VWE PrimeTime June, 21st 2017 Results

Quick Match results

Match One: Kitty vs Brooke Owens (w)

Match Two: Ren Blackheart vs Kieran Darkwatch – DRAW

Match Three: VWE Radiance Championship Nr. 1 Contender Match – Alexandra vs Marionetta – DRAW

Main Event: Loody Graves (w) – David Hawk Actor

Full show coverage


by Brian Dusel

Every Wednesday, VWE Primetime sets out to make the most of the audience’s time.  And kicking the show off was Rani Patel walking out with her Guru, her trainer, The Great Sajith.  After Rani introduced Sajith to the crowd again, he said how good it was to be back in Empire City, him only being gone because of an action from Cheryl White to get him deported.  Rani thanks a special “Trucker Lawyer” for getting The Great Sajith back into the country.  Rani explained how she has taken Kitty under her wing and that they partied a little too much last week.  Ms. Bollywood said she was hoping The Great Sajith would help Kitty achieve success in VWE.  Sajith said he needed to watch her in the first match of the evening to see if she was worthy of his assistance.

Rani then asked the announcers to bring out Kitty, who would be taking on the former VWE Radiance Champion, Brooke Owens.  Last Friday at VWE Ladies’ Night, both Kitty and Brooke left the event with losses on their records.  Kitty lost to Rani, while both women appeared intoxicated during a live show.  Brooke, on the other hand, was completely sober and went to the ring as “The Black Swan” but ended up taking the loss to Hilary Lanfier in her contractually-obligated rematch.  The Black Swan was gone for Primetime, but Brooke clearly had something to prove as she appeared more aggressive in the ring.  Kitty opened up the match with a great chain, throwing Brooke into the corner, but when she rushed Owens, the former Champion caught Kitty with an STO, forcing her back down to the mat.  As the match continued, Brooke was working Kitty’s legs, trying to make sure the stronger opponent couldn’t stand.  Kitty had a moment where she might have taken the win, hitting the Falcon Arrow, but Brooke kicked out just before the referee’s hand slapped the mat for the third time.  Owens was able to fight back, catching Kitty with the Lethal Injection and earned the pinfall victory.

Before more action could continue, Kieran Darkwatch came out with a microphone, claiming that he is a former United States Champion and should be in line for a World Title shot soon, the “Devil” will get his due and because people continuously deny his deals, he will push himself harder to reach his ultimate goal of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion and said that everyone in his path should be ready for the reckoning that is coming.

Interrupting Kieran, music hit and the crowd looked in complete awe as Ren Blackheart walked out instead of Kieran’s scheduled opponent, Rhys Tucker.  It looked like the injury couldn’t keep Ren on the sidelines into retirement, and he looked very serious, looking to make a statement facing Kieran.  As the bell rang, both Ren and Kieran traded wristlocks back and forth.  Blackheart started out strong, locking Darkwatch in a wrenching wristlock, but “The Devil” cartwheeled out of the hold, putting it back on Ren, who then escaped with a quick backflip.  Ren was looking good in the match until Kieran slammed his forehead into the bridge of Blackheart’s nose.  In the report after the match from the referee, there was a little blood trickling out of his nose, but not enough to cause him to stop the match.  It really seemed that every time Kieran got a little momentum, Blackheart was there to turn it around with a quick move, even hitting a springboard shooting-star-press on Darkwatch, but “The Devil” kicked out at two from the pinfall.  The end brought controversy.  Kieran had Ren locked in the triangle choke submission hold, but Ren pushed up with his legs pinning “The Devil’s” shoulders to the mat.  As the referee counted and hit the three, Ren tapped out.  After a moment of the referee speaking to the announcer, his official decision was a draw because he was unable to figure out if his hand hit the mat or if Ren’s did for the tap-out first.  People in the audience immediately became divided.  Some saying the three happened before the tap-out, some saying that Ren clearly tapped out at while the referee was still at two.  But, officially, the match ended in a draw.

The VWE Radiance Champion, Hilary Lanfier, walked out celebrating that she was still the champion and said she beat the “Black Swan” Brooke Owens, even though she tried to trick everyone claiming she had quit VWE the week before.  She also mentioned that she didn’t regret her actions during the # 1 Contender’s Match at Ladies’ Night.  Before she could continue, Austin Knight, who was on commentary for the evening let her know that Stuart Warf was in his ear and saying there would be a # 1 Contender’s Match, a rematch from last Friday happening right then.

At Ladies’ Night, both Alexandra and Marionetta faced off trying to determine the # 1 Contender to the VWE Radiance Championship, but after an attack from Hilary Lanfier to both, the match was called a “No Contest” draw.  But, in a surprise turn of events, we would get the rematch where the VWE management clearly wanted a decisive winner.  With the sound of the bell, the match was on and Marionetta showed off her athleticism, back-flipping out of a wristlock.  Alexandra didn’t stand for that though, wrapping her up again and then throwing her into the ropes.  On the return, The Trickster caught Alex with a hurricanrana.  Marionetta later hit her copyrighted monkey flip, sending Alex up and over to land hard on the mat.  The match was not all one-sided though as the contest carried on and saw Alexandra catching Mari in the full nelson submission hold.  To break out of it, The Trickster had to catch Alexandra with a Pele kick, but that wasn’t enough to secure the # 1 Contendership.  Later, a second Pele kick struck Alexandra and Marionetta went for the pin, but Hilary got herself involved, yelling at the referee.  Marionetta got up, trying to get the referee’s attention, as she turned back to Alexandra, The Trickster was struck by a superkick, but still only a two-count was earned.  Eventually, the interference from Hilary was too much for The Trickster, who yelled at Lanfier, but she was ready for an attack from behind, monkey-flipping Alexandra over the top rope to the outside.  Mari started chasing Hilary, but meanwhile the referee was counting both competitors out and eventually made it to the 10-count, making both women lose due to double count-out.  Some people claimed they saw Marionetta get into the ring before the 10, but that didn’t change the official outcome of the match.

Before the main event, Curt Bombastic came to the ring with a microphone.  Last week, he came down to say that he is on the hunt for the VWE United States Championship, currently being held by Night, a member of G.O.A.T.  During Primetime, he came out to call out Night, wanting to challenge for the US Title right there on the show.  From the audience, Jayson Rain jumped the barricade slid into the ring behind Curt and caught him with a spinning heel kick.  Rain then picked up Curt, delivering a huge DDT, causing Bombastic’s head to collide with the mat before walking off to the backstage area.

Coming into the main event of Primetime, Loody Graves was already two matches down in what was a Best of Three Series that got turned into a Best of Five Series, losing two times in a row to DavidHawk Actor.  Even though he had continued to speak out about how awesome he was on social media, clearly something clicked for Loody in this “must-win” situation.  For the past two matches these two have faced off in, they began with some back and forth chain wrestling, but this match was different with a lot more strikes coming from Loody with pin-point accuracy focused on DHA’s abdomen and back.  This main event saw some good back and forth action, but at one point, David made a bold mistake.  Loody was against the ropes when David rushed at him.  Graves found a way to shift and David went right out over the top to the outside of the ring.  The Awesome One exited to the floor and whipped the Icon into the barricade, and followed up with his patented backbreaker.  Unfortunately, in a Singles Match, a person cannot win outside the ring, so he had to get David back in and cover, but Actor kicked out.  There seemed to be a moment of hope for David when Loody lifted him up from behind, possibly for another back breaker, but Actor flipped off to land on his feet and grabbed the leader of Team Awesome for a German Suplex.  David then went for a corner splash, using his body as the weapon and covered Loody, but that wily German got his foot up on the rope to break the count.  After countering the NMP, Loody got behind David, rolling him up for a pinfall victory.  Some people have said that Loody was grabbing the tights, but the referee nor your humble journalist were at the right angle to see that or confirm.  After the match, Graves celebrated his victory but then caught David with two more back-breakers when the Icon was trying to use the ropes to stand up.  Loody then got on the microphone to tell everyone that he is awesome and will see DHA next week.  The camera panned in on the agony across David’s face as Primetime ended with the knowledge that this Best of Five Series might just be picking up steam and would be continued next week in Match 4.  Will David be able to close the series of next week or will Loody force the 5th match?