VWE PrimeTime June, 7th 2017 Results

Quick match results

Match one: Aphrodite vs Alexandra (w)

Match two: Kieran Darkwatch (w) vs Rhys Tucker

Match three: Rani Patel (w) vs Brooke Owens Hilary Lanfier

Main Event: David Hawk Actor (w) vs Derrick Cult

Full Show coverage

Redemption at a Cost

By Brian Dusel

In the first VWE Primetime since King of the Arena, the action kicked off the show when Alexandra took on Aphrodite.  Alexandra started off with her technical aspect, but Aphrodite went on the offense, nailing some hard strikes.  As the match continued, both women appeared to be focusing on the back of their opponent, wanting to wear down the abdomen and ribs area, making it hard for both women to breath as time went on.  The action spilled outside the ring and Alexandra caught Aphrodite at the steel steps, picking Aphrodite up and dropping her face-first into the steel steps.  Once back in the ring, the momentum shifted to Aphrodite, who caught Alex in a large powerbomb, but only gained a two count when going for the pinfall.  As Aphrodite got up, she signaled for her finisher only to be distracted when Cheryl White walked out.  The distraction was all Alex needed to grab Aphrodite, pulling her into the Future Shock DDT and covered her for the pinfall victory.  

The self-proclaimed “King of VWE” Braden Karsin came out to the ring with a microphone in hand.  He bragged about winning the Tag Team Classic, now being a dual champion, with the Intergender Tag Team Championship on one arm and the VWE World Heavyweight Championship firmly around his waist.  Braden took some shots at Jeffrey Fireguard, before being interrupted by Cody Houley.  Cody said he appreciates how hard Braden worked and VWE would be nothing without Braden and G.O.A.T.  Cody said that with Braden being a dual champion, the target on his back is even bigger and offered the friendship of G.O.A.T. in exchange for a future World Title shot.  Karsin agreed that VWE would be nothing without them and said that if G.O.A.T. promised to have his back, he would make sure Cody got that World Title shot sooner than later.

In the second match of the evening, Kieran Darkwatch was in action.  Originally, the match was scheduled for Kieran to face Rhys Tucker, but in a quick change earlier in the week, VWE.CC announced that “The Devil” would instead be facing former World Champion, Josh Poffo.  The match began very quickly, in a chain wrestling series that appeared to favor Poffo.  Even after Josh caught Darkwatch with a headlock takedown, he was unable to capitalize on the situation, as he was hit with Kieran’s Falcon Arrow, but Tucker had enough strength to kick out.  “The Devil” continued his assault, beating Rhys around the ring until finally giving him some closure with the  Deal with the Devil, covering Tucker for the pinfall victory.

After his match, Kieran rolled out of the ring and grabbed a microphone from the commentary table.  He admitted that he’s had some setbacks, but “the time for the reckoning is at hand”.  He said he may not have made it to KOTA, nor won the Intergender Tag Team Championships, but it was time for a change and renamed his finisher the “Hater Maker” and promised that he will finish 2017 strong and that “The Devil will get his due”.  He said that everyone who has ever been at the top has made a deal with the devil and it was time to come collect.  

To the delight of the crowd, Brooke Owens’ music hit but it wasn’t Brooke that entered, it was Hilary Lanfier dressed as Brooke Owens.  She claimed she was Brooke and talked about Hilary defeating her for the Radiance Title at KOTA.  “Brooke” said that Hilary is an inspiration to her and deserved the title and taught Brooke that she will never be as good as Lanfier.  “Brooke” admitted that she is a sad excuse of a VWE wrestler and a poor human being.  She then announced that if she lost her match coming up in moments, that she would leave VWE forever.  

Talk about your surprise moments, right?  While Hilary put forth the charade of being Brooke, everyone in the audience and even “Ms. Bollywood” herself, could see that the woman in the ring was not Brooke Owens.  The third match of the night started with Hilary, as Brooke, holding out her hand for a handshake, but Rani rejected that gesture and immediately took the Champion down with a double-leg takedown and laid into Hilary with some heavy strikes.  The match was very one-sided as “Brooke” tripped over her own feet and eventually asked Rani to lock her into the Bengali Lock.  Even confused, Patel did so, earning the submission victory over “Brooke Owens”.  It appears to this reporter that Hilary was not taking this match seriously, just using it as a spotlight to make fun of Brooke Owens and her quirks during matches.

The main event of Primetime was touted as a match that was years in the making. That this match was a rematch from WrestleSeries 6, where Derrick Cult had defeated DavidHawk Actor for the VWE World Heavyweight Championship.  After their match a couple months ago, David had been bugging Austin Knight on social media and in the VWE Performance Center, wanting a rematch, but it was only after David took Derrick out of the KOTA Ladder Match, that Austin decided it was time for a little retribution.  David tried to get some strikes going, but against a former boxing and MMA champion like Derrick Cult, a man who calls himself “the Human Concussion Machine”, it was not working well.  And every time David turned his back, Austin Knight was there trying to sneak up behind him.  Derrick used his knees and elbows, pounding into DHA.  But, the match turned quickly when Austin handed Derrick a set of nunchucks, only to have the referee see them in Cult’s hands and take them away.  Incensed, Derrick shoved the referee but took his eyes off David.  When he turned, DHA caught Cult into the NMP, slamming him down into the mat and covering for the pinfall victory.  After the match, Austin Knight seemed very upset and walked off, leaving Derrick there alone until Cult walked backstage.  

Loody was out in the audience and got upset at the words, leaping over the barricade and catching David from behind with a back breaker.  Graves grabbed a microphone, allowing his passion flow through him, disrespecting David and claiming the loss to DHA in the King of the Arena tournament should never have happened.  While Graves added more words, the gist was clear, he wanted a chance to win back that loss and go further, challenging David to another match in the main event of VWE Primetime next Wednesday.  



The show ended with Loody standing tall and David lying almost motionless inside the ring.  Looking forward, how will Brooke respond to Hilary’s action?  Will Braden join G.O.A.T. or will their relationship stay strictly professional?  Loody challenged DHA to a match next week, so he can prove how awesome he is.  We can find out some of these answers next week, same VWE time, same VWE channel.