BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Quick Match results

Match One: Krystal vs. Maxine

Winner: Maxine via pinfall

Match Two: Night vs. Rhys Tucker

Winner: Night via knock out

Match Three: Vince Easterwood vs. Morgan Jones

Winner: Vince Easterwood via pinfall.

Main Event: VWE World Championship

Braden Karsin (c) vs. Michael Karsin

Winner: Michael Karsin via disqualification

Braden Karsin remains VWE World Champion

Full show coverage

Royal Event

By Brian Dusel

An episode of VWE Edge with a Queen, a King, and a World Title Match? Let’s just jump into it!

Match One: Krystal vs. Maxine

In the first match, it was the Queen of VWE, Krystal, going one-on-one with Maxine. Since their victory at BeachBrawl, Transcendence has made it their mission to win gold and Krystal was looking at Maxine as just a stepping stone. As soon as the bell rang, Krystal rushed in delivering a high knee to Maxine and began a series of martial arts kicks, trying to wear the “Sinfully Devilish One” down. After pulling her hair to throw Maxine to the mat, Krystal was amazed to see her get up so fast and then wrapped herself in the ropes begging for a time out. This was a ruse as Maxine rushed her and the Queen caught Maxine with a hip-toss, sending her over the top rope, the rope that Maxine was lucky enough to hang onto. Once back inside the ring, Maxine took the offensive to Krystal, attacking the leg of the Queen. Krystal fought back with some vicious neck breakers, attacking the neck and following it up with an elbow drop onto the chest of Maxine. Krystal used her speed to her advantage in the match, dodging a corner splash and then catching Maxine with a hurricanrana. She caught Maxine with a big boot and even climbed up to the top turnbuckle, flying off with a Lily-sault, but when she pinned she only got a two-count. She waited for Maxine to get up, hitting her with an enzuigiri, but again could not put away the Sinfully Devilish. Maxine withstood the assault and even ate a few roundhouse kicks, but was able to counter Krystal’s face-buster into the Vortex DDT. As Maxine went for the cover, Alison Daines did try to distract Maxine or the referee but was pulled down from the ring by Marionetta, the reigning VWE Radiance Champion, allowing the referee to do the right thing to count the pinfall victory for Maxine.

Last week on Pulse Wrestling, the helicopter of Wicked Inc. had arrived in Empire City and Lexi Wicked made her presence known during the celebration of the new Pulse Women’s Champion, Ellie Embers. During that exchange, Lexi had managed to jam her thumb into Embers’ eye, which could have cost Ellie the opportunity for her match later that night. Fortunately for Ellie, she was able to compete and retain the championship against former champion, Misaki. But Friday on Edge, Ellie Embers walked out to the ring, a microphone in hand and called Lexi out. She claimed that perhaps Lexi was just looking for retribution for making Wicked tap out months ago, or maybe she was just upset about losing her own title before arriving at Pulse, but whatever it was, she wanted to see Lexi face-to-face. Wicked’s music played, but no one came out. Ellie demanded the music cut, but just as quickly, the music of Ms. Bollywood, Rani Patel began playing. Rani rushed down to the ring, not wanting to waste any time and got into the face of the Pulse Women’s Champion. Rani started by saying that when Ellie calls people “bloody cow” it personally offends her and mentioned the other day that her native home of India had just celebrated 70 years of independence. Rani went into a tirade of British slang and language not suitable for a results report. Needless to say, Ellie did not take kindly to it and the two began brawling. Rani had missed a splash, but before Ellie could retaliate, Patel exited the ring and got out of there, her point having been made.

Match Two: Night vs. Rhys Tucker

Two months ago, Night, a member of G.O.A.T. was the VWE United States Champion and was on a high, striding around like the cock of the walk, baby. Unfortunately, his actions individually and as part of the G.O.A.T. found him in some trouble with the International Pro Wrestling Authority (IPWA). While Cody Houley and Christina Krovac found themselves fined for their actions, Night had found himself at odds with VWE CEO, Stuart Warf, who then authorized a title match, taking everyone available on the roster into a large Battle Royale with the US Title on the line. Against such odds, Night was unable to retain the championship. Right after the match, it was then announced that Night was suspended and suspended he had stayed until last week. This past Friday was Night’s first match back on the main roster and “the Architect of Annihilation” stepped into the ring against Rhys Tucker. Before walking to the ring, it was announced Night would be facing Drake Edwards, but his opponent was changed at the start of the show. Even being thrown off by facing another opponent, Night showed why he is one of the best talents in the business today, taking the fight to Rhys. He immediately took Tucker down to the mat and started pounding into him with some heavy rights and lefts. Night picked Tucker up but was caught off guard when Rhys caught Night with a boot to the lower abdomen and tossed him into the ropes. But Night came back with a quick takedown, rushed the ropes to use for momentum, dropping the leg across Tucker’s chest. The match continued, Night dropping a fist down on Rhys and then pinning, intentionally picking Tucker up off the mat before the referee can count the three. Night got Rhys up to his feet and threw him into the corner, delivering heavy knee strikes. Rhys, perhaps on instinct, fought back with some punches, but eventually, he went for a kick that Night caught and cracked Tucker with an elbow. At the end, Night had come off the ropes and collided with Rhys with the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) Knee. Night celebrated while the referee checked on him. Night wasn’t done playing and went to get to Rhys, but the referee caught him, stopping him and calling the match to give Night the win by knockout. Night was upset that the referee stopped the match, but that was the right call from the referee.  Before Night could exit the ring, a scratchy and distorted video played on the Tron.  Night appeared just as confused as the people in the audience.

The next match of the evening was scheduled to pit the VWE Women’s World Champion, Chloe Valentine versus Jadzia Thruxton. But, after Jadzia got into the ring the Champion was walking down the ramp when Hilary Lanfier came from behind and attacked her. Because of the attack, the match didn’t happen. Just last week, Chloe said in an interview she’d be willing to give Hilary a title shot, let her answer and open challenge if she did it the right way, face to face, but clearly, Lanfier wanted to send a message to Valentine that she doesn’t have to play by her rules.

Match Three: Vince Easterwood vs. Morgan Jones

Vince Easterwood and Kasumi Hyata, the team that currently holds the VWE Intergender Tag Team Championship, came to the ring. Vince got on the microphone and claimed that his partner had taken a lot of damage recently in their matches and he worried that she might have done something serious in the Asylum. So, tonight, rather than opening the challenge to Morgan Jones and Sybille, he would like to face Morgan Jones one-on-one if he will accept this challenge, asking Kasumi to sit this match out. Morgan answered the challenge, a bell ring, and a handshake later, the match was underway. The match started quickly, Morgan throwing a headlock in, Easterwood arm dragging Jones to escape, but Morgan rolling to counter the drag. The two traded grappling holds and Morgan even had an armbar locked in, but the technical master Vince is, was able to push out of the hold. The action was too fast-paced to see everything going on. Vince caught Jones with a dropkick, picked him up and sent him crashing into the corner. But when Easterwood rushed in, Jones had his knees up to collide with the Crusader. This allowed Morgan to slip in behind and grab him in a schoolboy rollup, but only got him a one count. After getting back up to his feet, Morgan went to grab Easterwood who pulled Jones into his own small package pin, but that only earned the Crusader a one count. As the match continued, Vince had Morgan tossed over the top rope, hanging on dangling. Easterwood delivered a low dropkick, causing Morgan to crash down upon the edge of the ring apron and falling down to the floor. Vince waited for him to stand up before diving out through the ropes, but Morgan had enough instinct to catch Easterwood in the Devastator out onto the floor. Throwing Vince back into the ring, Morgan made his way to the top turnbuckle and flew off connecting with a Frog Splash, but still only earned a two count. In the end, even through more counters and close calls, Vince went up to the top turnbuckle, flew off with Heaven Sent and covered for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Morgan got up to his feet and admitted that Vince bested him in that match, but he and Sybille still hold a tag team win over the champions and will be looking to collect on the title match sooner than later. Vince told Morgan he might still need to prove himself.


Braden Karsin

VWE World Champion

Michael Karsin

VWE Superstar

VWE World Championship Match

And finally, after an amazing series of matches and localized drama, it was time for the main event. Brother vs brother, Karsin versus Karsin, with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. At BeachBrawl, after an amazing Triple Threat Match where Braden was lucky enough to retain the World Title, his own brother, Michael, the winner of the 2017 King of the Arena, rushed down to cash in his guaranteed title match opportunity. In that match, Braden had gotten himself intentionally disqualified, giving the win to Michael but allowing him to keep the World Championship. But Friday on Edge, we finally got the two in a sanctioned singles match. As the bell rang, Michael rushed in, grabbing the King from underneath and rolling him up, getting a quick two count. Both got up to their feet and already angry, Braden rushed Michael, who caught him with an arm drag. Braden exited the ring as quickly as he could and taunted the crowd at ringside as the referee began his count. Michael exited the ring, knowing he couldn’t win the title if Braden got himself counted out. A chase ensued with Braden running around leading Michael around until finally getting back into the ring. The two ran the ropes, narrowly missing each other with a couple maneuvers before Braden lept up, twisting and catching Michael with a sunset flip earning a two count for himself.  The brothers know each other so well that almost every move saw a counter from their brother, into another counter until finally, Michael caught Braden in the Calf Killer, but the King fought his way to the ropes rather than tap out to his little brother.  Surprisingly, Michael didn’t let go right away, allowing the referee to get to the count of four before finally letting go before getting disqualified. Michael started to gain some traction, countering a pop-up knee strike, driving his own knees down upon Braden and then when the King sat up, the Challenger hit the ropes, returning with a basement dropkick.  Braden appeared to have the victory when he nailed Michael a Reverse-Rana, hooking the leg for the pin but only getting near three. Soon after, Michael picked Braden up, dropping him throat-first onto the top rope. Braden dropped Mike out over the top rope, but that was the perfect position for Michael to fly in with the Flying Forearm, hooking the Champion for the pin, but still not earning the three.  Michael stayed on the offensive, even connecting with the Lethal Injection, but on this night, Braden was almost super-human, kicking out at almost three by muscle reflex. Braden fought back, going for the King’s Ransom, but Michael shoved his brother off, countering the move. Michael made his opponent fall into the ropes and then caught him with a kick to the abdomen on the return, taking advantage of the moment and hitting the ropes on his side. Braden went down south when his brother returned to him, connecting with a low blow right in front of the referee. Everyone was in shock, but no more so than Michael who fell to the mat clutching his crotch. Braden exited the ring, grabbing his title and clutching it to his chest as he exited quickly, still Champion even though his brother, Michael, will go home with the victory in the match for the second time in a row.

And there you have it, folks, the good, the bad, the ugly. What will Transcendence say about Marionetta getting involved during the match with Maxine? Will Ellie take her focus off Lexi to aim at Rani or will she now have to have eyes focused in two places at once? What is with these strange messages to Night and why was Night toying with Rhys Tucker? Chloe already admitted she would face Hilary one-on-one, why won’t Lanfier accept the challenge to face Valentine for the title in a straight up match? If nothing else, the match Morgan Jones had on Edge against Vince Easterwood should be proof that he is a major player in the ring and is deserving of the Intergender Tag Team Championship shot he’s requesting. And now with two wins over the VWE World Champion, will Michael have to devise a different strategy for a true title match or will he have to go to the back of the line and let another challenger step up? More questions than answers, but you know where you can find the answers? Every week at VWE Primetime on Wednesdays, VWE Edge on Fridays, Pulse Wrestling on Sundays, and on VWE.CC where we give you all the information you need to keep up to date with the previews, results, and interviews of your favorite and most despised wrestlers of the VWE.