BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

VWE EDGE June, 23rd 2017 Results

Quick Match results

Match One: “The Big Shot” Benja Nirvana (w) vs. Drake Edwards

Match Two: Loser leaves town match – Jayson Rain (w) vs. Wolfy Kessel

Match Three: Christina Krovac vs. Maxine (w)

Main Event: Cody Houley (w) vs. Vince Easterwood

Full show coverage


by Brian Dusel

The show wanted to open with a women’s bout, but while she was scheduled to face Becky in a Singles Match, Viola Beaumont was attacked by Krystal and Alison Daines while trying to make her way to the ring.  Clearly, they were upset about the loss last week at VWE Ladies’ Night.  In their Handicap Match, Viola ducked a kick, causing Alison to superkick Krystal, giving Viola the opening to take the victory.  This beating was vicious and quick.  After the hyenas were done picking the bones, the referee decided that Viola could not compete in a match and Beaumont was taken back to see the trainers.  

The VWE Women’s World Champion came to the ring with a microphone in hand, wanting to speak about last week.  She spoke about VWE Ladies’ Night, claiming that she and Lexi Wicked decisively defeated Chloe Valentine and Maxine, showing that neither of them is worthy to face her.  But then she spoke about Chloe specifically, saying that at the end of the match at Ladies’ Night, Valentine just disappeared and no one has seen her since.  A video appeared on the screen showing Chloe trussed up, tied with no way to escape and a couple of people near her, taunting her.  Spectators claimed the two men appeared to be Cody Houley and Night, the other members of G.O.A.T. but we could not get visual confirmation.  Christina then added that apparently, she won’t be back anytime soon, appearing to giggle and say she was the only true Champion in VWE.  

After a couple interesting segments and a little sideways stepping, we finally get to the first match of the evening pitting “The Big Shot” Benja Nirvana against Drake Edwards, a man who will throw his body into harm’s way if it means taking an advantage in the match.  As the match began, Drake caught Benja by surprise with a quick arm drag.  This moment seemed to wake something up in Nirvana.  Perhaps The Big Shot underestimated Edwards, but that would not dictate the rest of the match.  Drake began working the legs of the 7-foot-tall man, but he eventually took a high risk that didn’t pay off for him.  Edwards went up to the top rope, flying off and looking for the missile dropkick, but Benja caught him in mid-air and delivered a big powerbomb.  Nirvana quickly went to work, attacking the lower back of Drake, looking to weaken him for the Mind Your Own Business. At one point, Benja was seen pulling brass knuckles out of his boot, but this was noticed by the referee, who demanded he turn those over.  The referee got rid of the foreign object, but this turned the official’s back, a moment which was taken advantage of by Nirvana, kicking Drake between the legs and pulling him into the Mind Your Own Business, covering him just as the referee turned back around to earn the pinfall victory.

Cody Houley went to the ring with a microphone and invited the VWE United States Champion, Night to the ring, telling the audience members to stand up and applaud their US Champion.  Night claimed that he was the most dominant US Champion ever and has dismantled all the competition he has faced, but then said that if there was anyone on the roster who could hold a candle to him, he would be glad to face them in the ring because he prides himself on being a fighting champion. Before he could continue, Stuart Warf himself came out saying he was there to congratulate Night, but said: “you (Night) turned this place into a joke, you have the most hyper-inflated ego I’ve ever seen”. Stuart then said that the International Pro Wrestling Authority (IPWA) finally made a ruling against G.O.A.T. for all the attacks they have been behind, the fine imposed was $100,000 to Cody Houley and Christina Krovac each, but Night was special and earned a fine of $250,000. Stuart also mentioned that since Night wants to be a “fighting champion”, next week, there will be an open challenge Battle Royale with the United States Championship on the line.

Before the second match of the night could begin, Wolfy Kessel walked to the ring to speak to the audience.  He recognized that things hadn’t been going his way since losing the VWE United States Championship to Night and even losing in the rematch last week.  But, he told the audience with complete earnest that after seven years, he had seen it all and done it all, but if he did not beat Jayson Rain that he would leave the VWE.  This put Wolfy against the wall before the match even began, but they always say an animal is most dangerous when it is pinned in a corner.  After Jayson came out to the ring, the match officially began.  The action went very fast paced with Rain catching Kessel with a quick arm drag and following it up with a clothesline, taking Wolfy down to the mat.  But, Kessel fought back, sweeping the legs out from under Jayson.  Wolfy began using his height advantage, slipping under and then turning around to catch Rain with a clothesline.  The momentum shifted back and forth, Jayson hit a spinning wheel kick and covered, but only earned a two-count.  After a leg lariat delivered from Kessel to Rain, Wolfy got a pinfall for only a two-count as well.  In the end, after quick pinfalls and both men having the upper hand at different times, Jayson caught Wolfy off-guard with an Eye of the Storm and won the three count.  Some members of the audience swore they saw a tear on Wolfy’s face as he slowly got up hearing Jayson’s music, knowing he had to make his word good and leave the VWE.

Before her scheduled match, Christina Krovac came out with a microphone again, showing the audience some nasty tweets she claimed the audience had made about Chloe Valentine.  Before long, Maxine made her way out to the ring.  As the third match began with Christina facing off against Maxine, a woman who has had a heated rivalry with Christina before Chloe was abducted. Krovac told Maxine to bring it, but when Maxine rushed her for a clothesline, Christina ducked under and passed unharmed, taunting to the crowd that she was smarter than Maxine. Krovac went back towards Maxine, who took both legs out from under the Champion and threw her down to the mat, laying in heavy shots with her fists. The front row claims that each punch was accompanied by the question “where is Chloe?” After a rope-break, Christina got herself out of the ring to compose herself and Maxine took the opening but was caught off guard again when Krovac got back into the ring, kicking Maxine’s leg out from under her. After a big forearm club, Christina covered, but the referee only got one count. As the match continued, Christina was striking at everything and anything Maxine left open, working the legs, the neck, the back. Both women worked fast and got some quick pinfalls. Krovac appears to have had the advantage, hitting an exploder in the corner on Maxine, nailing some quick martial arts kicks and even dropping three leg drops down upon Maxine, but when she went for the pinfall, Maxine had the heart to kick out at two. As Christina prepared herself to end the match, the video screen lit up on the stage showing some tweets, the real tweets, speaking positively about Chloe Valentine. Christina got out of the ring, confused and yelling at the commentators wanting to know who was doing that, but without receiving an answer, the referee counted the VWE Women’s World Champion out, giving the count out win to Maxine.

The King of the Arena, Michael Karsin, walked out onto the stage, looking like he had something to say to the audience, but before he could make his way down the ramp, Derrick Cult rushed out from behind, delivering a heavy elbow to the back of the head.  Austin Knight stood up from his place at commentary, a microphone in hand saying that Derrick has decided that because Michael pulled down the briefcase at KOTA, he will be Cult’s next victim.

Before he gets a chance to team with Kasumi at WPWF Saturday night to vie for the VWE Intergender Tag Team Championships, Vince Easterwood would have to step into the main event of VWE Edge against Cody Houley, the man he defeated at WrestleSeries for the VWE World Title and the man he beat to retain at VWE Fallout. With the sound of the bell, Cody charged in, nailing a couple dropkicks, knocking Vince down to the mat. Cody then delivered a series of kicks, pushing Easterwood into the corner. As Houley rushed, Vince got out of the way causing the leader of G.O.A.T. to run into the turnbuckle chest first. Before he could try to take advantage of the situation, Vince rushed but Cody was ready, dropping Easterwood with a clothesline. Houley began an assault on his opponent, choking Vince with his foot, then dropping a leg across Easterwood’s chest and then following that up with a knee drop to the forehead. As the match continued, Vince began fighting back, wringing Cody’s arm back and forth, even hitting an arm breaker. Cody’s agility helped him turn the momentum back to his side, jumping up to the top turnbuckle and flying off delivering a blockbuster to Easterwood, but Vince kicked out at two. The two eventually found themselves fighting on the ring apron where Vince hooked Cody’s arm, dragging him off the apron down to the ground and springboarded off the ropes hitting Houley with an Asai Moonsault. Vince moved quickly, picking up Cody and tossing him back into the ring, climbing up the corner ropes and landing a swanton bomb, but Houley kicked out of the pin cover at two. The momentum switched again as Cody delivered a shining wizard to Easterwood’s face, and trying to go for the Stylin’ DDT, but had to let go because of his hurt arm and decided to nail a bicycle kick instead. Before he could go for a pin, Vince pulled Cody into the Fujiwara Armbar, but Houley was able to hook the ropes. While the referee checked on Houley, Braden Karsin rushed down, where the VWE World Champion slid into the ring, knocking Vince down from behind with a lung blower. After the VWE Intergender Tag Champions moved away, Cody got himself up and waited for Vince to move slightly before running over and delivering a curb stomp Houley calls “The Inspiration of God”, covering Easterwood for the three count.

After the match, Braden got back in the ring and Vince tried to fight back but got hit down by Cody. Houley and Karsin stomped on Easterwood until Kasumi rushed down the ramp with her kendo sticks and got into the ring to drive Cody and Braden out of the ring. Cody got a microphone saying that Kasumi shouldn’t even be at VWE, telling her to leave and never come back. After that short outburst, Cody announced that at VWE BeachBrawl, he will be challenging Braden Karsin for the VWE World Title making the match “God vs King”.  This episode of VWE Edge ended with murmurs from the crowd wondering who might come out on top in that proposed battle.