BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Quick Match results

Match One: Misaki Yumako (w) vs. Kitty

Match Two: Maxine vs. Stacy Mancino (w)

Match Three: Rani Patel vs. Viola Beaumont (w)

Main Event: Cody Houley (w) vs. Derrick Cult

Full show coverage

An Offer He Can’t Refuse?

By Brian Dusel

After a week off, VWE did not miss a beat jumping right into Primetime last night where some of the biggest names in the business collided and perhaps a few joined forces.  The show kicked off with Cody Houley, the self-proclaimed “God” coming out to say that VWE BeachBrawl did not go as planned, especially with Night still suspended, Christina Krovac losing the VWE Women’s World Championship, and then all the way to the main event of BeachBrawl where he failed to capture the World Heavyweight Championship in the Triple Threat with Braden Karsin and Jeffrey Fireguard.  Houley mentioned that after her loss, Krovac has been admitted into a rehabilitation facility and will not be returning anytime soon.  But, there was a silver lining to Cody’s tale.  At BeachBrawl, Cody pointed out that he was not pinned by Braden Karsin that was Jeff, so he should be allowed a championship opportunity in a one-on-one match.  Believing that Stuart Warf, the CEO of VWE, would never award him a title shot, he has set his sights upon the Elimination Royale and promises God will stand victorious.  Without warning, Derrick Cult walked out to interrupt Houley, accompanied by his manager, Austin Knight.  Derrick claimed that if Cody really wanted to prove he was the greatest, he could do it in the ring in the main event.  Austin protested the challenge, yelling at Cult to take the night off, but Cody Houley agreed and a match for later in the evening was set.

Match One: Misaki Yumako vs. Kitty

In the first actual match of the night, the former Women’s Pulse Champion, Misaki Yumako, who had just lost her title to Ellie Embers at BeachBrawl, took on Kitty, a women’s competitor trying to make a name for herself and climb the ladder towards eventual title shots.  As the bell rang, Misaki attempted to use her technical expertise to take the fight to Kitty, but her opponent was ready and back flipped out of a wristlock.  Both women began a series of counters until Yumako found herself slammed into the corner with Kitty above her laying right hands into her as the crowd counted along.  Kitty backed up and then rushed, but Misaki had enough wherewithal to catch Kitty and toss her with an exploder suplex into the corner turnbuckles.  The former Pulse Champion quickly went for the cover, but Kitty kicked out at a two count.  Misaki went on a roll, almost out of desperation, picking Kitty up and locking in the abdominal stretch, but Kitty powered out.  Misaki then caught Kitty into the ankle lock, but Kitty would not tap out, scratching and clawing her way to the ropes.  Kitty began fighting back, dropping Misaki outside the ring and then taking to the air, flying over the ropes in a tope con hilo down upon Yumiko.  Once Kitty had Misaki back in the ring, she locked in the Bank Statement, looking for the submission victory, but Austin Knight got up onto the ring apron to speak to the referee, distracting the referee successfully as Yumiko tapped out.  Kitty let go of the hold, trying to get the referee to pay attention, but when Kitty turned back to Misaki, only to have the former Champion catch Kitty with a Death Valley Driver and cover for the pinfall win.

After the opening contest, a video played on the stage screens showing Night, the member of G.O.A.T. who has been suspended just over a month ago.  Night claimed that Stuart Warf was right that the International Pro Wrestling Authority was a definite good authority, and he has had multiple chats with them gaining their agreement that a month is enough for his suspension.  Night then threatened to see Mr. Warf this Friday on VWE Edge.  With all the turmoil happening with quite a bit of the roster, what will happen if Night makes good on his words and shows up at Edge?

Match Two: Maxine vs. Stacy Mancino

Over the break, Maxine spent her vacation relaxing with some friends, including Chloe Valentine, the new VWE Women’s World Champion, but Marionetta the Trickster decided to crash the party.  Rumor has it she did so because the Trickster is obsessed with all the cool trinkets Maxine has collected over the years.  But, on Primetime, Maxine was able to get back into the ring, dust off the rust of vacation and battle Stacy Mancino one-on-one.  Both women wanted to come back from break and gain some momentum heading towards Elimination Royale.  The match started simple enough with a lockup, but the match would end up being anything but simple.  Eventually, Maxine would take through the sky, connecting with a rebound cross body, using the ropes to fling herself into Mancino.  Stacy wouldn’t stay down though, getting up, colliding with Maxine thanks to a clothesline and following that up with a cartwheel and tossing her body into the air with a standing moonsault down upon Maxine, who kicked out of the pin attempt at one.  As the match continued, the action went back and forth and Stacy seemed to have made a big mistake, rushing towards Maxine in the corner, looking for the Bronco Buster, but Maxine moved, causing Mancino to collide groin-first into the corner.  Maxine went for the quick cover, but Stacy was able to get her shoulder up at two.  In the end, Maxine went for her Devil’s Guillotine, only to see Stacy counter, throwing Maxine into the air and connecting with a Cyclone Kick.  Covering Maxine earned Stacy the pinfall victory.         

Stacy Mancino celebrated her victory, but her celebration would be cut short when the Black Swan, Brooke Owens, came out, attacking Stacy and nailing the Black Swan Destroyer before smiling at Mancino, down on the mat and walking out.  We were lucky enough to catch up to Stacy after Primetime asking if Ms. Mancino knew why she was attacked by Owens and if she had a comment to the Black Swan.  “Honestly, I have no clue what happened,” Stacy said.  “I haven’t done anything to her at all! Was very shocking to me when I turned around and she hit me with her finisher. The only thing I would want to say to her is simply why? Why me out of all people?”  The worst questions are the unanswered ones, but hopefully, Stacy will be able to get some answers out of Brooke sooner than later.

After the ring had been cleared, Jeffrey Fireguard made his way to the ring to speak about BeachBrawl and how he came up short in the Triple Threat to try and capture the VWE World Championship.  Before he could continue, Benja Nirvana came out to speak to Jeff, reminding them of their past partnerships and how when Jeff was World Champion, it was The Big Shot that had his back.  Nirvana said that the fans don’t truly care about Fireguard but if Jeff sided with him, allowing him to guide him, he would guide him back to the top of VWE.  Jeff said that was something to think about giving no definitive answer, but thankfully we were able to catch up with Jeff after Primetime to ask him if he was tempted to take Benja up on his offer.  “I will admit it is a big offer he put on the table but I will have to think on it,” Fireguard admitted.  “Man said the fans aren’t with me, never were, but he does have a point ever since I went on my own each time I went for world gold I have come up short.”  Jeffrey ended his statement saying, “honestly I will have to think about it, where I believe in half of what he is saying I believe the other half isn’t true.”  No one can deny that Benja has found plenty of success within the VWE and abroad.  He knows what it takes to earn title matches and secure the victory.  It is easy to see why Jeff needs to think about it.  He has always had his Misfits behind him, but where has that gotten him?  If he believes something needs to change, this might be the move Fireguard needs.

Match Three: Rani Patel vs. Viola Beaumont

The ladies were back out for the next match of the night.  After both women taking a loss at BeachBrawl, “Ms. Bollywood” Rani Patel and Viola Beaumont were set up to face each other.  In a match like this, where both people go in with a “must win” attitude, sparks will fly and the audience will get their money’s worth.  The match began with a series of technical holds into counters, into different holds and countered again.  Both women fought hard, Rani ducking under a clothesline, colliding with Viola with a dropkick.  With Viola on the mat, Rani went for a fist drop, but Viola got out of the way, back up to her feet, and connected successfully with a big clothesline.  After a leg drop, Viola went for the cover but only earned a one count.  As the match continued, Rani got to return the favor after getting Viola down on the mat, catching Beaumont with a leg drop, following that up with a big splash, but when attempting the pinfall, Viola was able to get her shoulder off the mat.  Things took a turn for the more brutal as Viola, rather than getting up, swept the legs out from under Rani and jumped on Ms. Bollywood, delivering solid right hands into her face and neck area.  Viola in solid control began to systematically punish Patel, picking her up, delivering a snap suplex and then even though the match did go back and forth, it was easy to see Rani’s frustration building.  Eventually, Patel snapped, getting out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair.  Her manager, the Great Sanjith, got up on the apron, trying to talk Rani out of utilizing the foreign object.  Seeing that Patel wasn’t hearing her words, Sanjith attempted to slap his protégé, but Viola saw an opening and rushed in, taking the slap instead.  The referee had no recourse except to disqualify Rani because of the interference.  The Great Sanjith has now cost Ms. Patel two matches, this one and her match at BeachBrawl when it appeared Sanjith was more interested in supporting Kitty.  Unfortunately, neither the Great Sanjith nor Patel could be reached for comment.

“The Devil” Kieran Darkwatch made his way to the ring, wanting to speak to the audience and one individual in particular.  He spoke to Chris Crossfade, the reigning VWE United States Champion.  Kieran stated that with his win at BeachBrawl, Chris doesn’t have to look hard for the # 1 Contender to the US Championship, because “The Devil” is it.  Darkwatch said that it is impressive that Chris Crossfade won the Battle Royale for the vacant US Title weeks ago while drunk and under the influence of who knows what else.  And then, at BeachBrawl, he retained the title against Benja Nirvana, a former World Champion and former US Champion, which is “no small feat sober much less when you spend the majority of your day smoking weed”.  Kieran stated that he admires Chris for who he is, unlike the other people in the back who will support Crossfade to his face, but be completely different when he isn’t around.  He then admitted that he hasn’t seen Chris properly celebrate his title victories, so he would like to extend an offer.  After Edge this Friday, Darkwatch will have a limo waiting in the back for him and Crossfade and he invited the US Champion to party like a true champion.  Will Chris go with “The Devil”?  Can we trust Kieran that he truly respects the United States Champion or is he just trying to wiggle into his good graces to eventually slam the trap shut around Crossfade?


Cody Houley

VWE Superstar

Derrick Cult

VWE Superstar

Now it was time for the main event, the challenge had been laid down by Derrick Cult, against Austin Knight’s wishes, and Cody Houley was ready to accept going one-on-one with “the Great One”.   Houley entered first, and rather than wait for his music, Derrick Cult rushed down the stage behind him, Austin following close behind.  Cult slid into the ring and started laying hard shots with his fists into Cody, backing him up into a corner.  The referee got in between the two, trying to back Cult up so the match could start properly.  Derrick forced his way back towards Cody, but the self-proclaimed “God” raked the eyes of the Great One.  Houley knocked Cult down with a clothesline and began to viciously stomp upon him.  Cody yelled at Derrick, telling him to get up that Cult was old and that he, himself, was “God”.  Houley went for the Codebreaker, but Derrick shoved him off and went for the Lights Out.  This time it was Cody’s turn to counter, shoving the Great One into the ropes, but Houley’s plan to back body drop Cult was thrown out when the Great One countered with a swinging neck breaker.  The match continued and at one point spilled to outside the ring where Derrick grabbed Houley, dragging him over to the steel steps and repeatedly slammed “God’s” head into the steel.  Cody fought back, whipping Cult into the barricade and slamming Derrick’s head against the barricade before throwing him back into the ring.  Once back in the ring, Houley demanded Cult get up and tried again for the Codebreaker, but the Great One shoved Cody, forcing him to run into the referee, knocking the stripes down.  Derrick caught one of Houley’s legs as he tried to kick the Great One, then delivered a hellacious Lights Out, but when he covered, the referee was still down.  Austin found his way up onto the apron, telling Derrick to throw Cody towards him and his patented cane.  As the referee started to turn, Derrick tried, but Cody reversed the Irish whip, sending Derrick at Austin, who tripped him accidentally right into a waiting Codebreaker from Houley, covering the Great One for the pinfall victory.  Knight quickly got into the ring, yelling at Derrick for failure to listen to simple instructions.

After Primetime, we were able to catch up with Austin Knight and ask him about his thoughts on Derrick Cult not taking his advice for the night off and also wondering how Mr. Knight can get Derrick back on track.  “Well, as of late it seems Derrick gotten a bit too bold,” Knight stated.  “I told him to take the night off cause he clearly he needs to train after his loss to the lesser Karsin.”  He, of course, is referring to Michael Karsin, the 2017 King of the Arena, and man who defeated Derrick Cult at BeachBrawl.  Austin added “also the fact he couldn’t follow my commands in this match to get the win shows something needs fixing.  As for how I plan to get him on track is double down his training and refocusing.  As long as he listens to what I say he will get past this slump.”  It will be interesting to see if Derrick can use these losses to fuel him to better himself or if the tension between Knight and Cult becomes an even bigger distraction.  Can they get back on the same page?

And there you have it, folks.  If you missed VWE Primetime, at least you can read about it here.  Don’t forget to stay tuned to VWE.CC for all the previews you can use, the results you can’t wait to read, and the interviews you need in your life.  Also, make sure that you are at the Empire City Colosseum this Friday at 6 pm SLT for Friday Night Edge.  Will Night make an appearance?  Will Chris Crossfade go with Kieran Darkwatch to “party like a champion”?  We’ve only got a couple days to wait to find out live!