Quick Match results

Match One: David Hawk Actor vs. Mr. Hollywood

Winner: David Hawk Actor via pinfall

Match Two: Drake Edwards vs. Austin Knight

Winner: Drake Edwards via pinfall

Main Event: VWE Pulse Women’s Championship

Misaki Yumako vs. Ellie Embers (c)

Winner: Ellie Embers via pinfall

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Rematches Galore!

By Brian Dusel

Pulse Wrestling is the only show each week that delivers the crossover action between VWE, DIE, and WPWF.  And after both the Women’s and the Men’s Pulse Championships changed hands at VWE BeachBrawl, it seems a new era was dawning for Pulse Wrestling.

Speaking of the new era, Stuart Warf, the CEO of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment, came out to the ring and asked the new Pulse Women’s Champion to join him so he could congratulate her in person.  The music hit and the fans began to cheer as Ellie Embers made her way to the ring.  Since she arrived in January, Ellie had one goal to lead the Christensen legacy, but that goal was false, the true goal was to become more than just a wannabe wrestler stuck in her mother’s shadow, but to become the face of the women’s division.  Rumors before Pulse showed Wicked Inc. helicopter in Empire City, and sure enough, Lexi walked out after signing her VWE contract.  She said Ellie was a Champion, but not just any Champion, Ellie is what Ms. Wicked calls “a cheap Champion”.  She mentioned John Wicked III, the CEO of Wicked Inc., claiming she owned the arena, Stuart Warf, and anything else she wants.  Ellie got in Lexi’s face, but Stuart held them both apart.  But Lexi got past Mr. Warf, jamming a thumb into Ellie’s eye and then rushing off.  Stuart then mentioned that Ellie was busy with a match tonight against Misaki Yumiko and would have to put her feelings against Wicked on the back burner.

Match One: David Hawk Actor vs. Mr. Hollywood

For the past few weeks, Bert “Turbo” O’Neill has been a thorn in the side of “Mr. Hollywood” Jonathan Ramsey.  He had been playing mind-games with the Hollywood actor and finally had made his intentions known, wanting to take Jessica Moretti all for himself.  In fact, rumor has it that no one has seen or heard from Jessica in a couple weeks.  But, Hollywood couldn’t focus on that because, in match one of Pulse Wrestling, he was facing “The Renegade” DavidHawk Actor, the “Icon you deserve”.  Where some men may immediately feel nervous facing a former VWE World Heavyweight Champion, Hollywood took the fight right to David.  Perhaps it was ring-rust on the part of DHA, who hadn’t had a match in over a month, but Ramsey controlled the majority of this match.  The actor did get a few strikes in with his fast jabs and a nice kick combo, but Hollywood had an answer for all those, throwing David into the corner and laying into him with big body shots and even utilizing the referee’s five count to dig his boot into DHA’s throat.  David was quick enough to block a Welcome to Hollywood, delivering a high kick to Mr. Hollywood, dazing him just enough that DHA could jump up to the top turnbuckle and fly off with a clothesline, but that wasn’t enough to keep Jonathan down.  Eventually, Mr. Hollywood did connect with his Welcome to Hollywood running big boot in the corner.  But as he set up to end the match, Bert O’Neill came down on the ramp with a microphone, making his presence known to Hollywood and asking “do you know where your woman is?”  This distraction allowed David to get up to his feet, hooking Ramsey for a rollup to earn the pinfall victory as Hollywood yelled: “cut, cut”.  Immediately, Hollywood got out of the ring, chasing Bert to the backstage.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get with either of them, but David was able to give us a quote.  “Mr. Hollywood seemed to have my number tonight and showed me some areas that I need to refocus and train on, but I was honored to be in the ring with him and I hope that he continues to improve,” DHA said.

Match Two: Drake Edwards vs. Austin Knight

For the past couple of months, anytime Drake Edwards had a match, Austin Knight made sure to berate him, from the audience or on commentary.  This caused Edwards to do the same to the manager of Derrick Cult and Misaki Yumako.  It all came to a head at VWE BeachBrawl, when during the Pulse Women’s Championship Match, Drake rushed down the ramp to ensure Knight did not get involved on his client’s behalf, nailing Austin with the Dragon Kick.  This prompted Austin to take to social media, challenging Edwards to a match on the return episode of Pulse.  Which brought us to the second match of the evening, where Austin took off his suit and laced up his boots, all to face Drake in a one-on-one contest.  As the bell rang, Knight exited the ring.  For the first couple minutes, he played mind-games with Edwards, exiting the ring whenever Drake would move hear him.  This forced Drake to exit and catch Austin with a dropkick, driving Knight into the barricade.  Austin decided to attack, clawing at Edwards’ eyes and then throwing Drake into the ring apron, arguably the hardest part of the ring.  During the match, even though it appeared to be going back and forth, Austin did a focused attack on the ribs and lower back of Edwards, while Drake was just trying to hit anything Austin left open.  One of the biggest moments in the match was Austin getting knocked over the top rope by a Yakuza Kick and then Edwards followed that up, diving to the outside with an Overdrive.  But, even after throwing Knight back in the ring, he couldn’t finish it off.  Edwards tried to catch Austin off-guard with a hurricanrana, but Knight grabbed onto his legs, turning the move into a Powerbomb.  It looked like the training with Derrick Cult paid off for Austin, but in the end, Drake caught him with the Dragon Rising to keep Austin on the mat for the three count.

The third match of the night was a rematch from VWE BeachBrawl as Kingston Ellington was set to battle Hamaso Franizzi again.  The two had been at odds for months since The Price came back to Pulse and vowed to become the Pulse Champion, a vow he made good on at BeachBrawl, defeating Hamaso.  Unfortunately, the Arabian Knight was unable to make the appearance due to an illness, automatically awarding the victory to the reigning champion, Kinston Ellington.  


Ellie Embers

VWE PULSE Women's Champion

Misaki Yumako

VWE Superstar

VWE PULSE Women's Championship

Due to the thumb in the eye from Lexi Wicked earlier in the night, people had a question whether Ellie Embers would be allowed to compete in the main event, but thankfully with the speed in which Embers jumped back from the thumb, she was fine and could see perfectly.  Once the challenger and champion were in the ring, the rematch between Misaki Yumiko and Ellie Embers could begin.  The bell rang and the two women began with a very interesting series of grappling holds, a wristlock here, an escape, a hammerlock, a snap mare to escape.  The women were giving a lesson in Grappling 101 in a very even way.  Ellie caught Yumiko with an arm-drag, but moments later, it was Misaki throwing Embers over with a monkey-flip.  In both situations, the opponent rolled out of the situation, ready to battle more.  Yumiko laid some heavy headbutts into the champion, but couldn’t put Embers away.  As the match continued, Ellie springboarded off the ropes and caught Misaki with a hurricanrana.  The Champion began taking the momentum, throwing Yumiko into the corner, then rushing in to nail a big corner splash, backing up to then rush in with a Yakuza Kick.  Ellie was unable to capitalize before the momentum shifted into Yumiko’s favor when she caught the Champion with an Uranage, but her pin attempts were half-hearted, just throwing an arm onto her opponent but only earning a two-count.  Misaki pressed her advantage and threw Embers into the corner, but she rushed in, Ellie kicked her in the gut, utilizing the corner to deliver a diving tornado DDT and covering for the pinfall win to retain the Pulse Women’s Championship.

After the match, Ellie got on the microphone, speaking to Misaki and made an interesting revelation that Misaki Yumiko was nothing but a façade, a fake name for a woman who was, in truth, Austin Knight’s sister, Sarah Therese Knight.  Misaki yelled out as she rushed the ring, attacking Ellie, tackling her down to the mat.  The viciousness of her attack prompted Kitty, who was just in the audience enjoying the show, to jump the barricade and rescued the Pulse Women’s Champion.  After the event, we were able to catch up with Yumiko, asking if there was any truth to the allegations that Ellie had put forth, but she looked visibly shaken up and a flash of anger as she walked off giving no comment.

Both new Pulse Champions successfully retained in their rematches, proving that their victories at BeachBrawl were not flukes, having stepped up this episode to definitively defeating the previous champions.  But this episode does bring up some other questions.  Where is Jessica Moretti?  Did Bert O’Neill do something to her?  Lexi made a huge impact, immediately targeting the Pulse Women’s Champion, but will her daddy be able to buy her a title shot or will she have to earn it like everyone else?  Drake Edwards might have got the upper-hand on Austin Knight on this episode, but will Mr. Knight let the situation go or will he be looking for retaliation?  And what is the situation with Misaki aka Sarah Knight?  Did she change her name?  For what purpose?  Perhaps we’ll find out next week on Pulse, which comes to you live every Saturday at 1 pm SLT at the Empire City Colosseum.  Stay tuned to VWE.CC for all the news you can use, the highlights of wrestling nights, and the previews, results, and interviews with all your favorite and most hated wrestlers.