BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

By Brian Dusel

For those of you watching live at the Elimination Royale, you know how surprising the event ended.  After three amazing matches where the incumbent Champions successfully defended their titles, 30 people got into one ring with one goal, to throw everyone over the top.  Seems a simple concept, but when you get into the actual match, it is all about survival.  Hold onto that rope, stay in that match as long as possible, hoping that you are the last person and earn your moment to headline VWE WrestleSeries.  After Krystal had taken the victory for the women, throwing Brooke Owens over the top to secure her spot, four men were left inside the ring.  Those four were Michael Karsin, Benja Nirvana, Derrick Cult and the # 30 entrant, DavidHawk Actor.  Surprisingly, these four men were fighting in a Ladder Match in May to determine who would walk out as King of the Arena, a victory that eventually went to Michael Karsin.  

The four men looked at each other but quickly sectioned off.  Derrick Cult and DavidHawk Actor brawling over on one side of the ring while Michael Karsin and Benja Nirvana were on the other side.  Benja, who had come into the match at # 10, had been in the match for more than an hour but had already eliminated four people when he tossed Michael over the top, earning his fifth elimination.  The final three looked at each other, taking a momentary respite.  As they started brawling, David went for the NMP on Benja, but Nirvana countered back into a headlock and dragged DHA back towards the ropes.  Derrick saw the opportunity, rushed in and flung his body into the Big Shot and David, all three of them falling out to the outside.  

The crowd was stunned into silence, unsure of what had just happened.  The music of VWE CEO, Stuart Warf broke the silence as he came out onto the stage.  He looked for answers from the referee, but the referee was just as shocked as the people in the audience.  From her point of view, all three fell out at the same time.  The three men all got up slowly and made their way back in the ring, each celebrating “their victory”.  

Mr. Warf announced that he would be grabbing the footage from all the cameras to see if a definitive winner can be found.  A source has contacted VWEWrestling.Com to let us know that as soon as the event ended, the CEO got on his private plane at the Empire City Airport and flew to the headquarters of the International Pro Wrestling Authority (IPWA) to get some assistance in reviewing the tapes and making a judgment or to see possible options in dealing with this controversy.  

Looking at it from the point of view of the participants, Derrick Cult is the one who threw his body into the other two, effectively eliminating them.  But, on the other hand, Derrick is the only one who fell all the way to the floor.  David was the one who was in the shortest amount of time and had no eliminations, but some of the people in the audience say that DHA had actually fallen onto the ring apron which would not be an elimination, while David, himself, claims he fell through the middle and top rope, which also would not be a legal elimination.  Benja Nirvana had been in the match the longest and got the most eliminations in the match.  Having been so dominant, does he have a better claim to earning that title shot at WrestleSeries?  

Superstars in the locker room are divided.  Viola Beaumont said, “they are all stubborn old bastards.  I am not surprised actually they went out while taking the others with them.  This will be interesting to see them argue over the coming month who is the most deserving for sure.”  Alison Daines seems to agree with Viola, “It was a shit show! And I think Sydney the Teddy Bear is the rightful winner!”  The controversy definitely got everyone talking and everyone has an opinion.  Night, a member of G.O.A.T. and compadre of the World Champion said, “They all 3 went over the top and threw a hip. Apparently the men’s side of the Royale this year was which VWE wrestler could get to the retirement home first. They all 3 won and now Cody should pick an opponent actually worth a Wrestleseries match.”  Another member who decided to put his two cents out there was Mr. Hollywood who said, “If I was there it’d of been only one winner and his name is Mr. Hollywood. So the three of you consider yourselves lucky the true star of VWE was busy shooting a movie. The script was written and it had me winning.”  

On the other side, Johnny Angel, a wrestler on the independent scene had this to say, “I think it is interesting.  I thought Derrick hit last, but would really like to see how Cody Houley could handle the tower of a man that is Benja Nirvana.”  Rani Patel was caught backstage and remarked, “I had smoke coming out of my ears, I was very, very, VERY upset… after what Viola did to me that took us both out of the ER… But after I cooled down backstage, I watched the monitor and wished Benja good karma, that somehow he would pull out the win… But I didn’t expect Icon and Cult would get some of that good karma too!”  Even Drake Edwards had something to say, “After the night ended up much earlier than I hoped, I decided to catch the end of ER from the audience. Krystal outlasted the rest of the bombshells in impressive fashion. Well earned win. On the men’s side, you were down to three…Benja Nirvana, DavidHawk Actor, and Derrick Cult. Three of the toughest veterans in this sport. They battled back and forth, ending with what appeared to be all three of them going over at the same time and touching the floor.”  Drake continued, “Is that what really happened? From my angle from the farthest part of the arena, the answer seems yes, but it was hard to tell since my view was slightly blocked. As I said on social media… Who won? DHA? Derrick Cult? Benja Nirvana? All of them? Yes, the ending is controversial, but is that really a bad thing? People are still talking about the event, and all three have a legit claim to winning the Elimination Royale. The IPWA and Stuart Warf will get to the bottom of this. In my opinion, if no replays show exactly what happened, I say make it a fatal four way at the Wrestleseries.”

Recently on his Twitter, Stuart Warf (@StuartWarf) “If the IPWA cannot make a common sense agreement I’ll take the appropriate measures to ensure a just outcome. Stay Tuned.”  He also tweeted “It’s been almost 48 hours since the Elimination Royale controversy and the IPWA and myself have still not got a conclusive agreement.”  Hopefully, we will find out a definitive answer this Wednesday on VWE Primetime at 5 pm SLT.  Primetime this week will be held at the home of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment, the Empire City Colosseum.  But what will happen?  What happens if they can’t decide who won?  Will we see a Fatal 4-Way at WrestleSeries?  Will the VWE World Heavyweight Champion, Cody Houley, get to pick his opponent out of the three?  Or will perhaps all three get a single opportunity on the road to WrestleSeries IX?  The only way to find out is to stay tuned to VWEWrestling.Com and be at the events live.  And a poll will be up on the VWE Facebook page where you can let your opinion be known on who you think won the Elimination Royale.