoming a 3-time VWE International Champion was appealing, Stuart Warf offered David the chance to trade that for a spot at the Elimination Royale, putting DHA in a Triple Threat Match for the recently vacated VWE World Heavyweight Championship. At that show, David proved he was “The Icon” winning the Triple Threat and becoming VWE World Champion. After successfully retaining the World Title, outlasting five other men in the Elimination Dome Match at Six Feet Under, David fell to the striking might of Derrick Cult at WrestleSeries 6, taking a nasty elbow to the head.

After failing a concussion test, David was put on medical leave and eventually released from his contract with VWE. Four months later, David had recovered and made his return to the independent scene, quickly finding success. After a year working and getting better as “The Icon”, David was offered another shot in VWE, returning at VWE Frostbyte in early 2017 as a mystery partner for Jeffrey Fireguard versus Derrick Cult and Austin Knight, defeating the man who had beat him at WrestleSeries 6, but finding the wrath of Derrick and Austin would follow him.

Thanks to the working relationship with DIE, David was also given a unique opportunity to wrestle for the DIE Championship, eventually winning it off of and then losing it back to Drake Edwards. After making it to the finals of VWE King of the Arena Tournament, even in a losing effort, the future’s looking bright for David, finally back in VWE where he feels he belongs. DHA is trying to show the audience and the people in the locker room that hard work and perseverance can lead you to success and he will not stop pushing until he proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. He has had a checkered past, but clearly David has learned from his mistakes, made peace with his errors and wants to prove to the VWE that he will not squander the second chance that VWE and the fans have given him.