BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Quick Match results

Match One: Bert “Turbo” O’Neill faced off against “Showtime” Matt Nitro

Winner: Bert  O’Neill via pinfall

Match Two: Sara Knight vs. Alison Daines

Winner: Alison Danes via pinfall

Main Event: Kingston Ellington (c) vs. Matt Asadar

Winner: Matt Asadar via pinfall

Full show coverage

Nothing But Hot Air? 

By Brian Dusel

Pulse Wrestling kicked off this week with the Men’s Pulse Champion, Kingston Ellington, walking out to the ring with a microphone.  The Price made some claims that most people would say were “unfounded” and “unreliable” claiming that he had no competition within Pulse Wrestling.  He talked about his rise to becoming the new Pulse Champion, defeating Matt Asadar and Nyle Nightfire on his way to defeating Hamaso Franizzi so badly at VWE BeachBrawl that the Arabian Knight didn’t even show up last week for his rematch.  Mid-sentence, the Price was interrupted by Matt Asadar.  After a little verbal debate going back and forth, the Gunslinger issued a challenge to face Kingston in the main event, a challenge that the Champion agreed to.

Bert O’Neill vs. Matt Nitro

In the first match of the evening, Bert “Turbo” O’Neill faced off against “Showtime” Matt Nitro.  Recently, Bert has been playing mind-games with “Mr. Hollywood” Jonathan Ramsey, distracting him during matches, interrupting his promos, and most recently, finding Jessica Moretti, Hollywood’s manager, kissing her on the lips.  There are conflicting reports on if she returned the kiss, but one thing is for certain, no one can deny that Turbo has made his intentions clear.  The bell rang and Showtime wasted no time, rushing at Bert, nailing him with a bicycle kick, causing Turbo to crash into the corner.  This was not going to be a technical mastery type match as Matt delivered some heavy knee strikes into Turbo in the corner.  The referee warned Nitro, who did back up after delivering a basement dropkick into Bert.  Turbo pushed himself to his feet, utilizing the ropes to give himself some stability as Nitro offered him the chance to meet in the middle of the ring.  O’Neill walked out and the two locked up.  Quickly Turbo (see what I did there?) pulled Matt over into a wristlock, then rolled his maneuver into a hammerlock.  Not wanting to force the tap out, Turbo threw Matt into the ropes, delivering a big superkick as Showtime bounced back towards him, leaving O’Neill open to cover him, but only earning a one count.  Once back to his feet, Showtime caught Turbo with a combination of kicks.  Both men were working hard in this match but not long into the match, Mr. Hollywood and Jessica walked out to ringside.  Bert got caught looking and Matt took him down, jumping up into the corner and flying out with a Frog Splash, but when he covered, could not earn the three.  While Jessica distracted the referee, Ramsey slid into the ring and went for a Big Boot on Turbo, who ducked under the move causing Hollywood to hit Nitro.  When Hollywood turned around, Bert caught Jonathan with a swinging hurricanrana, sending Hollywood down to the mat to roll out under the bottom rope.  With Nitro down and Hollywood out of the ring, Turbo got up to the top turnbuckle, flying off in his patented 630 No Scope, covering for the pinfall victory.

Without warning, Kitty walked out with a microphone.  She said that she came to VWE and while she’s glad for the opportunity, she is sad to see so many people with actual wrestling talent lower themselves to cheating so she is making it her new mission to put these women, these cheaters, in their place.  Sara Knight walked out, interrupting Kitty, saying it sounds like Kitty wants to take the job of the referees.  Last week, after being outed for not being “Misaki Yumiko”, Sara attacked Ellie, earning the vengeance of Kitty, but Sara says interfering in matches and attacking people, whether they broke the rules or not is, in itself, breaking the rules.  Kitty said Sara can say anything she wants, but she would be ringside during Sara’s match and if she broke the rules, Knight would have to answer to Kitty.

Match Two: Alison Daines vs. Sara Knight


That interaction lead right into the second match of the evening where Sara Knight was set to go one-on-one against Alison Daines, a woman that Sara forced to leave Pulse in defeat after making Daines tap out months ago.  Since then, Alison has joined forces with Krystal as Transcendence and starting running through their opposition, and now Alison was given the opportunity to avenge her loss to Sara.  Alison did not wait to go onto the attack, leaping into the arms of Sara in a Lou Thesz Press, knocking Knight down to the mat and then throwing some heavy right hands down upon her opponent.  Daines got up, picking up Sara and then throwing her out of the ring, over the top rope, sending Knight down to the floor outside the ring.  The two brawled outside the ring, Sara head-butting Alison and then throwing her over the announce table.  Eventually, both women were back inside the ring so the match could continue.  The battle went back and forth until Sara caught Daines with an eye rake and then shoved her into the referee.  Kitty took this moment to get up on the apron, lecturing Sara about cheating.  Daines took instant gratification, shoving Knight into Kitty.  Alison wasn’t able to put away Sara at this point, but another distraction from Kitty did cost Knight the match after Daines nailed the Alison Bomb and covered for the pinfall.  As Alison celebrated her win, Knight and Kitty found themselves brawling up the ramp to the backstage area.  Reports have it that security did get the two separated, but what will happen next week?



VWE PULSE Champion


VWE Superstar

In the main event, it was Matt Asadar going up against the Men’s Pulse Champion, Kingston Ellington, the match set up earlier in the night.  Kingston came into the match assuming the Gunslinger would be just a stepping stone, but after the match started, the Price found his opponent tougher than expected.  Even from the outset of the match, Matt Asadar has a half-foot advantage standing over the Champion and outweighs Ellington by 60 pounds.  They locked up to kick the match off, tying up each other’s hands in a test of strength, but this would not work well for Kingston, whom Asadar pushed back into the corner.  Once the referee broke the two men up, they met back in the center where Kingston went for the standard collar/elbow only to be tossed down to the mat by the larger man.  Ellington tried to claim that Matt pulled his hair, but the referee could not see that, but while Matt spoke to the ref, denying the claim, Kingston got behind him and collided with the back of the Gunslinger’s knee, taking the almost 7-footer down to the mat.  As the match continued, both men had a solid strategy.  For Kingston, he worked the legs of the larger man, hoping to take away his power base, while the Gunslinger stuck to his power, throwing Ellington around the ring.  Eventually, the match spilled to the outside when Matt was against the ropes and tossed the rushing Price up over the top to the ground.  The Gunslinger left the ring and picked up the Champion, whipping him into the commentary table and then lifted Kingston off the ground to drop him face first back onto the table.  As the referee counted both men out, they did eventually make their way back between the ropes.  Kingston fought back, even nailing the A1 Leg Drop down upon the Gunslinger, but Matt kicked out just before the referee’s hand hit the match for three.  Asadar got up and nailed a few strong strikes, but it was clear the wear and tear of the match were affecting him.  Ellington collided with Matt, hitting him with the Red Zone Spear, but rather than go for the cover, the Champion wanted to hit the 1st Round Draft Kick.  Unfortunately for Price, Matt ducked under the kick and caught Ellington in the Six Shooter, earning the three count and the victory over the Champion.  The referee tried to wake up Kingston, who appeared unconscious.  Ellington opened his eyes slowly and thought the match was still going on.  Once his glass was shattered and he found out he had lost, Ellington threw a temper tantrum, stomping to the back with his championship.

With a win over the Men’s Pulse Champion, has Matt Asadar earned a title shot?  Could we see that next week on Pulse Wrestling?  The tension between Kitty and Sara Knight is impacting even their matches against other people.  How will this affect them next week?  The situation between Bert O’Neill and Mr. Hollywood has disrupted enough matches and shows, will Jessica make her stance against O’Neill clear, or does she have something else in mind?  It seems that all the best episodes of professional wrestling bring more questions than answers, but those questions keep us on the edge of our seats and make sure we come back for more.  And always remember to pay attention to VWE.CC for all the previews, results, and interviews with all the shows and performers you enjoy!