BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Quick Match results

Match One: Alexandra vs. Aphrodite

Winner: Aphrodite via pinfall

Match Two: Jayson Rain vs. Nyle Nightfire

Winner: Jayson Rain via pinfall

Match Three: Vince Easterwood & Kasumi vs. Sybille Halsey & Morgan Jones

Winner: Sybille Halsey & Morgan Jones via pinfall

Main Event: VWE Women’s World Championship

Chloe Valentine (c) vs. Brooke Owens

Winner: Chloe Valentine via submission

Full show coverage

Threats, Title Matches, and Open Challenges

By Brian Dusel

The first episode of VWE Edge coming off of a Supercard is always jam-packed with action and everyone wants to get ahold of a microphone to brag about their wins, deny their losses, and focus on whatever is next.  And when that episode of Edge is coming off of WrestleSeries or, in this case, BeachBrawl that always seems like an episode that is Supercard-worthy itself.

Alexandra came out to the ring to kick the show off, a microphone in her hand.  At BeachBrawl, Alexandra fell short in a Triple Threat Match against Hilary Lanfier and the woman who captured the VWE Radiance Championship inside that Steel Cage Match, Marionetta the Trickster.  Alex said that even though she tapped out to Marionetta, she would not stop pushing, but that she would re-focus, taking her eyes off the Radiance Championship and turning that focus towards becoming this year’s Elimination Royale winner.  It is always exciting to hear that a competitor will not let one loss define them because it can be all too real to hear that someone felt the sting of defeat and then fell into a bout of depression.  Some claim that is what has happened to Hilary, who hasn’t made an appearance since losing the championship at BeachBrawl.  But, Alexandra couldn’t talk for long before we got into her match against Aphrodite, who used the VWE vacation to stay in the gym, working two-a-days where an individual will have two workouts surrounded by lean meals to gain muscle mass or increase fat burning.  For Aphrodite, she was attempting to add some muscle on to her light frame.

Match One: Alexandra vs. Aphrodite

As the match between the two ladies began, Alexandra showed off some technical aspects of her repertoire, moving around Aphrodite’s body, Alex pulling her into a wristlock, then a hammerlock before finally sending her into the ropes and colliding with a clothesline on the return to send Aphrodite down to the mat.  The early opening of the match was very one-sided, but after receiving a T-Bone Suplex, something inside Aphrodite shook awake and she let her hands fly, connecting with a couple quick jabs and a left cross.  This barrage of punches knocked Alex back into the corner where Aphrodite lifted her up, placing her on the top turnbuckle to then deliver a Stratusphere from the top down to the mat, but the pin cover only gained Aphrodite a two count.  It appeared that Alex began playing dirty, catching Aphrodite in the eye with a thumb, and when Aphrodite was in the corner, Alexandra tried to choke her out with her foot, a move that the referee had to warn her about.  In the end, Aphrodite was quick enough to dodge Alexandra and roll Alex up with a Schoolboy for the pinfall victory.

Transcendence, the team of Krystal and Alison Daines, came to the ring next and Krystal wasted no time telling the “peasants” in the audience to be quiet while “the Queen” was speaking.  Krystal spoke about the disgrace Viola is and then Alison chimed in, saying no one will outshine them inside the ring.  After Edge, we caught up with Krystal and Alison and asked where they think Transcendence will go from here, now that they have gotten Viola out of their way.  “Well considering the point of Transcendence is to finally take our rightful place as the heads of this division, having been overlooked for years,” Alison said with heat in her voice.  “Our warning has been issued! There will be plenty of people that don’t agree with us and will get in our way, and both I and Krystal will be more than pleased to put them down like we put Viola down in one of the biggest shows of the year. We’re proving that we have the experience and cunning like nobody else on the roster. And we’ll gladly outsmart and out-wrestle anybody who so there’s no question our claim over our titles. Including the champions themselves!”  Krystal decided she needed to speak on the matter too.  “It’s very simple, really,” she stated.  “Viola was just a mere example of what Transcendence is capable of, and all the other members of the peasantry will soon find out as they continue blindly speaking out against your queen and the team of Transcendence. To answer your question, I see Transcendence right where we are now. The top.”

Before the show could get to its second match of the night, the VWE United States Champion, Chris Crossfade, was up on the screen, a prepared video accepting Kieran Darkwatch’s invitation to “party”, an invitation Kieran laid out Wednesday on Primetime.  The video continued with Chris showing Kieran how he likes to “party”, smoking what appeared to be a marijuana joint and then the US Champion walked into a club, clearly under the influence and proceeded to dance.  The video claimed he was there for ten hours.  But this brings up questions about the Champion.  Does he utilize drugs often?  Why does the VWE allow him to do this and blatantly flaunt it on their programming?  And if this is how talented Chris can be under the influence, could he be better if he were sober?

The new VWE Women’s World Champion, Chloe Valentine, the 2-time Champion, walked out to the ring.  She claimed that the former Champion, Christina Krovac, had stifled some of the bombshells, the women’s wrestlers, but now that she was Champion, she would not make those same mistakes.  Valentine said that she hopes to usher in a new era where everyone can get an opportunity to prove their worth and later in the evening, an open challenge would take place with the Women’s Championship on the line.

Match Two: Jayson Rain vs. Nyle Nightfire

The second match of the night saw Jayson Rain go mano-a-mano against Nyle Nightfire, the 6’7” stack of beef that calls himself “The Insurance”.  As the bell rang, Jayson moved in and fired off some quick strikes, bringing the fight to the larger man.  Rain got Nyle to the mat quickly and then dropped a fist down upon Nightfire, following up with a knee drop.  Nyle got back to his feet but was taken down with a swinging neck breaker, but the pin cover only earned a two-count for Jayson Rain.  Nightfire got into the swing of the match, taking the momentum from Jayson, catching Rain with a couple punches followed up by a huge big boot.  Nyle used his size and strength advantage, whipping Jayson into the ropes and then catching him with a Samoan Drop on the return.  But, Nyle couldn’t secure the victory either.  Nightfire allowed Jayson to get to his feet and rushed him, but Nyle fell right into Rain’s Thunderkiss 65’, staying knocked down for the three count to give Jayson the pinfall win.

Match Three: Vince Easterwood & Kasumi vs. Sybille Halsey & Morgan Jones

Next up, the VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions, Kasumi Hyata, and Vince Easterwood made their way to the ring.  After successfully defending the Tag Titles at WPWF, and even with Kasumi being banged up, the Champions wanted to thrill the live audience with an open challenge.  The commentators noted that this would not be for the titles, but anytime a competitor gets a chance to mix it up with a champion, that is a great way to showcase your ability and perhaps earn a future title shot.  The team that answered as Morgan Jones and Sybille.  During the Tag Team Classic, Morgan was scheduled to partner with Lily Martinez, but he was attacked backstage and we all remember how that panned out.  Morgan and Vince started the match out, and while Vince is globally recognized as one of the best technical wrestlers in the game, Jones was holding his own, flipping out of holds and trying to place Easterwood into different grappling situations.  Unfortunately, like most tag team matches, there was just too much action to catalog everything that happened.  Morgan and Vince beat the heck out of each other, going back and forth, but eventually, Morgan caught a kick from Easterwood, sending him into the ropes and then hitting a double kick, sending both men to the mat.  They crawled to tag in and the ladies came in.  The experience of Kasumi was really on point as she fired off with roundhouse kicks and a spinning back kick.  Sybille did what she could, sending Hyata to the mat with an armbar, but she couldn’t force the submission.  Kasumi got back in control, hitting a springboard 180 leg drop, but could only get a two-count.  Eventually, both tagged the men back in and Vince and Morgan were back at it.  Easterwood even attempted the Crucifix Armbar, but Mogan quickly shifted out of it, tossing Vince over his hip.  They didn’t stay in too long, getting the women back in the match.  And the match ended with a big surprise when Kasumi went for the Bicycle Kick, but Morgan shoved Sybille out of the way, taking the kick himself.  Now behind Kasumi, Sybille rolled her up for the pinfall victory.  After defeating the Champions, Morgan posted on Facebook that he and Sybille were not feeling confident after the victory and would be looking for their title opportunity sooner than later.

“The King” Braden Karsin, the reigning VWE World Heavyweight Champion, came to the ring to discuss BeachBrawl.  He bragged about surpassing everyone’s expectations to walk into the Triple Threat and still walk out as the Champion.  But then, after the match, he’s feeling the glory of victory when his own brother comes out to try and cash in on him, utilizing the King of the Arena guarantee.  But, Braden claims he is smarter than Michael and never feared his brother holding that case.  At BeachBrawl, Braden got himself intentionally disqualified when Michael tried to cash in, allowing Michael to take the victory, but causing a situation with no title change.

Before we could get to the Women’s Championship Match, the VWE CEO, Stuart Warf, made his way to the ring.  He called out the former VWE United States Champion, Night, to discuss his recent suspension and to reinstate him to the active roster.  Night does walk out, carrying a briefcase.  Mr. Warf says that to be reinstated, all he needs to hear is an apology from Night.  “I’m…. sorry. I’m sorry for everything, Stuart,” Night said.  But it was too early to celebrate his apology because he added to it. “I’m sorry Christina is in rehab. I’m sorry Cody isn’t champion. I’m sorry I didn’t get to grace these fans at Beach Brawl with a show stealing match. I’m sorry Maxine switched teams on Primetime. I’m sorry you couldn’t monetize the Free Night movement. I’m sorry to my newlywed friends Colt and Brandie on their reception being ruined. I’m sorry Hathian Police suck. I’m sorry the Patriots won the Superbowl and I’m sorry kangaroos can’t jump backward.”  In the end, Night did at least say the words that he was sorry for putting hands on Mr. Warf.  Stuart then revealed a new rule claiming that if anyone attacks the CEO, there would be a $50,000 fine.  Night surprises everyone, handing Mr. Warf the briefcase claiming the $50,000 is inside.  Warf jumped back, sure that Night was going to attack him, but Night calmed him down and said that is just the down payment, threatening that Stuart will not know when, will not know where, but someday he will get his hands on Mr. Warf and it will “hurt very very badly”.  After Edge, we were able to catch up with Night, asking why he feels threatened by Mr. Warf.  “Threatened? No, no, no,” he responded. “The only fear is in the eyes of Stuart Warf. I may be back and in the somewhat good graces of the IPWA, but I have not forgotten what he did to get the U.S. title off me. I won’t torment him. Just bide my time for a perfect return of the favor and let him sweat about that. Why do I stay? Where else am I going to get this caliber of talent to beat and truly call myself a GOAT? Anyone would take my talent but not everyone can offer the competition VWE does.”


Chloe Valentine

VWE World Womens Champion

Brooke Owens

VWE Superstar

VWE World Womens Championship

And with that shocking turn of events, it was time for the main event of the evening where Chloe Valentine would come out and put the VWE Women’s World Championship on the line.  And who should answer but the inaugural VWE Radiance Champion, Brooke Owens, who is now calling herself “The Black Swan” ever since Clash at the Beach where she nailed Drake Edwards with the low blow, costing them both the Intergender Tag Team Championships.  The bell rang and the title match was underway.  The two got into a technical battle, exchanging locks and holds back and forth.  Eventually, Brooke knocked Chloe down with a heavy clothesline, but Valentine caught the challenger with a leg-sweep in retaliation. The battle continued and the Champion got The Black Swan down on the mat, moving to the corner and getting up onto the top turnbuckle, flying off with a diving elbow drop and covering, but only earned a two-count.  Valentine stayed on the attack, splashing down upon Brooke and then climbed back up top, perhaps going to take another high-risk move, but Owens got up to her feet, pulling the Champion down off the corner, slamming her into the mat.  The Black Swan got Chloe into the corner, moved to the opposite side of the ring, rushing in and nailed a big Yakuza Kick in the corner on the Champion.  Brooke waited for Chloe to get back up, hitting her with a Lung Blower, but the cover only earned a two-count.  This match had so much action, it could be written on multiple pages, but some of the biggest moments leading towards the end was Brooke going for a Powerbomb, only to have it countered into a Hurrican Rana, tossing Brooke over the top rope, but Owens held on, getting back up to her feet, and went for a flying forearm, only to have the Champion catch here with a Belly to Belly Suplex, but still, The Black Swan would not stay down.  The Challenger showed a lot of gusto in this match, but in the end, she was caught in Chloe’s submission “Hug it Out” forcing Owens to tap out.

After successfully retaining the VWE Women’s World Championship, we did catch up with Chloe Valentine backstage asking about her agenda to help usher in the new era, and where she goes from this challenge now that Christina Krovac is currently taking time away from the ring.  “Hilary keeps insisting on hanging out around the title,” she said.   “And I’m more than willing to give her the opportunity, but she’s gonna have to do it the right way – no trickery, no after match attacks, no bullshit,” she concluded.

Will there be a new era in the women’s division?  Did Morgan Jones and Sybille earn a VWE Intergender Tag Team Championship opportunity?  When will Night cash in his down payment?  How long will Mr. Warf have to have eyes in the back of his head?  And what will happen with Chris Crossfade joining Kieran Darkwatch in a party this weekend?  More questions than answers, like any great episode of VWE Edge and we will see more information about these situations coming up in the weeks as we get closer and closer to Elimination Royale.  And always keep checking VWE.CC for all the previews, results, and interviews with all your favorite and most hated wrestlers in Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.