BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

VWE EDGE June, 9th 2017 Results

Quick Match results

Match one: Kitty vs. Marionetta (w)

Match two: Chris Crossfade (w) vs. Morgan Jones

Match three: Chloe Valentine (w) vs. Krystal

Main Event: VWE World Championship Match

Braden Karsin (w) vs Wolfy Kessel

Full show coverage

A Little Help From My Friends

By Brian Dusel

We are only one week away from VWE Ladies Night (Friday, June 16) and this Friday night was another exciting night of pro wrestling began, the VWE United States Champion, Night, and his manager Jessica Hykova made their way to the ring. Night tried to tell Jessica that their time as partners was over. He would no longer need her services as a manager, but Hykova did not take the news well, demanding that he could not fire her because she was quitting and proceeded to slap the US Champion twice in the face before storming off. More information will be coming out about this split-up on VWE.CC in the coming days.

In the first match of the night, it was a rematch from the preliminary match-ups of the Queen of the Arena Tournament, when Kitty clashed with Marionetta the Trickster. During the QOTA Ladder match, Marionetta had been close to winning a few times but failed to capture the briefcase and Kitty has been showing how aggressive she can be after Rani Patel betrayed her last week. During their QOTA match-up, they fought to a draw, but on Edge, there was a definitive winner. Kitty started the match out, pulling the Trickster in with some quick technical skills, even taking her down with a headlock. The savagery of her attacks seemed to control most of the match, but she couldn’t keep Marionetta down for the three count. The momentum of the match switched when Kitty tried arguing with the referee, giving the Trickster an opening to take Kitty down with a head-scissors. At this point, the 2-time VWE Women’s International Champion, Marionetta took a big risk, leaping off the top rope and catching Kitty with a diving corkscrew arm drag. After hitting Kitty with the swinging DDT, the Trickster was able to secure the pinfall victory.

After the match ended, Rani Patel came out wanting to assist Kitty, but Kitty was prepared and had hired a bodyguard to protect her from “Ms. Bollywood”.  When Rani tried to get up on the apron he inserted himself into the situation, causing Patel to lose her balance and fall off the ring apron.  Rani got visibly frustrated and stormed off.

Up next, from the men’s division, was Chris Crossfade going one-on-one with Morgan Jones. As the match started, frustrations mounted in Morgan as he tried to start the wrestling match, but Crossfade just rolled around. After yelling at Chris to take the match seriously, Jones found out how serious Chris could be catching a kick right to the abdomen. The battle began and worked back and forth. Both men rely on speed and agility, so the match was full of quick counters and saw a few quick covers. Morgan thought he had a moment to breath after catching Chris with a back body drop against the ropes, but Crossfade held on to the top rope, pulling himself back into the ring. The counters continued as Chris tried to nail Morgan with a springboard swanton, but Jones got his knees up to protect himself. Morgan was even sly enough to counter a Canadian Destroyer, but couldn’t stop the Pele Kick. Chris followed that up, climbing the top rope, hitting Morgan with the “Dropping the Nuke” and covering the skateboarder for the pinfall.

The ladies were back in action for the third match as Chloe Valentine took on Krystal, who had Alison Daines in her corner, in a Singles Match. Krystal showed her ego, immediately taunting as the match began, following that by shoving Valentine. But, after getting hit by Chloe, the young Miss Valentine skipped around, taunting as Krystal got up. Valentine rushed in, but Krystal held onto the ropes demanding a time-out. As the match got finally underway, the action went back and forth. Krystal nailed a hurricanrana from the corner, but couldn’t secure the victory. Chloe caught Krystal with a facebreaker, but same results. Krystal flew from the top rope, delivering a large diving elbow drop, but still, Chloe kicked out at two. As the match wound down, Viola Beaumont rushed down to the ring, but Alison Daines knocked her down. At the end of the match, Krystal tried to catch Chloe with the Coronation, but Valentine rolled forward, escaping the maneuver and then nailed Krystal with her own move to keep her down for the three count, making the former VWE Women’s World Champion, Chloe Valentine the winner of this match.

As Chloe Valentine celebrated her win over Krystal, Christina Krovac the reigning VWE Women’s World Champion, came out.  Before she could get down the ramp to confront Chloe, Maxine, who was out in the audience, jumped the barricade and waited between the ramp and ring as Chloe stepped down next to her.  Krovac said she has beaten both Chloe and Maxine, but they both seem to want more of the Women’s World Champion.  Krovac challenged Maxine and Chloe to a Tag Team Match at VWE Ladies Night next Friday.  Christina said she would find a partner and then, she said she would end both of them for good next Friday.  

The 2017 King of the Arena Winner, Michael Karsin, made his way to the ring with a microphone. He first wanted to thank everyone who ever believed in him and even those who didn’t for helping push him harder.  He then said that Braden showed his cards when he came out after Michael had won King of the Arena.  Braden wanted people to think it was a show of confidence, but Karsin knows his brother and said that he is scared.  And sooner than later, he will cash in and become the new VWE World Heavyweight Champion.  

After his victory over Loody Graves, Jeffrey Fireguard made it very clear last week that he was looking to become the VWE World Heavyweight Champion again. Unfortunately, that revelation caught him an attack from the reigning World Champion, Braden Karsin, who also won the Tag Team Classic with Lyra Phoenix to become the first-ever VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions. This week, in the main event, Braden Karsin was in a Non-Title Match against Wolfy Kessel, who has been very aggressive lately, with his mind only on revenge and wanting to hurt someone. As soon as the bell rang, Kessel rushed in, nailing some heavy strikes on the self-proclaimed “King of VWE”. The assault continued until Wolfy had Braden up against the ropes and clotheslined him to the outside. Karsin got some room and utilized his superior agility to even the odds against Wolfy. As the battle went on, Kessel focused his attack on the back and torso of Braden. Karsin, on the other hand, was utilizing his legs to cause damage anywhere he could hit. Braden caught Wolfy with a handspring enzuigiri, a high knee, and a Yakuza kick, hoping to keep Kessel down, but Wolfy got back up. As the match continued, it was clear that being so aggressive, Wolfy was running out of steam. Braden caught Kessel with some quick strikes and eventually won the match hitting Wolfy with the King’s Ransom to earn the three count win.

Braden had won his match and was celebrating when Jeffrey Fireguard rushed out from the back, but before he could touch the “King”, Cody Houley, Night, Christina Krovac all came out behind him, fulfilling their promise on Wednesday to always have Braden’s back. A beat-down on Jeffrey ensued, leaving the former World Champion broken and barely moving on the mat as Edge ended for the evening, G.O.A.T. standing tall with Braden Karsin.