BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

VWE Ladies Night June, 16th 2017 Results

Quick Match results


Match One: Aphrodite vs. Cheryl White (w)

Main Event: VWE Women’s Pulse Championship

Misaki Yumako (c) (w) vs. Stacy


–Main Show–

Match One: Rani Patel (w) vs. Kitty

Match Two: VWE Radiance Championship Number one Contender Match

Marionetta vs. Alexandra NO CONTEST

Match Three: Two on one Handicap Match

Krystal & Alison Daines vs. (w) Viola Beaumont

Match Four: VWE Radiance Championship Match

Hilary Lanfier (c) (w) vs. Brooke Owens

Main Event: Tag Team Match

Christina Krovac & Lexi Wicked (w) vs Maxine & Chloe Valentine

Full show coverage


By Brian Dusel

When the ladies come out to play, the claws are out and every fiber of rivalry is played out live for the audience.  VWE Ladies’ Night is the one night a year when the women do not have to share the stage.  

Elegance was in the forefront as the pre-show began, pitting Aphrodite and Cheryl White against each other in an Evening Gown Match, a challenge from Aphrodite last Sunday at VWE Pulse where the match ends when one woman removes the evening gown from her opponent.  Right within the first moments of the match, the right-winger, Cheryl White, rushed Aphrodite, tackling her and initiating a cat-fight between the two, before picking Aphrodite up and throwing her into the corner.  White moved in, stalking her prey, and proceeded to bash Aphrodite’s head into the turnbuckle.  Aphrodite got back into the fight with a quick clothesline and using her agility to catch Cheryl with a surprise dropkick.  Once White was on the mat, Aphrodite tried removing Cheryl’s evening dress.  Both ended up rolling around where White found herself in the power position trying to remove the dress.  Aphrodite swung her legs around, tripping Cheryl.  White got out of the ring and started running around, Aphrodite chasing her but that led right into a trap by Cheryl who began laying boots into Aphrodite.  That one mistake cost Aphrodite dearly as the match continued and Cheryl found an opening to rake Aphrodite’s eyes, rolling her up to strip the dress off her, giving White the win.  But Cheryl wasn’t content to just win the match, she wanted to put an exclamation point on the fact and attacked Aphrodite after the match, but Aphrodite was able to duck under a clothesline, knock Cheryl down and rip off her dress too, giving Aphrodite reason to celebrate as she exited.

Last Sunday, the VWE Women’s Pulse Champion, Misaki Yumako, walked out on a match against Stacy Castaneo, claiming she was bored with Stacy, but sparking rumors that she was unprepared for how much Stacy had improved in the ring. In the main event of the Ladies’ Night Pre-Show, Misaki was scheduled to put the title on the line against the woman who took that count out victory over her, Stacy. Perhaps in a show of dominance, Misaki waited for the bell to ring and walked right up to the challenger, slapping her in the face. Stacy quickly jumped at Misaki, taking her down and then picking her back up and tossing her into the ropes and pulling the champion into an armbar on the return, but Misaki would not tap out. The two began passing technical moves back and forth, perhaps gauging the talent of their opponent. Stacy got on a roll, taking the champion down with a dropkick and then hip-tossing her once Misaki got back up to her feet. This seemed to get Yumiko back into the match, finally seeing Stacy as her equal. The two battled back and forth, quick maneuvers and close pin-covers. Stacy caught the champion with a rolling thunder but didn’t finish the match. Misaki swept the leg, but couldn’t keep Castaneo down. Misaki went for a submission with the figure four leglock, but no tap. Once Stacy got some room, she jumped to the top rope and flew off, nailing a heavy DDT, but again, Misaki kicked out at two. Just when Misaki thought she had the match taken care of, Ellie Embers found her way down the ramp, distracting the champion, but even with the distraction, when Stacy rolled up Misaki, the champion kicked out at two. Stacy then spoke to Ellie, perhaps trying to strategize as Yumiko got up on her feet. Stacy rushed her but was caught by the champion into a pop-up facebuster and covered for the pinfall victory with Misaki retaining the VWE Women’s Pulse Championship.

When friends become enemies, it can be a sad thing for those on the outside and be devastating for those involved. After VWE King of the Arena, Kitty seemed to find a new friend in Rani Patel, a person who kept claiming to try to help Kitty, but these helpful moments never really worked out as Rani planned. But this past Wednesday on VWE Primetime, Rani spoke to Kitty claiming that she was being truthful and really valued Kitty’s friendship and would love to make it up to her by going clubbing before VWE Ladies’ Night. These two friends, enemies and possibly back to friends were scheduled to face off in a Singles Match as VWE Ladies’ Night officially began. The two walked out to the ring arm-in-arm, drinks in their hands and stumbling. People in the front row claimed they could smell the alcohol wafting off both women. After the referee got them to agree to take off their heels and their drinks, the match began. Both women seemed very uncoordinated, swinging wildly at the air before Kitty finally connected with a slap. The sound or the pain must have woke Rani up, who swept the leg of Kitty, causing both of them to fall down and began rolling around in a mix of uncoordinated punches. In easily, the most confusing match of the night, Kitty, and Rani went back and forth colliding into one another and getting close pinfalls and accidentally falling off amidst echoes of demands to have their drinks back. “Ms. Bollywood” began targeting the leg of Kitty, but the match really turned for the worse when Kitty rushed over to the ropes dry-heaving as if she was going to throw up, only to have Rani take advantage and roll her up from behind for the pinfall victory. After the match, both women embraced to head up the ramp and an unnamed source in the audience swore they saw Kitty throw up on Rani as they left.

As everyone cleared their pallet from that first match, it was time for two women who have been busting their ass since VWE KOTA and earned a # 1 Contender’s Match for the VWE Radiance Championship. Alexandra and Marionetta the Trickster have both been making waves in the Women’s Division as well has to have conflict reigning VWE Radiance Champion, Hilary Lanfier. Both women were coming into this match wanting to show the audience, management, their opponent, and themselves what they could do in the ring. Both women have clashed in the past and know each other very well when it comes to their mentality in a competition. The match started with a bang as Alexandra worked around Mari, throwing her into the ropes but after a couple passes, hitting the ropes, it was the Trickster who got the upper hand, hitting a high-angle dropkick on Alex. Within moments of the opening, Alex was back in control, colliding into the Trickster with a flying forearm. But Marionetta would not go down that easy and became a little more unpredictable, nipping up off the mat and leaping up to the top rope to spring off and catch Alexandra in a diving corkscrew arm drag. Once back up on her feet, Alex nailed a Sambo-Judo throw, tossing Marionetta down onto the mat. The match continued with both women getting in some good shots, but it looked like the match was going to end after Marionetta nailed Alexandra hard with the Busaiku knee, but before she could capitalize, Hilary Lanfier ran down the ramp, hitting Marionetta from behind and then moved into attack Alexandra. The referee had no choice but to call the match no-contest due to the outside interference.

When the match-up for Krystal & Alison Daines vs Viola Beaumont was announced, the bookies in Vegas immediately started putting Viola at 500 to 1 odds. In wrestling, it is a numbers game and it is a hard mountain to climb knowing at any moment your opponent has a partner that they can utilize to come in and break up the pin or distract the referee. But, that did not stop Viola from marching down to the ring with determination on her face. As the bell rang, Krystal saw that look in Viola’s eyes and demanded that Alison starts the match for their team. The match started innocently enough, Alison shoving Viola, only to get shoved back by Viola. But, even though the match seemed pretty even and Viola went for a couple quick pinfalls, Krystal stayed on her corner. After Alison tagged in her partner, the fresh woman started having her way with Viola. Krystal worked the arm of Viola, taking her down in an armbar, but Beaumont pushed through the pain, forcing Krystal to stand back up and then cartwheeled out of the hold. Krystal worked harder, locking in a surfboard to turn into an O’Connor roll, but Viola kicked out at two. Beaumont fought back, catching Krystal in a back breaker, but Krystal would not stay down for three. As Viola got up, Alison kicked her from behind, causing her to turn her attention to Daines, giving Krystal an opening to nail Viola with an inverted DDT and tag in Alison. Back and forth with action too various to write all down, the match continued. One mistake. In every match, all it can take is one mistake and in the blink of an eye, the match is over. In this match, the mistake was Alison super-kicking Krystal instead of Viola, knocking Krystal down and opening herself to be rolled up by Viola in a schoolboy rollup for the three count victory. All of you with tickets that bet on Viola to win the Handicap Match, make sure to cash those in quickly.

UPDATE: The International Pro Wrestling Authority (IPWA) would like to remind everyone that gambling on professional sports is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Champions, Challengers, and rematches. Anytime there is a title in the mix, it can be triumph or tragedy. Heartbreak or heroic as one person walks out the champion and one person goes home empty-handed. The VWE Radiance Champion, Hilary Lanfier walked out to the ring with a microphone in hand, saying she attacked Marionetta and Alexandra were not worthy, in fact, no one is worthy to face her. Almost on cue, the former champion, Brooke Owens walked out to the stage and demanded her rematch. Hilary Lanfier had defeated Brooke at VWE King of the Arena after climbing the ladder to capture the Queen of the Arena briefcase and smashing it into Brooke’s head when Owens went out to congratulate her, cashing in and winning the title. When Brooke’s rematch was scheduled, she was still injured and unable to compete, so she wanted it here at Ladies’ Night.  

The bell rang and Hilary climbed up in the corner, taunting to the crowd when Brooke rushed over, shoving her to lose balance and fall down on the tightening pole of the turnbuckle. Brooke then stepped out of the ropes on the apron and nailed a Rocket Kick to Lanfier, sending her off the turnbuckle and down to the ground outside the ring. Brooke stayed on target, picking up Hilary and throwing her into the ring, but a cover later and she had only earned a two-count. Brooke began throwing heavy fists down onto the champion. Hilary quickly rolled out of the ring to get away from Brooke for a moment, sliding back in and rushing her, but Brooke was ready, hitting a low dropkick and causing Lanfier to get hung up on the middle rope. A moment later and Hilary was back outside the ring but not on her own volition. Owens leaped through the ropes, crashing into Hilary outside the ring and throwing more heavy strikes into the champion. Brooke threw the champion back into the ring, but before Owens could get back in, Lanfier found a way to her feet and nailed Brooke with a high kick, and then went to work on Owens’ neck and head. At one point, Hilary hit a tornado DDT onto Brooke, slamming the challenger’s head into the ring apron, arguably the hardest part of the ring set-up. This forced the referee to check on Brooke, who claimed she was good enough to continue. In the end, the damage Hilary inflicted caught up to Brooke, who was as surprised as everyone when Hilary kicked out after a Rocket Kick, but Lanfier proved why she is still the reigning VWE Radiance Champion when she earned the pinfall victory over Brooke. With the incident earlier involving Marionetta the Trickster and Alexandra, and the decisive victory over Owens shows that Hilary Lanfier is a force to be reckoned with and might be the VWE Radiance Champion for quite a while to come.

In the weeks leading up to VWE King of the Arena, Christina Krovac had messed with Chloe Valentine to the point of even endangering Valentine’s father. This caused Maxine to step in to face Christina at KOTA and for a brief moment, it looked as if VWE had a new Women’s World Champion until the referee was told that Christina’s foot was on the ropes and restarted the match. Last week on Edge, after a brief staredown with Chloe and Maxine, Krovac challenged the two to a tag team match at Ladies’ Night, bringing us to our main event of the evening. As described, the main event was a tag match with Chloe Valentine teaming with Maxine against the G.O.A.T. member and reigning VWE Women’s World Champion, Christina Krovac and an unnamed partner. Some people speculated that Christina didn’t really have a partner or that they might see Night or Cody Houley in a wig for this match. But, before the match began, a hush fell over the crowd waiting for Christina’s partner.  Christina added that she is already the best in VWE, why not bring in the best at DIE.  Amaze swept over the audience as Lexi, a wrestler from DIE, walked out onto the stage accompanied by Delphine.  Christina seemed very pleased with herself as the match got ready to start.

Christina wanted Chloe to start things off, but then seemed to change her mind when Valentine rushed at her, Krovac cuddling the ropes and demanding the referee back Chloe up, giving Christina the opportunity to tag Lexi in. Krovac took advantage of the situation, hitting Chloe from behind to get her distracted so Lexi could nail a good solid forearm strike to the back and take Chloe down to the mat, dropping a couple bombs down on her before tagging Krovac back in. With a few seconds for both women to be in the ring, Lexi picked up Valentine and held her so Christina could nail some big punches into Chloe’s abdomen. Christina then began working the neck and torso of Valentine. Krovac, in a stable position of dominance, hit the ropes but that momentum shifted and Valentine kicked her and pulled her into a snap suplex. This began a back and forth battle between Krovac and Valentine, neither seeming to take control for more than a moment before a counter and momentum shift happened. Eventually, both tagged out and Lexi and Maxine became the legal members. Lexi got out of the ring quickly, forcing Maxine to chase her, but Delphine tried to stand in the way. This distraction to Maxine gave Lexi the advantage, hitting Maxine with a throat thrust and Irish-whipping her into the ring.  Lexi called Maxine a “misfit” but Maxine claimed the she “embraces it” before getting back into the fight, delivering a sick kick series.  Lexi worked the lower back of Maxine, going for quick covers to make Maxine exert her own energy to kick out. These two seemed evenly matched, but eventually, Maxine used her experience to counter a move, tossing Lexi up into the air and nailing a superkick to her, but as Maxine went for the pin, Christina rushed in to break the pin up. This caused Chloe to rush in and as Lexi got up, Chloe and Maxine both rebounded off the ropes, delivering simultaneous dropkicks to Christina and Lexi, sending them over the top to the outside of the ring.

Eventually, the action got back into the ring, but the action was so fast-paced and so exciting that no words could do it justice. Instead, we will fast-forward to the end where Maxine and Lexi are legal opponents once again.  Lexi thought she had the match won after delivering the death blow to Maxine, but she kicked out almost on impulse. Maxine’s muscle memory kicked in hitting a spinning kick on Lexi. Delphine got up onto the ring apron, doing her best to distract Maxine, who tried to kick Delphi’s head off, but she dropped off the apron in time. Lexi pulled herself up, using the referee and then kissed the referee, possibly to thank for the assistance in getting up, but Delphine used this momentary distraction to nail a large big boot to the back of Maxine’s skull. Lexi saw Maxine down and rushed over, locking her in the Muta Lock, earning the submission victory for her team.  Meanwhile, Cody Houley hit Chloe Valentine from behind and G.O.A.T. dragged her backstage as the crowd looked on with surprise and concern.

With an ending like that for Ladies’ Night, odds are this is not the ending of the issues between Christina Krovac, Maxine, Chloe Valentine and the rest of G.O.A.T. And what is next for Hilary Lanfier?  She successfully defeated Brooke Owens but on the horizon are two women that both want to be # 1 Contender and she stopped us from finding out which one, whether it would be Alexandra or Marionetta the Trickster.  What will Stuart Warf have to say about that?  Will that be another case for the IPWA?  And as far as the VWE Pulse Women’s Championship, Misaki seems unbeatable, who can step up to the challenge to take down the reigning, defending, dominant champion?  And with Alison accidentally kicking Krystal, will Krystal see reason or will she be upset at Alison for not only kicking her but costing them an easy victory over Viola Beaumont?  As always, more questions than answers, but the staff of VWE.CC strives to keep our readers informed.  Follow @VWEWrestling on Twitter and head over to our Facebook page to keep tabs on all the happenings with your favorite and most despised Superstars of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.