BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

VWE PrimeTime June, 14th 2017 Results

Quick Match results

Match One: Jeffrey Fireguard (w) vs. Kieran Darkwatch

Match Two: VWE United States Championship –  Night (c) (w) vs. Wolfy Kessel

Match Three: Loody Graves vs. David Hawk Actor (w)

Main Event: Braden Karsin (c) (w) vs. Vince Easterwood

Full show coverage


by Brian Dusel

Primetime kicked off with a very short intro, being cut short when Kieran Darkwatch walked down to the ring with a microphone in hand.  Kieran claimed that tonight would start the reckoning, where he calls upon the debt of every person who has sold their soul to “The Devil” for fame and glory in the VWE.  Kieran then said that Jeff’s sin would be “Wrath”, urging him to release his rage and make a deal with “The Devil” to make things go Fireguard’s way.

After being ambushed on his way towards the ring last week, trying to confront VWE World Heavyweight Champion, Braden Karsin, Jeffrey Fireguard seemed to want to prove something in his match against “The Devil”.  Darkwatch got an early lead in the match, utilizing his height and weight advantage against Jeff.  Kieran was throwing Fireguard around the ring, into the ropes and catching him with a rolling elbow, then throwing him in the corner and delivering a series of nasty punches to the former World Champion.  The match wasn’t completely one-sided as Fireguard fought back with some stiff martial arts kicks and then jumped to the top rope to fly off, delivering a blockbuster down onto “The Devil”.  Fireguard didn’t have an exclusive on high-flying moves though as Kieran battled back, caught Jeff with a Samoan drop and then flew off the top with a swanton bomb.  In the end, Jeff nailed some heavy strikes, letting his hands fly and then pulled Darkwatch into the Nightmare, a double-underhook piledriver, covering “The Devil” for the pinfall victory.

But, surprisingly, as Jeff’s music played after the match ended, G.O.A.T. with Braden Karsin came out and surrounded the ring, making sure Jeff couldn’t escape.  Fireguard caught Karsin with a kick, knocking him off the ring apron, but quickly, the US Champion Night speared Jeff and started driving his fists down into Jeff.  The assailants took turns, Jeff getting struck by the Finish Him from Night, a Codebreaker from Cody Houley and then just repeated stomps from G.O.A.T. Jeff could barely move but found a way to claw his way out of the ring as everyone but Night walked to the back.  UPDATE: After getting to the back, Jeffrey Fireguard was checked out by trainers, but was coughing up blood.  An ambulance was called and took him to the local hospital.  We’ll have more information as it gets released.

Last week, Night had promised the fans that he would be holding a celebration of him being the United States Champion on Friday, but after the show, he was reminded that Friday is VWE Ladies’ Night, and since the “Night” in Ladies’ Night doesn’t refer to the US Champion, he and the rest of G.O.A.T. decided to crash Primetime.  Before he could continue, the former US Champion, Wolfy Kessel interrupted.  Wolfy came out to confront Night who thinks he has no more competition.  Wolfy challenged him to an impromptu title match for the Primetime audience.  Night seemed to gauge the audience but then said he didn’t care what they thought, he was going to do it and enjoy beating Wolfy again.

Since winning the US Title the night after he lost the Pulse Championship, Night has fought some of the best wrestlers and biggest names in the world of professional wrestling, but always in the shadows, he knew that Wolfy was waiting for his moment to pounce.  As the impromptu match for the VWE United States Championship began, both the former champion, Wolfy and the reigning champion, Night, seemed to want to make a statement.  Both men were crashing into each other, both trying to find the opening to take the win.  Night quickly caught Kessel with a back suplex, but Wolfy kicked out.  Wolfy utilized his Howling Elbow, but that wasn’t enough to keep the Champion down.  Kessel tried for a submission hold, locking in the sharpshooter, but Night pulled and clawed his way to grabbing the bottom rope with just one finger.  Quick up to his feet, Wolfy rushed Night, nailing a vicious spear, but Night kicked out again.  But calling the move before doing it cost him as Night grabbed him for a face-smash and then lifted Wolfy up, delivering a dangerous brain-buster into a knee, covering him for the pinfall victory to retain the US Title.

Before getting to the next match, “Ms. Bollywood” Rani Patel walked out to the ring with a microphone in her hand.  She believes she is being misunderstood.  She said she sees great potential in Kitty and wants to guide her to the best path of karma.  Rani then called out her former friend.  Kitty said she owed the fans an apology for how she reacted last Friday.  Kitty proclaimed she didn’t want to be a vengeful woman like some of the others in the locker room.  Rani said she is truthful in what she said about wanting to help Kitty and maybe they could go out on Friday for Ladies’ Night.  Kitty agreed and seems to have made up with Rani.

While most people were expecting the Best of Three Series to be next, Curt Bombastic walked out with a microphone and a different plan.  He talks about how he came up short in his US Title Match against Night.  He knows that he won’t win every match, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that Night, as talented as he is, Curt isn’t done with him.  In fact, Curt laid down a challenge for Night, who claims he has no more competition, for next week. 

In the co-main event, it was the promised to be match 2 of a Best of Three Series as DavidHawk Actor locked up with Loody Graves.  These two had only had one match against each other before, during the King of the Arena Tournament, where Loody fell to the power of the Not My Problem Cutter.  Graves started the match as flamboyant as ever, as egotistical as ever.  He seemed to get the better of DHA in the technical game, taking David down with a quick trip, holding him in a front face lock down on the mat.  Once he had fought back up, David slapped the taste out of Loody’s mouth, demanding the leader of Team Awesome, take their match seriously.  Both men started moving quickly, countering and dodging each other, but a couple of quick pinfall attempts later, and things started to really heat up.  DHA went for the Ego Trip early, but Graves countered it, spinning around to try and catch David in the back breaker, but DHA rolled out of the maneuver.  Loody even went out of his wheelhouse, going for a flying move, but Actor caught him and tossed him over with a belly to belly suplex.  Graves started focusing his attack on the back, an area that David has had hurting since the King of the Arena Ladder Match.  The Awesome One caught David hit the backbreaker, but a moment of hesitation before the pin gave DHA just enough time to kick out right before the referee’s hand hit the mat for three.  Not satisfied, Loody taunted David to get up, went for the back breaker again, but David countered and pulled Loody up for the NMP, which Graves countered, but was thrown into the ropes and caught by DHA for a successful NMP, giving David the opportunity to gain the pinfall victory, winning the Best of Three Series, two to nothing.  Before he could leave, Loody exited the ring to grab a microphone saying he wasn’t done with David and now this was a Best of Five and he’d see DHA again next week!

After the ring had gotten cleared, the DIE Men’s Prospect Champion, Benja Nirvana, came out with a microphone.  He admitted that basically since King of the Arena, he has been banged up and bruised, but still working harder than some of the other people he has been seeing around the locker room.  And on top of all that, it is his birthday and he wasn’t even booked for a match.  He said this is just added fuel to why he and VWE management are not on the same page and why he is hostile towards them, and the pain that he feels is only going to be amplified and turned on anyone unfortunate enough to stand across from him in a match.

When Kasumi was attacked backstage and couldn’t make it for their quarter-finals match, she and Vince Easterwood were forced to forfeit their spot in the tournament.  At the end of that tournament, Lyra Phoenix and the self-proclaimed “King of VWE” Braden Karsin were standing tall, leaving many to wonder what would have happened if Kasumi hadn’t gotten taken out.  Who would have really won the tournament?  But, as the saying goes “if it weren’t for ‘if’s, and’s and but’s’ the Devil would’ve been a preacher”.  And no one knows that more than a man who spent most of his career known as “The Churchboy”, Vince Easterwood.  But, in the main event of Primetime, Vince and Kasumi were given an opportunity to change that destiny and fight for the VWE Intergender Tag Team Championship.

While they were making their entrances, Braden came out without Lyra saying that they talked and decided they have nothing to prove to Vince and Kasumi.  The forfeit was their own fault and they don’t deserve a title match tonight.  Vince got on microphone saying that the attack on Kasumi is still being investigated and because of their past at WPWF, Vince thinks Lyra might be the prime suspect.  Kasumi says this is ridiculous and is amazed at how VWE runs things, claiming that Braden had no cojones claiming she could defeat Braden if he wasn’t brave enough to fight Vince.  Before Braden could exit, repeating that he has nothing to prove to Vince or Kasumi, the two partners rushed the “King of the VWE” nailing him with a double dropkick.  Braden said because of that cheap shot, he will have a match tonight, but against Vince in a fair Singles Match where Vince “could have another chance to dethrone the King”, almost a rematch of their confrontation at King of the Arena where Braden retained the VWE World Heavyweight Championship in an Iron Man Match.  Before Karsin could even get into the ring, Vince rushed him and the two exchanged some kicks until Easterwood hit the ropes and did a springboard elbow, taking Braden down.  Vince felt good, but the match was just getting started when Braden kicked out after Easterwood finally got him into the ring for a pin cover.  Braden used his superior agility, nailing a shining black before unleashing a combination of martial arts kicks on Vince in the corner.  Testing the referee, Braden began choking Vince with his foot, before finally being told to back up.  The momentum shifted back Vince’s way when Easterwood caught Karsin with a drop toe hold, knocking him down.  Vince brought his own martial arts kicks into the mix, nailing the World Champion before climbing up to the top rope and flying off with a moonsault, but Karsin kicked out at two from the pin cover.  Back and forth, these two seemed almost too even in skill and willingness to throw caution to the wind.  In the end, Kasumi had gotten up on the ring apron to point out to the referee that Braden had raked Vince’s eyes, but before she could say anything, Braden came rushing in, appearing to aim for Vince, but knocking Kasumi off the apron.  Vince caught Braden with the “Bear the Cross” but Braden landed on his feet.  While Easterwood thought he had Karsin down, he checked on Kasumi only to get pulled into a schoolboy rollup from the “King of the VWE” to hear the three count, giving Braden the win.

It seems Vince Easterwood and Braden Karsin are destined to continue their collision course, but at each turn, Braden seems one step ahead of Vince.  As we look forward, will Vince get another opportunity at Braden?  Will we see Kasumi and Vince get their shot at the VWE Intergender Tag Team Championships?  What will Benja Nirvana do to show how serious he is to VWE management?  Will Loody Graves take this loss in the Best of Three Series to DHA lying down or will this fire him up even more?  And after another attack from G.O.A.T., will Jeffrey Fireguard stop his chase for the World Title to save himself the misery, or will her persevere and push even harder?  More questions than answers, but the action, the drama, and the adventure never stop in Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.