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Interview: Jeffrey Fireguard

Interview with a Misfit

By Brian Dusel

Wednesday before VWE Primetime, I had the opportunity to sit down with the former VWE World Heavyweight Champion, “The Misfit” Jeffrey Fireguard to see what his thoughts were about his year so far and perhaps what he’s looking for as VWE gears up towards Elimination Royale and then, of course, VWE WrestleSeries IX coming down the lane.

Brian: Jeff, this has been a rough year for you personally.  It started off with you under the thumb and “management” of Austin Knight, only to fight for your freedom and then you sort of fell into obscurity.  You were still doing matches, but it almost seemed like you had no direction.  You fight through an issue with Loody Graves and then find yourself at odds against not only Braden Karsin but Cody Houley and G.O.A.T. too.  This all culminates at BeachBrawl where you fail to secure the VWE World Heavyweight Championship again in a Triple Threat.  Looking at the match at BeachBrawl, what could you have done differently that might have let you walk out as the VWE World Champion?

Jeff: I will be honest, BeachBrawl… Braden was the better man, in the end, able to reverse my signature, Overdrive.  The one thing I would have done differently is simple; I should have kept my eye on the prize and not let my anger get the best of me.  At one point, I took my eyes off the prize, went to get Ozma, and pretty much make Cody and Braden feel all the pain and suffering they made the roster feel over the past year.

Brian: You speak about them making the roster “feel pain”.  What do you mean by that?

Jeff: Well we have all seen what tactics G.O.A.T. has done from injuring Chloe’s dad to putting Stuart (Warf) through a table.  Cody, the list is long of all the things he has done.  As for Braden, his tactics at winning the World Title, using a cheap trick on Vince, and then going to any measures of keeping the belt with him, even siding with G.O.A.T. shows how low he will sink.  In a sense, that is why for the body paint style for Beach Brawl I picked a reaper, to make them both pay for their sins.

Brian: Speaking of your body paint.  Questions have been coming in from quite a few sources wondering why you choose to adorn yourself with it sometimes.  Can you explain why you wear the body paint and you’ve already explained the meaning of the one at BeachBrawl, but can you go into the other styles’ meanings?

Jeff: Well, the face/body paint goes with what I stand for.  “Misfit” isn’t just me… it’s all the people that society looks down on because they don’t fit the mold.  The paint I wear is a symbol of being different from others and not being afraid of being different.  When I look into the crowd and see fans wearing a mask or paint backing me up, it shows I am not the only misfit in the arena.  I just let them wanting to show their different flow through me.

Brian: That is an interesting way to look at it, but if that is the case, why not wear it all the time?  Why only wear it at super cards?

Jeff: Well the body paint I wear at super cards while on Primetime and Edge, I wear my mask and just face paint.  At super cards against people like Derrick, Austin, Loody, Cody, Braden…. when I don’t wear the mask and go full body paint I show them me and the misfits are not afraid to stand against them and we will not be silenced.

Brian: You might be giving too much credit to these people, thinking they care about the people in the audience who are different.  But, let’s talk about where you go from here.  Austin Knight made a statement that you had been going through a rough patch that you hadn’t earned a World Title shot and only got thrown into the Triple Threat at BeachBrawl after attacking Braden Karsin.  Do you agree with his statement?  What kind of precedent is it set to show that attacking someone can get you a title shot?

Jeff: You could ask the same thing about Cody… the only reason he got a world title shot was protecting Braden.  I only came out and pleaded my case to Stuart about the situation.  Cody and Braden were trying to rob people on the roster that earned a chance against Braden but it ended up backfiring with me being put in.  Austin has proven since I started in VWE he has been against me.  When he was in power he tried to do everything to make me quit.  I mean at the beginning of the year he tried to destroy what I was.

Brian: You’re right about Austin trying his best to make you quit, but you didn’t answer my question.  Do you feel you had “earned” that shot?  What I got from your response was that you basically got a political favor, the same thing Cody Houley did when being handed a shot from Braden Karsin, the reigning VWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Jeff: Honestly, I will say yes I earned the title shot.  Look at everyone this year, some raised to a new level while others have done a fall from grace.  At the start of the year, I had to deal with trying to win my freedom from Austin and Derrick before heading up the ladder.  Then came Loody, a man that wanted to prove the golden era could easily crush this era’s greats like The Karsins, Cody, Me and so on.  I will admit that pitching myself to be put in I was ready to be shot down but Stuart put me in knowing the fans needed someone in the match that actually cares about the fans.  Didn’t you say I was giving people like Braden and Cody too much credit about caring about the fans?

Brian: That is 100% true and they have said as much live in front of the audience.  The so-called “King” Braden Karsin does not care for the fans.  And all Cody wants is adulation, but never receives it because everyone can see through his bullshit.  And maybe you’re right, maybe the fans did need someone they could believe in to be in that match at BeachBrawl.  So let’s talk about where you go from here.  At BeachBrawl, Braden retained and then Michael Karsin tried to cash in his King of the Arena guaranteed shot, only to win the match by intentional DQ.  With the people circling around the World Title, the talent almost bottlenecks.  Where does Jeff Fireguard fit in?  Or does Jeff fit in at all?  Do you perhaps have something else you’re looking forward to achieving?

Jeff: Funny you ask about me looking forward towards achieving something.  There is an event coming up you should know it, Elimination Royal.  Elimination Royal is the match that caught my eye and made me want to perform in VWE.  One my main goals in VWE was to win that match.  And to answer your first question where do I fit in, IF I win Elimination Royal that gives me another chance at that title Braden is holding.  I hope he has that title after I win Elimination Royal because he got away at Beach Brawl because I was focused on two people, one of them pretty much being my nemesis.  I believe I can beat him for that title one on one.

Brian: You’re bringing up a big “if”.  In the Elimination Royale, we have dozens of individuals all with one goal, throwing everyone out to win and gain that guaranteed shot at WrestleSeries 9.  And that follows another “if” with if you can get entered into the match.  Nothing has been officially announced, but for the people reading this, stay tuned to VWE.CC/Elimination-Royale for all the information coming up.  But, looking at the Elimination Royale as a match, you’ve been in the past three Royales.  What did you learn in those past ones that you think might help you this year?

Jeff: Honestly, it falls down to two simple things.  Ring awareness and leaving the ground…. in my first and second appearance I didn’t try to keep an eye on everyone and fell victim to being attacked from behind with Bryce being the first one to eliminate me then the following year while battling Cody, being pushed back into Isabelle.  Last year was one the proudest moments but yet most devastating moments for me when it comes to that match.  I saw a good pal of mine, Vince, win Elimination Royal with his last elimination being me.  I went for my signature Sick Kick with both feet leaving the ground and he pretty much ducked with me eliminating myself.

Brian: Then let’s say you don’t win the Elimination Royale.  Judging from your past experiences, that seems pretty honest to say.  But, if you don’t win, what will you be looking for?  Are you traveling down a personal trail of self-discovery or does “The Misfit” have a target on someone specific?

Jeff: To be honest, I am not sure.  I know the more I battle defending my misfits, I learn more about myself and why I am here in VWE.  I really don’t have anyone specific to target if I don’t win, unless if G.O.A.T. continues their ways.  As for what I will be looking for…. A rematch.  Last year, people saw at WrestleSeries me and my former mentor Derrick Cult clash in a brutal match.  If I don’t win Elimination Royal, I would try to get a rematch against him because of how Austin got a crooked referee to come out and help his client win.  I believe if Austin didn’t do that, I could of beat Derrick at his own match.

Brian: People were very impressed with the contest between the two of you, but as long as Austin Knight is in Derrick Cult’s corner, there is always going to be that air of uncertainty.  Your agent is giving me the time’s over signal, but I want to get one more question from you.  Is there any accolade in the VWE that you haven’t achieved that you are really looking at salivating?  Is it winning the Elimination Royale or perhaps winning King of the Arena before you retire down the line?

Jeff: Well funny thing, I won King of the Arena in my rookie year, if you remember.  But the one achievement I want is that Elimination Royal win, to main event WrestleSeries and to celebrate with my misfits at the end of the night holding that World Title high in the air knowing I did it for them.

Brian: I didn’t recall, but thank you for reminding me.  And seeing as we are only five weeks away from VWE Elimination Royale, you might get that opportunity.  Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, Jeffrey and I hope all the Misfits reading will remember your words that being different isn’t a bad thing.

As you can see ladies and gentlemen, whether you think Jeffrey Fireguard has hit some bumps in the road, that has not stopped him from wanting to push and strive for more if only to benefit those people in the audience who have ever felt different or overlooked.  Stay tuned to VWE.CC for more information on all your favorite wrestlers from Virtual Wrestling Entertainment and don’t forget, some of the wrestlers have t-shirts available at the Empire City Colosseum for a steal of just 75L.