BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Quick Match results

Match One: Nyle Nightfire vs. Drake Edwards

Winner: Nyle Nightfire via pinfall

Main Event: Kitty & Aphrodite vs. Lexi Wicked & Rani Patel

Winner: Lexi Wicked via pinfall

Full show coverage

By Brian Dusel

Pulse Wrestling is where you get to see the mix of VWE, DIE, and WPWF, thrown together in the blender and put on “frappe”.  What that means is you get to see exclusive match-ups you would not be able to see otherwise

This week’s episode of Pulse kicked off with a new talk-show segment hosted by “Mr. Hollywood” Jonathan Ramsey called “The Director’s Cut”.  Ramsey welcomed everyone to his show and then called out his guest, the VWE CEO Stuart Warf.  Stuart had the decency to walk out to the ring but then got on the microphone talking about the “script” that Hollywood follows, claiming it doesn’t exist, that they were standing in a wrestling ring, not the Hollywood stage.  Mr. Warf also mentioned the tension between Ramsey and Bert “Turbo” O’Neill over the past month and says that a match would be made in a couple weeks pitting the two of them against one another.  And if Bert wins, during the small break Pulse Wrestling will take after Elimination Royale, Jessica Moretti would have to agree to be his personal assistant.  Hollywood says “cut, absolutely not”, but Mr. Warf cuts him off and continues saying “don’t interrupt me again”.  Bert will get Jessica as a personal assistant after Elimination Royale til Pulse returns, but on the other hand, if Jonathan wins, Bert has to agree to be Ramsey’s manservant.

Match One: Nyle Nightfire vs. Drake Edwards

After Mr. Warf and Ramsey had cleared the area, the fans in attendance were ready for the first match of the evening, pitting Nyle Nightfire against Drake Edwards.  With his size, Nyle tried to keep Drake grounded but found Edwards’ speed frustrating as Drake slipped under a few grapples to start the match off.  Drake did his best, working the legs with some stiff kicks, but getting that close comes with some risk and Nightfire made him pay for it, shoving Edwards down onto the mat.  Nyle continued his assault as Drake came off the ropes and was caught in a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker.  With Edwards down inside the ring, Nyle let his boots do the talking, stomping on the smaller opponent.  He lifted Drake up, locking him in the Torture Rack upon his shoulders, but Edwards twisted around, countering and pulling Nyle face first to the mat in a Tornado DDT, pinning the 6-foot 7-inch powerhouse, but only getting a two count.  The momentum turned back to Nyle when Drake went up to the top rope, looking for a Frog Splash, but was caught in a Spinebuster by Nyle earning a two count with the lateral press.  After a big Powerbomb, Nightfire went for another pinfall attempt, but Drake still would not stay down.  Getting Drake back up on his feet, Nyle went for a huge Lariat, but Edwards ducked underneath and caught Nightfire with the Dragon Rising, a variant of the Superkick, covering Nyle for the three count.

Before we got to another match, the tron lit up with a video showing the Men’s Pulse Champion, Kingston Ellington.  The Champion talked about how the loss he took last week to Matt Asadar was nothing but a fluke.  He alluded to the fact that Matt isn’t the one who beat the Price, that it was Kingston himself, allowing his ego to get in his own way, causing him to make a bad choice instead of just pinning Matt for the win, oping to continue playing with him.  But rest assured, he did not work this hard to win the Pulse Championship to have someone come and take it away from him.  He said when Asadar faces him again, he will find out the cost and show the Gunslinger that the “Price is too high”

Leading into the Women’s Tag Team Match, Lexi Wicked made her way to the ring first and grabbed onto a microphone, talking smack about the Women’s Pulse Champion, Ellie Embers.  This caused Embers to rush down to the ring, not waiting for her entrance.  She stood up to Wicked, who seemed to kneel down out of cowardice, but from the ramp, Rani Patel rushed down, attacking Ellie from behind.  She then picked up Embers but Viola Beaumont rushed down for the save.  Embers turned around to throw some strong strikes into Patel, forcing her to exit the ring with Lexi.  With Embers and Beaumont standing in the ring waiting and almost begging Lexi and Rani to get into the ring, Wicked and Patel’s opponents for the tag match, Kitty and Aphrodite walked out onto the stage.  Ellie and Viola appeared to welcome Kitty and Aphrodite, insinuating that it was their turn to beat up Ms. Bollywood and Lexi Wicked.


Tag Team Match


VWE Superstar


VWE Superstar

Lexi Wicked

VWE Superstar

Rani Patel

VWE Superstar

This led right into the Tag Team Match, having Kitty team with Aphrodite to face Lexi Wicked and Rani Patel.  Wicked requested her partner start the match, having Rani Patel face-off against Aphrodite as the bell rang.  They started with a good technical start, going from grapple to counter, into another grapple which got countered by the other person.  Aphrodite got the lead, catching Rani with a couple strikes and then nailing a bulldog, grabbing Patel from behind and crashing her face-first into the mat, but only got a one count when she went for the cover.  Patel raked her fingers across Aphrodite’s face creating an opening to let her hands fly and then throw Aphrodite into the ropes, catching her with an arm drag when Aphrodite returned.  Aphrodite quickly got back up to her feet but Rani jumped up, pulling her into a hurricanrana before rolling towards Lexi.  Once in their corner, Lexi and Rani cut Aphrodite off from the rest of the ring.  Aphrodite fought out, using a back elbow and then hitting Patel with a Tornado DDT, moving to her corner to tag Kitty as Rani tagged Lexi.  Rani quickly rushed Aphrodite, face-planting her and dragging her outside, off the ring apron.  The referee and Kitty both checked on Aphrodite, but Lexi caught Kitty from behind.  Some fans claim she went and hit Kitty from down under, but others dispute.  What is fact, Lexi immediately had Kitty down and pinned her earning the three count victory for her team.

Whether you like how the match ended, one thing is certain, Lexi Wicked and Rani Patel were a very functional team with a solid strategy of keeping Aphrodite separated from Kitty for as long as possible.  Like a lion chasing down the weakest of her prey.  In the end, their strategy worked and they walked out with the “W”, but it looks like even with that victory, another challenge is waiting of Ellie Embers and Viola Beaumont.  And rumor is that Matt Asadar will get another match against Kingston Ellington, no word on if the title will be on the line.  But, will he prove that his win last week was more than a fluke, or will he find the “Price is too high”?  And now that Drake Edwards has shown he can hit that Dragon Rising from any direction, can anyone stop his momentum on his way up the ladder towards an eventual title shot for the Men’s Pulse Championship?  In a couple weeks, we will see “Mr. Hollywood” take on “Turbo” O’Neill, and one of them is going to walk out with a personal assistant.  Will Bert win the services of Jessica or will he be a man servant on Hollywood’s set?  Maybe we’ll find out more next Sunday when VWE, DIE, and WPWF present Pulse Wrestling at 1pm SLT at the Empire City Colosseum.  Stay tuned to VWE.CC for all the news you can use, the highlights of wrestling nights, and the facts, Jack.