BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Quick Match results

Match One: Alexandra vs. Maxine

Winner: Alexandra via pinfall

Match Two: Jayson Rain & Brooke Owens vs. Morgan Jones & Sybille Halsey

Winner: Morgan Jones via pinfall

Match Three: VWE United States Championship

Chris Crossfade (c) vs Kieran Darkwatch

Winner: Kieran Darkwatch via pinfall

Main Event: Benja Nirvana vs. Derrick Cult

Winner: Derrick Cult via disqualification

Full show coverage

A Win’s a Win?

By Brian Dusel

VWE Primetime is the highlight of every Wednesday night and is shown live to the audience at the home of VWE, the Empire City Colosseum. This week was an amazing episode, highlighted by the main event of two former World Champions colliding.

To kick the show off, cameras caught up to Austin Knight in talks with his client, Derrick Cult. The Great One admitted he wants to get his hands on Cody (Houley), but Knight said that he needs to stay focused on Benja, who is a grand-slam champion within the VWE. “Grand-slam Champion” is someone who has won the World Title, United States Championship, a VWE Tag Team Championship and another title. In Benja’s case, he was a VWE Grid Champion, VWE European Champion, VWE Exhibition Championship, VWE International Champion, and former King of the Arena. Benja Nirvana is one of the most decorated athletes VWE has ever had on its roster and Austin was trying to remind Derrick that he could not take this match lightly. If he did, it would prove that Cult wasn’t ready to face Cody Houley again. Derrick said that he was fired up, pissed off, and would kick the Big Shot’s “ass” in the main event.

The video screens then lit up showing Morgan Jones trying to teach his intergender tag team partner, Sybille, how to skate. For a moment, it appeared she might be getting the hang of it, but crashed and failed in spectacular form.

Match One: Alexandra vs. Maxine

In the first contest of the evening, Maxine fought Alexandra. Maxine has been on a roll lately, defeating Lexi Wicked at Clash at the Beach and then last Friday on Edge, Maxine defeated Krystal, countering the Coronation, into a Vortex DDT. Maxine has also had some interesting changes outside the ring as well as Marionetta, the woman who won the VWE Radiance Championship at BeachBrawl, has begun hanging out with Maxine, to the point of obsession. Last week, Marionetta wore the same outfit as Maxine and started mirroring Maxine when they spoke. Her opponent has been on a different streak, having lost two weeks ago to Aphrodite and then attacking Aphrodite last week during her match with Brooke Owens, brawling between Alex and Aphrodite all the way to the back. The bell rang and both women moved in. It was a technical exercise as Maxine locked on a wristlock, but Alexandra rolled out of it, forcing her own wrist lock upon Maxine, only to have the Sinfully Devilish One escape with a nice backflip and pull Alex into an armbar. Alexandra was able to push up to escape out of the hold and after a Judo throw, covered Maxine, but only earned a two count. Once back up to her feet, Maxine unloaded with some strikes. Both women started working a faster pace, with Maxine taking a couple chances, hitting a reverse-rana against Alex, but couldn’t put Alexandra away. People might have been shocked to see Alexandra pulling a T-Bone Suplex out of her repertoire, throwing Maxine, but Sinfully Devilish would not stay down. In the end, it appeared Maxine had the upper hand, but Alex raked the eyes of her opponent and then caught Maxine with a schoolboy roll-up. Varying reports claim that Alexandra was holding Maxine’s skirt for further leverage, but the referee did not catch that and gave Alex the three count victory.

As her music played, Alex celebrated. Maxine got to her feet, perhaps embarrassed by the loss, but unmistakably upset and started to scream at Alex wondering “what the f*** got into her”. Aphrodite rushed down the ramp, sliding into the ring and connecting with a Lou Thesz Press against Alexandra, but once back up to her feet, Alex slid out and exited the ring, heading to the back before having to have another physical altercation with Aphrodite.

Match Two: Jayson Rain & Brooke Owens vs. Morgan Jones & SYBILLE HALSEY

The second match was an Intergender Tag Team Match where Jayson Rain teamed up with “the Black Swan” Brooke Owens, hoping that he didn’t end up like her last partner, Drake Edwards, on the mat clutching his groin after Brooke turned on him. Across the ring from them was the team that had just two weeks ago defeated the VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions… Morgan Jones and Sybille. Last week, Morgan told Vince Easterwood that he feels they have earned a title shot because of the win they hold over Easterwood and Kasumi Hyata, but Vince said Morgan and Sybille still need to prove themselves. Would they prove it against the team of Jayson and Brooke? Owens and Sybille started the match off, countering each other’s hold into one of their own, eventually, Sybille started working some kicks into her maneuvers, catching the Black Swan off guard.  Brooke did fire back after an exchange, connecting with a dropkick and then nailing a standing senton, dropping her weight across the sternum of Sybille but only picking up a two count. But Sybille got the momentum back, nailing a shining wizard on the Black Swan and then tagging in her partner.  In an Intergender Tag Team Match, when one person tags their partner, both members of the opposite sex are immediately the legal participants, so after Sybille tagged Morgan, Morgan, and Jayson both rushed into the ring. Rain focused on his striking ability, knocking Jones down and connecting with a big King Kong Knee Drop. As the two continued, Morgan gave as good as he got, forcing Jayson to tag in Brooke.  The truth is if we tried to detail everything in the match, in the end, all four people had worked hard with the win just around the corner for either team, but thanks to Brooke connecting with a big Yakuza Kick to Sybille on the ropes, sending both of them to the outside, Morgan was able to secure the victory, getting to the ropes while locked in Rain’s Cobra Clutch, slipping away and delivering a big hurricanrana skull crusher Morgan calls “Skate or Die”, covering Jayson for the three count and the win.

After the match, Morgan, and Sybille celebrated but then looked to Vince Easterwood and Kasumi Hyata, saying that they just proved they were good enough, now next week, they wanted to see how the champions could do better against a team, while Morgan and Sybille sit ringside.

Before the show, a video played for the live audience showing Kieran Darkwatch and Chris Crossfade, where the Devil was sharing a substance he called “El Diablo Weed”. A second video began playing after the Intergender Tag Team Match showing Kieran again, this time requesting Crossfade sign a waiver so the footage of their party could be released. Chris signed, but the papers were not a public disclosure agreement, instead it was a title match contract.


VWE United States Championship

And that video led right into the third match. With the ink on paper, there was nothing VWE management could do but sanction the match with Kieran Darkwatch as the challenger to the champion, Chris Crossfade. Unfortunately, the match was not very long. Viewers have described Chris as stumbling and perhaps “on something”. He did his best, utilizing some martial arts strikes to try to keep Darkwatch at bay, but repeated face slams kept Crossfade having to exert his energy to just get back up to his feet. This match seemed very one-sided because of Chris’ unique state of being. At the end, Chris got himself in the Crane Stance from Karate Kid, but unlike Daniel LaRusso, Crossfade got kicked in the gut and Kieran followed that up with the Deal with the Devil, putting Chris down for the three count. The crowd was in an unapproving roar as the referee officially stated Darkwatch as the winner and new VWE United States Champion. We were lucky enough to catch up with Chris this morning, appearing like he had slept in the locker room. After asking him about the match the night before, Chris got a confused tilt to his head. “u w0t m8? 1 d0n’t r3m3mb3r wr3$tl1ng…1 d0n’t wr3$tl3 0n pr1m3 t1m3 much…..@l$0…1 l0$t my t1tl3? w@t? 1 s3c.” Chris darted over to his bag and began rummaging through it. After a moment, he rushed back over to the reporter. “wtf?! 1t$ g0n3! wtf h@pp3n3d 2 1t?!” He had taken the reporter by the shoulders, shaking him. “u $@1d k1r3n. W@t d1d h3 d0? 1 d1d n0t wr3$tl3 y3$t3rd@y, 1t$ B$.” Eventually, Chris let go, but the confusion of the situation clearly had him unhinged.


Benja Nirvana

VWE Superstar

Derrick Cult

VWE Superstar

It was time for the main event and after Benja Nirvana enjoyed his full entrance, he was begging Derrick to come out when the Great One rushed from the back and slid into the ring, immediately brawling with the Big Shot. The strikes from Derrick Cult were of enough force to back Nirvana up into the corner. But, an eye rake from the Big Shot later, got him some space to hit Derrick with a big forearm club. The two traded turns back and forth tossing each other into the corner. Each time Derrick saw an opening, he would throw a big body blow and a counter punch at Nirvana. Benja fought back working the body and caught Cult with a big forearm club, sending the Great One down to the mat, taunting Derrick saying “Get your ass up, big baby, you ain’t ready for this.” Nirvana stayed on the attack, picking Derrick up and sending him into the corner and connecting with big knees into the solar plexus. After the referee got Nirvana to back up, Derrick had an opening to deliver some big right hands. The Big Shot threw Cult into the ropes but found him duck under a big clothesline, hit the opposite ropes and catch Nirvana with a Lou Thesz Press on the return. After a Corkscrew Elbow, Derrick went for the lateral press but only earned the two count. As the match continued, Benja did nail a big Lariat clothesline, but when he covered, he only earned a two count as well. The match carried on with both men making good headway in a very even match. Benja thought he had the match in hand when caught Cult in a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, but again, Derrick would find the strength to kick out before three. In the final moments of the match, Derrick hit the Great One Shuffle, a big elbow and then collided with the Lights Out and could have arguably taken the victory, but Cody Houley came rushing down the ramp, sliding into the ring to distract Cult. Austin Knight got up on the apron as Derrick grabbed onto the self-proclaimed “God”. Knight went to hit Cody with his cane, but Houley dodged and the cane collided with Derrick right in front of the referee, who had no choice but to call the match because of outside interference and give the win to Derrick Cult because of the disqualification.

After the match, Austin shrugged his shoulders and said “a win is a win”, telling his client that he would see him in the locker room. People in the audience have made the claim that Derrick looked very upset about the situation, but nothing else happened before the show ended.

Why does Cody keep playing these games with Derrick? Will Chris Crossfade contest the legality of the title match contract or will he just move on and request a rematch? Will Vince Easterwood and Kasumi Hyata be as successful next week as Morgan Jones and Sybille were this week, hoping to prove they are absolutely worthy of a VWE Intergender Tag Team Championship title shot? Alex and Aphrodite cannot leave each other alone. Who will make the next move? As always, more questions than answers. Some of those will be answered this Friday on VWE Edge at 6 pm SLT, but for the rest, you’ll have to return to the Empire City Colosseum next Wednesday for VWE Primetime at 5 pm SLT and remember to stay tuned to VWE.CC for all previews, results, and interviews with all your favorite and most despised superstars of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.