BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

VWE PULSE June, 11th 2017 Results

Quick Match results

Match one: “The Arabian Knight” Hamaso Franizzi (w) vs Nyle Nightfire

Match two: VWE Wome’s Pulse Championship Match

Stacy (Winner via Count put) vs. Misaki Yumako (c)

Main Event: “The Gunslinger” Matt Asadar (w) vs. Mr. Hollywood


Full show coverage


by Brian Dusel

VWE Pulse likes to proclaim that it has the best and brightest of today’s VWE superstars and the superstars of the future, and it succeeds in that endeavor.  To open the show, Aphrodite walked down to the ring and called out Cheryl White, who on Wednesday Night Primetime, had distracted Aphrodite, costing her the match against Alexandra.  Immediately after coming out, Cheryl White used her words to infuriate Aphrodite, who, in response, slapped Cheryl in the face.  This caused Aphrodite to take the Right-Wing advocate down to the mat, assaulting her and leaving her unconscious on the mat.  Cheryl then taunted before making her exit.  UPDATE: We have learned that a challenge made, a challenge accepted and approved and now Cheryl White will face Aphrodite this Friday at VWE Ladies’ Night in an Evening Gown Match.  

In the first actual match of the night, the VWE Men’s Pulse Champion, Hamaso Franizzi, was in action in a Non-Title Match against Nyle Nightfire, the big man from Cardiff, Wales.  With near a foot reach advantage and a 70 lbs weight advantage, you would immediately place your money on Nyle coming out with the win and perhaps earning a near-future title shot for the Pulse Championship.  But, even with the large size advantage, Nightfire went in utilizing some technical skill, but that did not help him with the much faster Hamaso.  Franizzi brought Nyle down with a hurricanrana, right into a pinfall, but couldn’t keep the large man down.  Nyle got back into the match, catching the Champion with a big boot, but the pinfall only earned him a one count.  One of the biggest moments in the match was Hamaso agreeing to go punch for punch against Nyle, which didn’t work out so well for him, but the Champion quickly switched up his strategy.  Nightfire began using his weight and power to his advantage, slamming Hamaso down in a big spinebuster, but Franizzi was not done yet, catching Nyle with a leg lariat, sending Nightfire over the ropes to the outside.  Here is where Hamaso is in his element when he gets to use his speed to catch people off-guard.  Franizzi rushed the ropes, bouncing off and flying over the other set with a tope con hilo, using his body as a weapon to land on Nyle.  But, the Champion got ahead of himself and when he went for a second one, Nightfire caught him in a swinging backbreaker.  Back in the ring, Nyle stayed on the attack, but after a two-count pinfall, he took his eyes off Hamaso to argue with the referee, and when he turned back, got caught in a Blue Thunder bomb, giving Franizzi the pinfall victory over “The Insurance”.  After the match, in what might be seen as some semblance of sportsmanship, Nightfire gave Hamaso his card.

Up on the Colosseum Tron, Kingston Ellington appeared.  Kingston wanted Hamaso to know that soon, very soon, he would be coming for Franizzi and the VWE Men’s Pulse Championship.  

After the ring was cleared, Stacy came out to the ring looking sharp in her graduation cap and gown.  She announced that she had just graduated with honors from Harvard University, but before she could continue, the VWE Women’s Pulse Champion, Misaki Yumako came out to interrupt Stacy, wondering why a teacher would still be a professional wrestler at VWE.  Misaki made it clear that she doesn’t believe Stacy can’t hang with the best of the best, namely her.  Stacy managed to not allow Misaki under her skin and challenged the Champion to a match, right there to perhaps try to prove something to Yumako.   The fighter from Japan accepted the match whole-heartedly.  

For those of you who watch VWE programming each and every week, you will already know this, but for those of you who perhaps miss some episodes, Stacy as a competitor has been improving each and every week, even refusing to tap out to Viola Beaumont in her most recent match, holding out until the 15-minute time limit expired, resulting in a draw for both women.  So Stacy didn’t just have something to prove to herself or Misaki, but something to prove to the audience she values.  As Misaki started the match out, she grabbed Stacy, pulling her into a wristlock, but Stacy managed to reverse the hold into a wristlock of her own.  Yumako is too experienced to let the match end there, flipping out of the hold and putting Stacy into the hammerlock.  Stacy struggled for just a brief moment before flipping Misaki in a snapmare, dropping the Champion down on the mat.  Perhaps it was hubris, but Misaki seemed to be underestimating Stacy.  Misaki got up, Stacy put her back down with a dropkick.  Yumako started to get serious, taking Stacy down with a headlock, but Stacy pulled Misaki into a pinning predicament.  As the match continued, Stacy even inspired some encouraging chants from the audience after catching the Champion with a bulldog, but couldn’t pick up the victory.  As the match continued, Misaki realized that Stacy was not going to be the easiest to pick off and even after delivering some nasty headbutts, attempting to choke Stacy with her foot and nailing a large flapjack, she saw that Stacy wasn’t going to give up.  Misaki told Stacy and the referee that the match was boring her and walked out, giving Stacy the victory via count-out.  

Next up, it was time for the main event.  Before his match, Matt Asadar tweeted that he accepted Mr. Hollywood’s challenge and “the time for talk is over, we settle this today”.  Before the bell, Jonathan Ramsey, the man known as “Mr. Hollywood” demanded that Matt get ready for “lights, camera..” and then he rushed the Gunslinger, trying to quickly end this match with the Welcome to Hollywood, but Asadar was ready, catching Ramsey with a big clothesline and saying “action” to Mr. Hollywood.  The bell rang and the match was officially underway.  Matt picked up Hollywood, catching him with some heavy strikes, but outside the ring, Hollywood’s manager, Jessica Moretti, was working on distracting the referee.  With the ref’s back turned, Jonathan caught Matt with a low-blow, immediately following up with heavy knee strikes.  The match went back and forth, with both men utilizing their skills to try and close off the match.  Asadar caught Hollywood with a Samoan drop, but could only attain the one-count.  Ramsey nailed the Close Up, but only earned the two-count.  Jonathan seemed to be in his element as Matt went to the outside, giving Hollywood the opportunity to dive through the ropes, slamming into Matt and sending him into the barricade.  As the match went on, the Gunslinger ducked under a splash attempt, then hitting his own on the back of Hollywood.  Once the action was back in the ring, Hollywood went downstairs again to hit Asadar below the belt, covering him in a very cocky way, but as the referee’s hand hit the mat for a two, Mr. Hollywood’s music began playing.  Thinking he won, Jonathan stood up, turning his back to Asadar.  Before the referee could explain that he had not won, Matt nailed Ramsey with the Sixshooter to cover him for the pinfall victory.  

After the match, The Crisis walked out with a purpose.  He made his way towards Matt, attacking the Gunslinger to end the show.  Afterward, Asadar went to Twitter again, this time writing “seems it was Crisis who attacked me a few weeks back, and he does it again after my match today. You have my attention #Gunnin4U”.  Has The Crisis made a big mistake instigating a possible duel with Matt Asadar or will he outdraw the Gunslinger, sending him to mosey off the prairie?  

One thing is for certain, as VWE Pulse continues to be the highlight of the weekend, the fans, and staff here at VWE.CC will be looking for more answers.  Why did Misaki just walk out of her match with Stacy?  What will happen this Friday at VWE Ladies’ Night when Cheryl and Aphrodite go one-on-one in an Evening Gown Match?  Where does Mr. Hollywood go from here?  Is there another casting call or will the script need to be taken back for a rewrite?  As always, the episode ends with more questions than answers, but answers we will find out next week and beyond, every Sunday with VWE Pulse.