BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Quick Match results

Match One: Brooke Owens vs. Aphrodite

Winner: Aphrodite via disqualification

Match Two: Radiance Championship

Marionetta (c) vs. Hilary Lanfier

Winner: Marionetta via submission

Main Event: David Hawk Actor vs. Jeffrey Fireguard

Winner: David Hawk Actor via pinfall

Full show coverage

Mirror, Mirror

By Brian Dusel

Just seven days ago, on VWE Primetime last week, Cody Houley opened the show and talked about his loss at BeachBrawl, and how Mr. Warf, the CEO of VWE, would probably not give him another title shot, so he would have to win the Elimination Royale to take that spot.  Well, someone hit rewind and replay because, this week, Cody Houley walked out and said the EXACT same thing.  And, like last week, Derrick Cult came out to interrupt him, perhaps looking for another match against the self-proclaimed “God”, but this time, Austin Knight, Cult’s manager, was out on commentary and stood up and told him to take the night off.  Knight admitted that last week, Cult didn’t listen to him and it cost him a match.  You could see the agitation in Derrick’s eyes, but he did turn back and followed Austin’s advice.

Later in the evening, the VWE Radiance Champion, Marionetta the Trickster would be in action, but cameras were backstage and caught up to her finding Maxine in catering, where the performers can grab a drink and a quick bite to eat.  Maxine was immediately taken aback because the Trickster was wearing Maxine’s exact outfit and then started mirroring Maxine while she was talking.  Every hand gesture, every twitch, Marionetta copied.  Maxine was confused, but eventually fed into Marionetta’s situation, telling the Trickster to follow her because “if she’s going to do it, she should do it right.”

Match One: Brooke Owens vs. Aphrodite

In the first match of the evening, we saw two women who had very different luck last Friday on Edge.  Brooke Owens has had a change of heart recently.  No longer is she the happy, go-lucky woman who always had the crowd on her side.  She now calls herself “the Black Swan” and has a much more aggressive outlook.  But why has she made this change?  Last week, she accepted an open challenge from the VWE Women’s World Champion, Chloe Valentine, but unfortunately succumbed to the power of the “Hug it Out”.  Meanwhile, Brooke’s opponent, Aphrodite, found success last week against Alex, catching her with a schoolboy rollup to keep Alex down for the pinfall.  The two women immediately went into a catch-as-catch-can style as the bell rang, reaching for anything and countering into a different grapple.  Aphrodite was eventually thrown hard into the corner by the Black Swan, who moved in and delivered some heavy knees into the lower abdomen of Aphrodite, following that up by using her foot to try to choke out Aphrodite.  As the match continued, Aphrodite fought back, throwing Brooke into the opposite corner and earning cheers from the crowd by stepping up on the middle rope to deliver some heavy right hands down upon Owens.  Getting Brooke to the middle of the ring, Aphrodite caught her with the Spinning Dove, but only earning her the two count when she pinned Owens.  The match went back and forth, Brooke getting close to a win with a Shining Wizard, Aphrodite thinking she had the win after catching the Black Swan in a Powerbomb.  But, in the end, Alexandra came out, getting up on the apron and shoving Aphrodite, forcing the referee to call for the disqualification.  A brawl began and eventually took Alex and Aphrodite backstage.

Upset of what had just happened, Brooke went to commentary and grabbed a microphone.  Brooke doesn’t know what that was (referring to Alex costing the DQ), but it was B.S.  She claimed Alex doesn’t deserve to be called a VWE superstar.  She wanted to answer the questions of why she attacked Stacy last week. She called out Stacy and then called her a fake, saying the Black Swan was out here to remove the fakes.  She says she has a driver’s license and claims Stacy’s birth date was 8/11/85, so Stacy lied about her age, but that is not all she lied about.  The Black Swan says that Stacy was a Burlesque Dancer named “Candice LaLune”.  Stacy brought a microphone to her mouth and said she chose to forget that part of her life.  She said she changed her life for the better.  Brooke brought the claws out, saying she didn’t need a lecture from a “porn teacher” talking to her, but quickly ducked under a clothesline from Stacy and exited laughing.

Match Two: Marionetta vs. Hilary Lanfier

VWE Radiance Championship match

At BeachBrawl, Hilary Lanfier lost the VWE Radiance Championship when Marionetta pinned Alexandra in a Triple Threat Match inside a Steel Cage.  Since then, Hilary has lashed out at Chloe Valentine, while also making it clear she wanted the Radiance Title back, and at Primetime, she got her chance in a one-on-one rematch.  As the Champion, Marionetta came out with Maxine behind her, she was wearing ring attire that looked like Maxine’s, and commentary would find out that that was because Maxine had lent her attire to Marionetta for this match.  Marionetta was still celebrating her entrance when Lanfier rushed her, kicking her into the corner.  With the Champion still on the mat, the referee called for the bell to start the match officially.  The move seemed odd to the commentary, but the referee makes the law inside the ring.  Marionetta fought back, catching a kick from Hilary and then pulling Lanfier down to the mat with a Dragonscrew.  Both women worked a fast pace, trying to catch their opponent off-guard.  Hilary rolled Marionetta up with a schoolboy pin, but only got a one count and then caught Marionetta with a leg lariat as the Champion stood up.  Back and forth, the action continued and Marionetta went for the La Mistica submission hold, but Lanfier rolled out of the situation.  Hilary got up in the corner and went for a flying lariat, falling right into a Fujiwara Armbar from the Trickster.  Thankfully, Lanfier was able to pull herself to the bottom rope, forcing the referee to make Marionetta let go.  Hilary took the momentum back, even catching the Trickster with the Killswitch, driving Marionetta’s head into the mat, but when she covered, Lanfier felt her opponent kick out just before the referee’s hand hit the mat for the three.  Frustrated, Hilary taunted, waiting for the Trickster to get up, but once to her feet, Marionetta grabbed Lanfier into the La Mistica, forcing the former champion to tap out, giving the victory to Marionetta for a successful retaining of the Radiance Championship.

Before we could get to the main event of the evening, Jayson Rain made his way to the ring with a microphone.  He said the audience knows who he is and most of them had seen what Jayson can do in this ring, but that Rain has a problem with people, not the people in the audience, instead, he was talking to about the people sitting at the commentary desk, saying everyone in the VWE is getting their spot except Jayson.  He said he retired Wolfy Kessel and single-handedly destroyed Curt Bombastic.  He said, “Jayson Rain is non-fiction”.  He claims to come from the working class like everyone in the audience.  He said he is fed up and knows why he is being held down, that this business is all about fun and games til a man like Jayson Rain shows up and shows the kids in the back what being a serious competitor is like.  He doesn’t care if the guys are a “god, human, demon, think you’re tough, a great one, greatest of all time, or a big shot”.  And if he isn’t given his spot, he’s just going to have to take it.


David Hawk Actor

VWE Superstar

Jeffrey Fireguard

VWE Superstar

After a short commercial break, VWE Primetime was back and ready for the main event of the evening that pitted two former VWE World Heavyweight Champions against each other in a big-feel Singles Match.  DavidHawk Actor had just got a surprizing win over Mr. Hollywood last Sunday on Pulse Wrestling after a month without a match thanks to his situation with Loody Graves no-showing and eventually being released from VWE.  Jeffrey Fireguard, on the other hand, has hit a slump in his career, culminating in his loss at BeachBrawl in the Triple Threat Match for the World Title.  Since then, Benja Nirvana has offered his services to help guide the Misfit back to prominence, but so far, Jeff had not given Nirvana an answer.  The match began with a quick succession of technical moves, David taking Fireguard down to the mat with an armbar, but Fireguard pushed against the hold and fought his way back to his feet.  He whipped the Renegade into the corner and then delivered some heavy punches into the solar plexus of DHA.  A former Light-Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World, David let his hands fly, catching Jeff with some quick jabs and then went to work with his legs, giving a kick combo that forced the Misfit to back up.  The first pinfall attempt of the match arrived after Jeff nailed David with a solid neck breaker, but that only gained a one count.  Fireguard, as predicted in the preview from VWE.CC, began focusing on his speed, tossing the Renegade into the ropes and catching him with a beautiful dropkick, covering DHA for another one count.  Once picked up, the man is also known as “the Icon” went back to his technical prowess, pulling Jeff into a technical combination of counters back and forth, ending with David behind the Misfit, rolling him up with a schoolboy, the same maneuver he used to defeat Jonathan Ramsey on Sunday, but this only earned DHA a one count.  David got on a roll, catching Fireguard with a clothesline and then hitting him with his own dropkick when Jeff got back to his feet.  But another lateral press pinfall attempt by DHA only got him a two count.  This match was far from over.  Both men up on their feet and David was quick enough to counter a suplex into his own, throwing Fireguard down hard on the mat.  But the Renegade made a mistake.  Jeff had gotten back up, leaning against the ropes for support when David rushed and the Misfit moved, causing DHA’s momentum to carry him up and over the top rope to the outside.  Matches like this, where it is back and forth can shift on a dime with one mistake.  The Misfit waited for Actor to get to his feet, then hit the opposite ropes, flying over the top rope with a Tope Con Hilo dive, falling upon the Renegade outside the ring.  David battled back once picked up, throwing Jeffrey into the barricade and then getting up onto the apron and flying down upon the Misfit with a leaping shoulder tackle.   DHA got Jeff back into the ring and thought he could do another flying move, getting up onto the top turnbuckle.  But, when the Icon flew off, Fireguard was ready, colliding with him with another dropkick.  The Misfit went for the pinfall, but again, David was able to kick out.  Fireguard was getting more aggressive, picking Actor up and hitting him with a Kaioken series of strikes and tossing the Renegade into the ropes, but DHA whipped around him and nailed a German Suplex to Fireguard on the return.  As the match neared its conclusion, Jeff caught David with a Sick Kick, but that would not keep DHA down.  Actor got a quick counter in, tried to get Jeff into the Ego Trip, but the Misfit broke free and hit the ropes.  On the return, David went for the NMP, but Fireguard elbowed the Icon in the head, getting out of it.  Jeffrey went for a second Sick Kick, but David rolled underneath, forcing Jeff to hit the ropes and come back right into the waiting arms of DHA who put the Misfit up on his shoulders and delivered the Not My Problem, covering for the three count victory.  David celebrated, thanking the fans in the audience for supporting him as he exited.

As Jeffrey was slowly getting up to his feet, Benja Nirvana walked out to the ring, getting up on the ring apron and looking at Fireguard.  It was clear that Benja had come out to talk to Jeff, saying this, that loss is the “proof in the pudding” that Jeff can’t do it on his own.  Since talking last week, no calls, no texts from Jeff.  Benja said he’s gonna make it simple that Fireguard stock is falling at a rapid pace and if Jeff wants that stock to get back to rising and start making the money he deserves, he needs Benja watching his back.  Nirvana said he’s patient, but Jeff’s stock is falling so far, so fast that soon, no one will want to deal with him.  Benja said by next week, he wants his answer.

Another week, more questions.  Will Jeffrey agree to let Benja Nirvana guide him?  How far will Marionetta go to copy Maxine and why is Maxine allowing that to happen and even appearing to encourage her?  After the revelation about Sara Knight last week and this revelation about Stacy Mancino this week, who else is lying about who they truly are?  But, perhaps we’ll learn more this Friday when VWE presents Edge or maybe we’ll have to wait til next Wednesday when Primetime returns.  But, as always, stay tuned to VWE.CC for all the news you can use, the previews, results, and interviews with all your favorite and most despised wrestlers of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.