VWE Pulse June, 18th 2017 Results

Quick Match results

Match One: “The Gunslinger” Matt Asadar vs. The Crisis (w)

Main Event: Mr. Hollywood (w) vs. “The Arabian Night” Hamaso

Full show coverage


By Brian Dusel

Cowboys, Champions, and movie stars, oh my! VWE Pulse had it all this week and made sure everything was on the center stage, under the spotlight for the audience to gain maximum entertainment.

“The Gunslinger” Matt Asadar came out as the show started, speaking from the heart about losing his parents 15 years ago, but still wishing all the audience members a happy Father’s Day. He then called out The Crisis, the man revealed to have been the one attacking him and challenging The Crisis to a match right there on the spot, rather than waiting for later in the show when they were scheduled to fight. Crisis told Matt to be careful or he might get to see his dad for Father’s Day.

This confrontation led right into the first match, pitting “The Gunslinger” against the man that attacked him weeks ago and then repeated that kind of sneak attack last week on Pulse after Matt defeated Mr. Hollywood. As the bell rang, both men were still exchanging words and Matt went against his power base trying to technical wrestle with The Crisis. Eventually, Crisis threw his body into the cowboy, taking him down with a hard-hitting lariat clothesline. The momentum shifted back and forth. Crisis went for a dropkick, but Asadar just shoved him away, letting Crisis hit the mat hard, giving Matt an opportunity to land a big splash and cover, but Crisis kicked out at one. The Crisis is out of his element when facing someone larger than him. The crisis is used to using his power to overcome his lack of agility in the ring, but no matter who he is battling, Crisis seems fueled by the pain, each strike Asadar landing making Crisis laugh and fight harder. Matt worked Crisis over, focusing on the torso of his opponent. When Crisis leaped out of the ring, diving at Asadar, the Gunslinger caught him and delivered a heavy spinebuster into the flooring surrounding the ring. Back in the ring, the action continued and eventually Matt was behind Crisis, ready to nail him with the Six Shooter, but a video started, showing a couple gravestones, coming into focus, it was the graves of Matt’s parents and one of the “Infected”, the followers of The Crisis there talking to the headstones. As the screen faded to black, the sound of a shovel hitting dirt could be heard. Matt turned from the screen saying that video better be fake, but the distraction worked and Crisis rolled Asadar up in the small package to earn the pinfall victory. As Crisis laughed about his victory, Matt said his parents’ graves better be undisturbed, but Crisis said that Asadar would find out soon enough.

Before getting to the main event, “Mr. Hollywood” Jonathan Ramsey walked out with a microphone in hand. He publicly questioned why his video played twice last week because once might be a genuine mistake, but twice was clearly something intentional and wondered if someone might be trying to change his script by paying production off. He might have hit a nerve because as he was speaking, his microphone began to cut in and out. His agitation clearly showing, he was getting ready to speak again when the VWE Men’s Pulse Champion, Hamaso Franizzi rode out onto the stage ready for the main event.

In the preview for VWE Pulse, this main event was titled a “sequel” to the previous time Hamaso and Mr. Hollywood clashed. That match had the title on the line and Jonathan almost walked out the Pulse Champion. A win in this match, even non-title could lead to a title match in the near future for Ramsey. Before the match could begin, Mr. Hollywood demanded his manager, Jessica Morretti be given time to reach the ring. She apparently got held up at a fashion shoot but did make it to the ring where the referee rang the bell.  The bell sounded and the two men locked up and Hollywood tried to use his size advantage, throwing Franizzi down to the mat. After Hamaso got back up, Jonathan locked his wrist, but the Arabian Knight was able to flip out of the hold. Ramsey showed a level of aggression that is unlike his normally cool temperament while in matches. Mr. Hollywood is normally calculating in his every move, but perhaps it was the frustration with the production mishaps or that Hamaso interrupted him, but Ramsey clearly had something on his mind and delivered a big clothesline and then a heavy knee to Hamaso’s head, but when Jonathan covered, Franizzi kicked out. The champion was not going to allow himself to be beaten without a long and drawn-out fight. Hamaso kicked towards Mr. Hollywood, but Jonathan caught the kick and held it there for a moment. The Arabian Knight quickly swung his body, delivering an enzuigiri to Hollywood. The match continued and the two men fought their way into the corner. Hamaso had Mr. Hollywood pinned in the corner, stood up on the ropes and delivered some heavy shots into Ramsey’s face, but quickly Jonathan grabbed onto Franizzi’s legs and tried to throw the Arabian Knight down onto the mat. Faster than some of the fans could see, Hamaso twisted, pulling Hollywood head over feet into a hurricanrana and climbed up to the top rope, flying off to deliver a 450 splash. A pin cover later and the champion had only earned a two-count. Hamaso tried to use his body as the weapon as Hollywood got out of the ring and Franizzi leaped over with a tope con hilo. Hollywood had his own high spots, grabbing Hamaso into a double-underhook backbreaker and even connecting with the Fall From Grace, but Hamaso would not stay down. Even distraction from Jessica was not enough to capture Hollywood the victory. Eventually, Kingston Ellington came out onto the stage, causing a momentary distraction to both the referee and the champion. Jonathan used this moment to nail Franizzi below the belt and pulling him into the World Premiere to secure the pinfall win.

After the match, Kingston had found his way to Hamaso’s prize horse, climbing up into the saddle and parading around the area for the fans. Ellington told Hamaso that if he wants the horse back, he’s gonna have to come up and get it. The show ended with Hamaso, hurt, but determined, getting out of the ring and Kingston riding to the back.