BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Quick Match results


Match One: Aphrodite vs. Alexandra

Winner: Aphrodite via pinfall


Main Event: VWE United States Championship

Chriss Crossfade vs. Kieran Darkwatch

Winner via pinfall Chriss Crossfade


Main Show:

Match One: VWE Tag Team Championship

Morgan Jones and Sybille Halsey vs. Vince Easterwood and Kasumi Hyata (c)

Winner: Vince Easterwood and Kasumi Hyata via pinfall


Match Two: VWE Women’s World Championship

Chloe Valentine (c) vs. Hillary Lanfier

Winner: Chloe Valentine via pinfall


Match Three: VWE World Championship

Cody Houley (c) vs. Braden Karsin

Winner: Cody Houley via pinfall


Main Event: Elimination Royale Match

Winner on the male side: Derrick Cult and Benja Nirvana and DavidHawk Actor

Winner on the female side: Krystal

Full show coverage

Controversial Ending

By Brian Dusel

Every year, there is one event that signifies the beginning of WrestleSeries season, and that event is the Elimination Royale.  Like all big shows, VWE presented a pre-show before the main card.  During the pre-show, Aphrodite defeated Alex after nailing the Love Bites spinning kick to put Alex down on the mat and then climbing up to the middle rope to hit the Arrow Split leg drop to earn the three count pinfall.  And after that amazing women’s match, the disputed VWE United States Championship would finally find legitimacy as “The Devil” Kieran Darkwatch battled Chris Crossfade.  Weeks ago, Kieran defeated Crossfade to win the title, but the next week, Chris came out claiming that the man who appeared to be him, was nothing but an impostor.  In this match, Chris utilized his speed to hit the ropes and fly off while Kieran did his best to counter and keep Crossfade on the mat.  In the end, Chris hit two Dropping the Nuke flying DDTs to gain the pinfall victory and walk out as the only and undisputed VWE United States Champion.

VWE Tag Team CHampionship

Vince Easterwood and Kasumi Hyata vs. Morgan Jones and Sybille Halsey

After a small intermission after Chris Crossfade’s victory, the main show of the Elimination Royale began with Morgan Jones teaming with Sybille to challenge Vince Easterwood and Kasumi Hayata for the VWE Intergender Tag Team Championship.  The match would be contested under Mixed Tag Team rules, which means that if one man is tagged, both men are legal, and vice-versa for the women.  The match started with the men as Vince stepped towards the middle against Morgan.  Right off the bat, Morgan made a mistake trying to technical wrestle with arguably the world’s best mat technician and paid quickly as Easterwood threw him down on the mat and twisted his arm in new directions.  Morgan did finally start using his speed to his advantage, but even hitting the ropes, Vince was ready for a quick arm drag into an armlock.  Morgan did hook around for a quick roll-up, but Vince kicked out at the two.  Vince dropped Jones with a drop-toe-hold and then tagged in Kasumi.  With both women legal, Kasumi and Vince did a double team move against Morgan, who got out of the ring.  Sybille quickly rushed in but Kasumi had quick strikes on the ready against the Challenger.  Sybille was able to catch Kasumi with a Lou Thesz Press, dropping some heavy right hands down upon the striker.   Quickly the men have tagged in again, and right back to the solid and fast pace.  Morgan was in the corner when Vince rushed, but Morgan got his knees up and then flew off with a splash, but Easterwood caught Jones in a Crossface.  Thankfully Morgan was near the ropes and got his feet on there to have the referee break the hold.  The ladies flew into the ring, fighting outside the ring.  Morgan knocked Vince out next to Kasumi before vaulting over the top rope, flying with a moonsault as Sybille dove with a double knee, both hit the Champions as the referee started counting them all out.  Morgan threw Kasumi into the ring and then tagged Sybille to make both women legal.  Quickly Sybille flew off the top rope, letting her body collide into Kasumi, but with the lateral press, Hayata kicked out at two.  As the match continued, Kasumi got control back, hitting a big forearm, but Morgan broke up the pin.  Vince rushed in, taking Morgan out, spearing Jones through the middle rope, both falling outside.  In the confusion, Sybille hit the Nintendo Drop but still couldn’t finish the job.  Went she went for the Level Up, Kasumi ducked under and caught Sybille with a Sick Kick, following it up with Kinshasa, covering for the pinfall victory to retain the VWE Intergender Tag Team Championship for her team.  After the match, it was clear that Morgan and Sybille had earned the respect of Easterwood and Hayata.

Match Two: VWE Women's World Championship

Chloe Valentine vs. Hilary Lanfier

In the weeks leading towards Elimination Royale, Chloe Valentine was willing to put the Women’s World Title on the line, but Hilary Lanfier appeared to want to attack her from behind, not wanting a straight-up match.  But, eventually, Stuart Warf put her on a threat of suspension and thus, this match was created.  After being checked by the referee, the match for the biggest title in the Women’s Division kicked off.  Both women went tit for tat, countering each other.  Chloe went for her patented Monkey Flip, but Hilary landed on her feet and then connected with the Big Boot to the back of the Champion’s head.  Valentine got back up and jumped to the top rope, flying off with a diving arm drag, but Lanfier rolled out of this move too.  This was world-class action from two of the best wrestlers, period.  The back and forth only stopped when Chloe caught the Challenger with an Enzuigiri, but when she went for the pin, only got a two count.  Lanfier connected with another boot to the face, covering but only getting a two count.  Staying on the attack, she dropkicked Chloe, putting her on the ropes, but when she went for another move, Chloe moved, hanging Hilary on the ropes.  Chloe rushed, but Lanfier moved this time, sending Chloe over the top rope with her momentum but she hung onto the top rope, getting herself back into the ring.  The Champion springboarded back to Hilary, but Hilary locked her into a submission hold to counter.  The match did not end, both women unwilling to give up.  The match spilled to the outside with Chloe seemingly in control but that didn’t last as Lanfier took the legs out from under the Champion, knocking her down onto the apron.  The two brawled on the apron until Chloe dodged an attack, forcing Hilary to slam into the ring post.  Chloe got back into the ring, immediately went outside to keep punishing Hilary outside the ring.  Once they got back into the ring, Hilary spun around Chloe, pulling her into an armbar right in the middle of the ring.  Chloe busted out of the hold, but Hilary lifted Valentine up for a powerbomb.  The Champion only had a moment held up in the air and turned the move into a Codebreaker, but still only got a two with the pinfall.  Hilary exited the ring and grabbed a chair, throwing it in, prompting the referee to move to the other side to throw it out.  Lanfier reached under, grabbed a sledgehammer and rushed back into the ring.  Before she could use it, the referee noticed the foreign object and took it away from the Challenger.  But, as Chloe rushed in towards Lanfier, Hilary pulled some brass knuckles from her boot, delivering a powerful punch to Chloe, but still, the Champion kicked out at two.  Valentine took the distraction of Hilary talking to the referee, to lock the Challenger in the Hug it Out, but Hilary got out of it.  In the end, Chloe got up to the top turnbuckle, flying off with a diving Codebreaker, covering for the pinfall win to retain the Women’s World Title.

Match Three: VWE World Championship

Cody Houley vs. Braden Karsin

For weeks, the World Heavyweight Title found itself on the line, Braden defending against Michael Karsin, getting intentionally disqualified, only to lose it the next week to Cody Houley, who then successfully defeated Michael Karsin the next week.  The next week, as Cody celebrated his victory, Braden Karsin demanded his guaranteed title match and that brought us to Elimination Royale where Cody would have to defend against “The King”.  Both men started the match strong.  Cody hitting some quick strikes until Braden caught his foot and kicked Houley right in the mush.  Eventually, the self-proclaimed “God” found himself falling over the top rope to the outside, but he was quick enough to move before Braden springboarded to the outside, crashing into the floor below.  Houley got the King back into the ring, went for the lateral press, but Braden kicked out at two.  Karsin got himself up in the corner but even though he got out of the way of an attack from Cody, Houley caught him with an Enzuigiri.  Cody went to the top rope but Karsin knocked him down, catching Cody’s crotch right on the rope.  Karsin then springboarded from another top rope, hit a dropkick and went for the cover, but only another two count.  Momentum shifted back and forth, Cody hitting a pop-up knee into the abdomen and then following it up with a hurricane kick.  His cover only got another two count.  Houley focused his attack on the jaw of the former Champion, connecting with some big knees before going for another pin, still unable to finish Braden off.  Perhaps from frustration, but Cody exited the ring and looked to be leaving to the backstage before quickly rushing back, leaping over the top rope for a Tope Con Hilo, but Braden caught him in midair, slamming him down into the mat.  Braden pulled Cody up to the top turnbuckle and it appeared Houley hit a big hurricanrana to counter, but both men continued flipping into Braden connecting with a Canadian Destroyer upon the Champion, forcing Cody to hit the ring apron and fall to the outside of the ring.  Braden rolled Cody back into the ring, but still only a two count when he went for the pinfall.  Staying on the attack, Braden put Cody in the corner and looked to go for a Corner Splash, but Cody fell down out of the way and Braden hit his head.  Houley jumped to the top, flying off for the diving Codebreaker, the same maneuver that Chloe put Hilary away within the previous match, but Braden got his left shoulder up just before the three.  Karsin got to his feet somehow and both men started brawling.  This appeared to be a last-gasp effort from both men.  Braden went for the Brogue Kick, but before he connected, Houley fell down, causing Braden to trip from his own momentum.  Both men used opposite corners to get up to their feet.  Karsin rushed, but Houley countered with Paydirt, causing Braden’s head to hit a turnbuckle.  Cody went for the Codebreaker and then covered, finally earning the three count to retain via pinfall.  After the match, both men shook hands, showing some respect.


Elimination Royale Match

It would be impossible to go through the Elimination Royale Match, talking about the brawling, the ups, and the downs.  So instead, below is the entrant list and the eliminated list.  The biggest surprises were Victor X. Kessel not coming out when his time playing, instead of coming out later when he and Night were brawling on the stage.  And speaking of Night, his fellow G.O.A.T. partner got involved in the ring to help Night fight off Jeffrey Fireguard and quickly Maxine started attacking the VWE World Heavyweight Champion. But soon the tables turned on Maxine as Lexi Wicked, along with G.O.A.T. delivered a triple Superkick to Maxine, sending her to the mat.  The trio then attacked Jeff, allowing Night to connect with a Tombstone Piledriver onto Fireguard and Lexi then put on a G.O.A.T. mask.

Elimination Royale Match Order of Entrant

  1. Sara Knight
  2. Stacy Mancino
  3. Kingston Ellington
  4. Jayson Rain
  5. Austin Knight
  6. Bert O’Neill
  7. Alexandra
  8. Drake Edwards
  9. Kitty
  10. Benja Nirvana
  11. Raven
  12. Victor X Kessel
  13. Nyle Nightfire
  14. Night
  15. Jeff Fireguard
  16. Lyra Phoenix
  17. Maxine
  18. Lexi Wicked
  19. “Hardcore Dragon” Mad Mike made his VWE debut
  20. Jessica Moretti made her wrestling debut
  21. Rani Patel
  22. Alison Daines
  23. Loody Graves
  24. Krystal
  25. Brooke Owens
  26. Hulk Parkin made a return
  27. Viola Beaumont
  28. Michael Karsin
  29. Derrick Cult
  30. DHA


Order of Elimination

  1. Bert O’Neill by Jayson Rain
  2. Kingston Ellington by Benja Nirvana
  3. Sara Knight by Stacy Mancino
  4. Drake Edwards by Nyle Nightfire & Austin Knight
  5. Nyle Nightfire by Jayson Rain
  6. Alexandra by Lyra Phoenix
  7. Victor X. Kessel by Night
  8. Kitty by Lyra Phoenix
  9. Jayson Rain eliminated himself
  10. Stacy Mancino by Lyra Phoenix
  11. Austin Knight by Mad Mike
  12. Jeffrey Fireguard by Benja Nirvana
  13. Raven by Lexi Wicked
  14. Jessica Moretti by Rani Patel
  15. Lyra Phoenix by Rani Patel & Lexi Wicked
  16. Maxine by Alison Daines
  17. Night by Benja Nirvana
  18. Mad Mike by Benja Nirvana
  19. Hulk Parkin by Loody Graves
  20. Loody Graves by Michael Karsin
  21. Viola Beaumont and Rani Patel *double elimination
  22. Lexi Wicked by Krystal
  23. Alison Daines by Brooke Owens
  24. Brooke Owens by Krystal
  25. Michael Karsin by Benja Nirvana
  26. Benja Nirvana, DHA, and Derrick Cult all eliminate each other causing a controversy


Women’s Elimination Royale Winner: Krystal

Men’s Elimination Royale Winner: Derrick Cult/Benja Nirvana/DavidHawk Actor

Ending in controversy with Derrick Cult, Benja Nirvana, and DavidHawk Actor all falling out at the same time is leaving quite a bit of question above who will go on to WrestleSeries IX to fight for the VWE World Heavyweight Championship.  No one can deny, Cody Houley facing any one of these men would be an amazing main event for WrestleSeries.  Then again, the IPWA might not be able to make a ruling and we could end up seeing a Fatal 4-Way Match for the Title at WrestleSeries.  There is still almost three months until WrestleSeries, so plenty of time for the IPWA to investigate the situation and come to a decision with Mr. Warf.  But make sure to head over to the VWE Facebook page to answer the poll on what main event you’d like to see at WrestleSeries.  And always keep your eyes peeled on VWEWrestling.Com for all the previews, reviews, and interviews.