BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Quick Match results

Match One: Krystal vs Brooke Owens

Winner: Brooke Owens via disqualification

Match Two: Jeffrey Fireguard vs. Austin Knight

Winner: Jeffrey via pinfall

Match Three: Chloe Valentine vs. Hilary Lanfier

Winner: Hilary Lanfier via pinfall

Main Event: VWE World Heavyweight Championship

Braden Karsin (c) vs. Cody Houley

Winner: Cody Houley via pinfall

Full show coverage

Fourth Time’s the Charm? 

By Brian Dusel

Do you want action?  Do you want drama?  Adventure?  Then pro wrestling can be your fix every week and VWE Edge this week was chock full of all those things.  

For the past two weeks, the big will he, won’t he, the question was about Jeffrey Fireguard and if he would accept the proposal from Benja Nirvana to help get him back to the main event scene.  While Jeff, on his own, did make it into the main event of BeachBrawl, he was the one who took the loss and had been on a downward trajectory since.  Nirvana even mentioned that himself last week, comparing the trust of the people in Fireguard to the stock market, saying that soon, Jeff would be so far devalued that no one would be able to help him back up.  As Edge started, a video played showing Benja and Jeffrey in the locker room.  Jeff said that he accepts, but only if there is no “funny business”.  Benja said his only goal is making sure Fireguard gets up to the top where he belongs and would be with Jeff when he faced Austin later on Edge.

The Queen of VWE, Krystal walked out to the ring where a throne and two knights awaited her.  She spoke to the people of VWE saying she was there to hold a Queen’s Trial against some of the people have insulted her or stood in her way.  Alison Daines walked out to the ring, escorting Ivanna Wrestle, Mr. Smiley, and the Imposter.  Krystal and Alison take their vengeance on each, attacking them for their crimes.  Transcendence then says they are putting the VWE Women’s Division on notice, alluding to the fact that they will be judge and jury to those that stand in their way of ascendence.

Match One: Krystal vs Brooke Owens

The Queen then got ready for her match against the “Black Swan” Brooke Owens.  Since unveiling her new attitude, Brooke Owens has been on a journey of awakening.  She has found a new enjoyment in bending the rules to suit her intentions.  The bell rang and both women moved to the middle where Owens hooked onto Krystal’s legs, dropping her to the mat before throwing a couple strong right-hand strikes.  The Black Swan focused her initial assault on the Queen’s head and neck, but once back to her feet, Krystal sent a boot into the solar plexus and sent Brooke into the corner.  With her opponent trapped for a moment, Krystal moved in, driving Owens’ head against the top turnbuckle repeatedly before letting her feet fly for some kicks, focusing her attention on the ribcage of the Black Swan.  Krystal collided both feet into a Brooke who had fallen down after a big kick, then forced Owens away from the ropes, pinning her but only received a two count.  The match continued and Brooke tried to use her speed to her advantage, trying to make some openings, catching Krystal with a quick dropkick and lashing out at anything, taking her focus off the neck and even attacking the Queen’s legs.  Owens did take the sky, flying out for a diving arm drag, sending Krystal tumbling and then rebounding off the ropes, just in time to catch a Shining Black from the Black Swan, but the lateral press only earned Brooke a two count.  Krystal would take the momentum back, dropping Brooke later in the match with a Busaiku Knee.  That move, along with a leg drop and an elbow drop, gave the Queen the moment to ascend to the top turnbuckle and fly off with a diving elbow drop, but the cover still could not put Brooke away.  The crowd could see the frustration mounting in the Queen, who climbed up to the top again, looking for the Noble Moonsault, but as she flew out, Brooke got out of the way.  Owens took charge, picking Krystal up and delivering a series a series of kicks, then sending Krystal into the ropes, rolling her up with the Calf Killer submission hold on the rebound.  Krystal clawed at the mat, trying to reach the ropes, but without warning Stacy Mancino rushed down the ramp, slid into the ring and proceeded to assault the Black Swan, giving Brooke Owens the victory by disqualification.  Backstage, we were able to catch up with Owens who had this to say.  “Stacy…” Brooke said and then paused. “Sorry, sorry, Candice thinks she can just jump the barricade and attack me when I’m doing MY job?! And where the hell was security?!…..Wait…..wait….. you know what…… heh she wants to attack me at my job….. well she needs to realize what she has come and you go tell her that Mr. Interviewer tells her to be worried I WANT her to be afraid now GET OUT OF HERE!!!!”

Before leading into the next match, Stuart Warf, the CEO of VWE, walked out to the ring with a microphone saying he had a big announcement for the Elimination Royale coming up on September 15th.  But, before he could speak, Night walked out carrying a sledgehammer, perhaps looking to make good on his threat when he handed Mr. Warf the briefcase with $50,000.00, the exact amount of any fine for physically assaulting the CEO.  Once Night got in the ring, he walked towards Stuart with a menacing look in his eye, backing Warf into a corner.  But then another mysterious video played over the tron revealing the letters “VXK”.  A man appeared at the top of the ramp, announcing himself as Victor X. Kessel, distracting Night enough for Mr. Warf to make a quick exit to the back.  Night swings at the mysterious Victor, but he ducks under before turning to clothesline Night over the top rope to the floor.  Night gets back up to his feet and retreats up the ramp.  “I’m here for Stuart, not you,” Night yelled out before leaving.  Kessel responded saying he will “collect Night’s debt”.  A fan in the audience claimed this man looked like Wolfy Kessel, but that is just a rumor at the moment and VWE.CC was unsuccessful trying to catch up with Victor backstage

Match Two: Jeffrey Fireguard vs Austin Knight

Since WrestleSeries, Jeffrey Fireguard has had a rollercoaster of a time in VWE, leading up to him accepting Benja Nirvana’s offer earlier in the show.  He had lost at WrestleSeries, effectively becoming a slave to Austin Knight, only to fight for his freedom with DavidHawk Actor at FrostByte.  So, his past with Austin Knight was strife with turmoil, and Knight has had his own issues recently with Misaki being revealed to the public as his sister and Derrick Cult not listening to his instructions in his matches lately, causing a little discomfort in their relationship.  Jeff rushed at Austin when the bell rang, but Knight was ready, Punishing Fireguard’s ribs once he got in range.  Both men work a faster pace in matches, relying on their speed, especially against more technically sound or powerful opponents.  Benja Nirvana, supporting Jeffrey, stood on the floor trying to coach the Misfit, who found himself in the corner.  Austin grabbed onto Fireguard, delivering a snap suplex and then pulling him away from the ropes for a cover, but only received a one count before the Misfit was able to get his shoulder off the mat.  The momentum shifted in Jeff’s favor, catching Austin in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then picking up Knight to deliver a lung blower from behind.  But, the pinfall attempt only received a one count.  One big moment in the match was Fireguard rushing to deliver a Sick Kick, only to have Austin move out of the way causing the Misfit to collide with the referee.  Fireguard was distracted for a moment, checking on the referee but then turned to Austin, who hit him with the End of Heartache and covered.  With the referee down, Benja slid into the ring, taking the opening to use brass knuckles to give a TKO Punch to Knight, pulling Jeffrey on top of Austin and then waking up the referee who counted the three count giving the pinfall victory to the Misfit.

The former VWE United States Champion, Chris Crossfade, walked out to the ring with a microphone, claiming that Wednesday, Kieran Darkwatch never pinned him for the US title, that the person he fought was not Chris Crossfade.  A video plays on the stage, showing Crossfade knocked out in a basement-looking area.  Chris claims he was drugged and kidnapped and that if Darkwatch wants a real title shot, he has Chris’ attention now.  What will come of this claim?  Was it Chris Crossfade?  Will the IPWA have to step into this situation to make a ruling?

Match Three: Chloe Valentine vs. Hilary Lanfier

Hilary Lanfier has made no guess work about what she wants since losing the VWE Radiance Championship.  She has focused all her attention on Chloe Valentine and the VWE Women’s World Championship, even attacking Chloe with a chair last week before Chloe could compete in her scheduled match.  Rumor has it that the Women’s World Champion still is not up to 100% this week.  The rumor appeared true when the referee, before the match, tried to convince Chloe not to face Lanfier, but the Champion would not be denied, demanding to fight Hilary.  As the bell rang, Hilary rushed at Valentine delivering a big clothesline to the Champion and then jumping on top of Chloe before standing up, picking Valentine off the mat and throwing her out of the ring to the floor outside.  Valentine got up slowly and did make her way back into the ring.  The action sped up, Hilary working on just beating the tar out of the Champion.  Valentine was fighting back, giving a big jawbreaker to Lanfier, but that would not keep Hilary off her target.  Surprising everyone, Chloe caught Lanfier with a sunset flip, but only got a one count before Hilary countered that shifting her weight to pin Valentine, another one count.  Countered back to Chloe pinning Hilary for another one count.  The match wore on, Hilary was caught off guard with an Enzuigiri from the Champion, who used the opening to jump up to the top turnbuckle.  As Lanfier stood up, Valentine lept out, perhaps looking for a Tornado DDT, but Lanfier countered, pulling Chloe into a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging her body to cover, but only got a two count.  In the end, both women were beaten and hurt.  Hilary raked her nails across the face of Chloe.  While the referee checked on the Champion, Lanfier slid out of the ring to grab a chair.  The referee did see the chair and took it away, but while the referee was dealing with that chair, Hilary grabbed another, smashing it into Chloe’s head and then tossing it out, covering Valentine as the referee turned back to count the three, giving Lanfier the win in this Non-Title Match.  

After the match, Hilary celebrated, telling the audience that soon, she would be their new VWE Women’s World Champion, but the reigning Champion got hold of a microphone.  Chloe congratulated Hilary on her win, perhaps a little sarcasm in her voice.  Valentine said that Lanfier has always fallen short whenever she challenged for the World Title because perhaps she knew she wasn’t good enough.  Chloe continued, pointing out that even when Lanfier won the Queen of the Arena, she could have cashed in on Christina Krovac, but instead opting to cash in for the Radiance Championship because Valentine said: “you (Hilary) didn’t have the courage to step out of her (Christina) shadow.”  Lanfier was visibly upset, remarking that it is ridiculous that people don’t take her seriously before storming out.


Braden Karsin

VWE World Heavyweight Champions

Cody Houley

VWE Superstar

VWE World Championship

The main event of Edge had been announced by Stuart Warf, himself, on YouTube, pitting Cody Houley against Braden Karsin for the VWE World Heavyweight Championship.  On the path to BeachBrawl, Braden Karsin had aligned himself with G.O.A.T. to fend off advances from Jeffrey Fireguard.  But, before BeachBrawl, after Braden had agreed to face Cody, their alliance broke apart.  During the Triple Threat at BeachBrawl, Braden was successful, pinning Fireguard, but this left doubt in some people’s minds wondering what would have happened if it had been a Singles Match between Cody and Braden, and tonight they would find out.  For the past couple weeks, Houley had been saying that there was no way that Stuart Warf, the CEO of VWE, would give him another shot, but that is precisely what happened.  After the International Pro Wrestling Authority (IPWA) fined G.O.A.T. for duplicitous acts, attacking people and interfering in matches, a pattern of behaviour that has not cleared up as we have seen recently in Cody’s dealings with Derrick Cult, Mr. Warf did make this match putting the World Title on the line and allowing Houley to challenge Karsin.  

The bell rang and the match began between both these men who have titled themselves into believing they are more than just mortal men, the clash between a self-proclaimed “God” and a “King” without a kingdom.  They started off in a technical sense, grappling with each other, countering one another.  Both men moved quickly, Cody rolling off the back of Braden, an armdrag from Karsin, Houley rolling to get back to his feet quickly.  It would do a disservice to the match to try to write everything that happened.  But a few highlights couldn’t hurt.  Cody was quick on his feet, switching strategy mid-match when the technical game didn’t work to his benefit, he hit the ropes, springboarding off to drop down upon the King with a leg drop, but covering didn’t even get a one count.  Braden fired back, catching Houley with a hurricanrana, nailing a low angle dropkick and then performing his own springboard leg drop.  Both men threw everything at their opponent, looking for any opening that could change the momentum of the battle.  At one point, Houley went up to the top turnbuckle, but Karsin got to his feet, falling against the ropes causing Cody to lose his balance and falling crotch-first down upon the turnbuckle.  Later, Braden was tossed out of the ring by a hurricanrana from Houley.  Cody flew out over the top rope, going for a Tope Con Hilo, but the King was wise in this moment, catching Houley and powerbombing him into the barricade before getting back in the ring and demanding the referee count the Challenger out.  As the match wore on, the two got less technically sound, flailing at each other, connecting with some strikes.  Karsin tossed a charging Cody over the top rope to the outside, but Houley, while landing on his feet, seemed to have torqued his knee.  The referee quickly went to check on Cody.  But this momentary distraction allowed Night to rush in the ring, holding the VWE World Title and hitting Braden with it.  Cody got back onto the apron and a Codebreaker later and the King had fallen as Houley covered for the pinfall victory to become the new VWE World Heavyweight Champion.

This week has been ripe for new Champions, both through… questionable means, referring to Kieran Darkwatch dragging Chris Crossfade to trick him into a title match on Primetime and Night assisting Cody Houley to defeat Braden Karsin.  What will happen when the tapes are reviewed and Crossfade’s accusation investigated?  Will Hilary Lanfier take her shot at the VWE Women’s World Championship or is Chloe Valentine right that Lanfier is scared of winning the big one?  Has Jeff’s luck truly turned around teamed with Benja Nirvana and at what cost?  Stacy cost Krystal in her match against Brooke, will the Queen take that lying down and what retaliation will the Black Swan look for against Mancino?  Another week, a few answers, but even more questions.  Be at the Empire City Colosseum Sunday for Pulse Wrestling, Wednesday for VWE Primetime and next Friday, for another action-packed episode of VWE Edge.  And stay tuned to VWE.CC for all the previews, results, and interviews with all your favorite and most despised wrestler in Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.