BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Quick Match results

Match One: Night vs. Jayson Rain

No Contest due to Double Count-out

Match Two: Lexi Wicked vs. Viola Beaumont

Winner: Viola Beaumont via disqualification

Main Event: Tag Team Match

Vince Easterwood & Kasumi Hyata vs DavidHawk Actor & Kitty

Winner: Vince Easterwood via submission

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Are You Who You Say You Are?

By Brian Dusel

VWE presents Primetime every Wednesday at the Empire City Colosseum and this week, it kicked off with a video honoring one of the female superstars, “Ms. Bollywood” Rani Patel.  Rani was at a public gathering to officially declare a street, now dedicated in her name, called “Bollywood Boulevard”, but the Women’s Pulse Champion Ellie Embers had to interrupt the ceremony and attack Patel.  Within the confines of VWE, Pulse Wrestling, or WPWF, this would be at least acceptable behavior between two superstars who seem to be at odds.  But, outside, in what we could consider “the real world”, this behavior is unacceptable and guaranteed the International Pro Wrestling Authority (IPWA) is going to investigate this situation.  As more information develops, your staff here at VWEWRESTLING.COM will work tirelessly to make sure everyone reading this can keep in the know.

Match One: Night vs. Jayson Rain

In the first scheduled match of the evening, G.O.A.T. member and former VWE United States Champion, Night, went one-on-one with Jayson Rain.  While on his way towards the ring, Jayson was overheard saying: “Each night, I awaken to a brightly shining moon. What people keep secret in the day, they unveil in the night. You see, my opponent may call himself Night, but my people, we are creatures of the night, we own the night. Therefore Night, the sun has gone down, and Jayson Rain has risen. I rule the night and Night I rule you!”  And the match started with a fast-paced technical aspect as Rain grabbed onto Night, pulling him into a wristlock and then quickly tossing Night with an arm-drag.  When both men got back up to their feet, Night pulled Jayson into a headlock, working the neck of his opponent.  The strikes started happening from both men, Jayson even utilizing his patented head-butt.  Neither man wanted to admit his opponent had the advantage as the match continued, leading to both men slamming into each other with a double clothesline.  Both men worked the body, connecting with some quick strikes and even tried to pin their opponent, but only earning a two count each.  It looked like Night had the momentum behind him as Jayson exited the ring to dodge a maneuver. As Night followed, Jayson caught the “Architect of Annihilation” with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, then climbing up onto the ring apron, jumping up to the top turnbuckle from the outside and flying off, flipping his body mid-air into a 450 Splash down upon Night on the ground.   As the referee counted both men out, the technicality of the match had ended, both men just throwing the other down to the ground to try to nail a couple big punches.  The match had only one way to end, a No Contest due to Double Count-out as the referee tried and eventually did get them pulled apart.  With as energized as both men were to try to damage their opponent, what will happen the next time these two are in the same ring?

Up on the stage, a video started playing from last Friday after VWE Edge.  It was the locker room where Jeffrey Fireguard could be seen talking to Benja Nirvana.  The Big Shot bragged about Jeff’s win over Austin Knight, but Jeff is upset because of what Nirvana did, breaking the rules and sliding into the ring while the referee was down, hitting Knight with brass knuckles.  Nirvana claims he didn’t break anything and that if he was breaking the rules, the match would’ve been thrown out, he just modified the situation to help Fireguard get the win.  Not only did he help Fireguard win, he also got Jeff lined up for interviews with a magazine and Sports Center and if Jeff doesn’t trust him, then he’s got something to help build that trust, because next week, Benja and Jeff will be tagging together and he’ll prove to Fireguard he does have his best interest at heart.  The Misfit agreed, claiming he’ll give the Big Shot one more chance, but reminds him to play the situation straight.

Victor Kessel walked out to the ring, a microphone in hand.  He said that recently, he went back to his hometown of Newark, NJ to do some soul searching and seeing how there are crimes being unpunished, and it made him angry. He decided that if there is going to be justice around here sometimes, you have to do it yourself and collect the debt to society.  Kessel targets Night because of what the “Architect of Annihilation” did besides just taking the US Title from Kessel he feels that all the IPWA did was gave Night a slap on the wrist and gave him an extended vacation.  “Night deserves more than just a slap on the wrist, he deserves to have the shit beat out of him and believe you me, I will be the one to do it,” Victor said. Kessel added that he still is following his new motto of “Retaliation, Retribution, and Revenge”.  Night comes out on stage to confront Kessel, “You haven’t done shit.”  Night admits he’s beaten Kessel every time they’ve been face to face.  “The real reason you’ve got this chip on your shoulder… team global crisis, do you remember that?  Our old boxing team.”  Night continuously called Victor “Wolfy” just to get under his skin and claimed he was the breakout star while Kessel has been constantly stuck in Night’s shadow and “you’re gonna stay there because I’m gonna put you under my boot,” Night added.  Night gets in the ring but Victor tackles him, driving his fists into Night’s face.  The brawl went back and forth, falling outside the ring.  Night pushed Victor into the barricade and then slammed his head into the top of the black barricade.  Night tossed Victor over the barricade and the two continued brawling in the crowd, all the way through the doors into the backstage area.

Match Two: Lexi Wicked vs. Viola Beaumont

In the second scheduled match of the night, Lexi Wicked faced off against Viola Beaumont.  As the bell rang, the two locked up, but quickly, Viola tossed Wicked down to the mat with a big shove.  Lexi got back up, moving in close and delivering a stomp to Beaumont’s foot, which started the mind games.  Viola got upset, moved in, but Lexi held onto the ropes demanding a time out and quickly exited the ring, telling the referee to back Beaumont up.  Wicked got into the ring as Viola rushed her delivering a quick hip toss, sending Wicked down to the mat.  Lexi got up, just in time for Beaumont to knock her back down with a clothesline.  Wicked got up to her feet again, with the same result of Viola knocking her down with another clothesline.  The match was starting to feel very one-sided until Lexi caught a kick meant for her abdomen and then snapping the leg down.  But quickly, Viola got the momentum back, forcing Lexi’s head into the corner turnbuckle a few times.  Beaumont nailed another big clothesline, but only got a two count when she went for the cover.  Lexi fought back, eventually catching Viola with a bicycle kick, but couldn’t get the job done with the lateral press.  As the match continued, Wicked threw a temper tantrum when a Flash Kick didn’t gain her the three count.  She gained enough composure to refocus and try to hit the Rough Rider when Viola stood up, but Beaumont caught Wicked with a back body drop to counter.  Viola went up to the top turnbuckle, flying off with a diving elbow drop, but did not go for the pin, looking to hit the V-Cut.  Unfortunately, as Lexi got to her feet, she countered the V-Cut, dropping down to a knee and driving her arm up into the crotch of Viola, getting herself intentionally disqualified.  After the bell had run to give Beaumont the victory, Lexi locked on the Muta Lock, contorting her body as Viola howled in pain.  Even against Lexi’s threat to have her daddy fire him, the referee did make her let go of the hold and exit.

Kieran Darkwatch walked out to the ring in a nice suit and carrying a title on his shoulder, introducing himself as the new US Champion.  Kieran talked about Chris whining last week about the Devil “stealing” his belt.  Kieran said he won the match and the title fair and square right in the middle.  He said that Crossfade is playing the card “the devil made me do it” claiming Chris was so stoned, he didn’t remember and then when he recovered, he had to make up a story to claim it wasn’t him.  He says that Chris since he wears a mask and speaks through a box, he can’t prove it wasn’t him that got beat.  He then pointed out a couple people who have to work hard to make sure their family can eat, but Chris doesn’t do that, just sitting around every day playing video games and getting high.  Unfortunately for Chris Crossfade, the points Kieran brought up are true.  It would be impossible to prove his identity without removing his mask and even if he did that since the person Kieran faced looked and sounded like Crossfade, it would be impossible to prove that it didn’t happen exactly like Darkwatch claimed.  The IPWA, no doubt, will be looking into the situation, but as it stands currently, the title change is still officially recognized on VWEWRESTLING.COM and on the Wikipedia.


Tag Team Match

Vince Easterwood

VWE Tag Team Champion

Kasumi Hyata

VWE Tag Team Champion

David Hawk Actor

VWE Superstar


VWE Superstar

Last week, in an effort to prove they deserve an Intergender Tag Team Championship opportunity, Morgan Jones and Sybille defeated Jayson Rain and Brooke Owens, challenging the Champions, Vince Easterwood, and Kasumi Hyata to do better.  And to do that, they would have to face the team of Kitty and DavidHawk Actor in the main event.  Kasumi and Kitty started the match off and DHA was quick to point out that his partner needed to stay away from the striking ability of Kasumi.  Kitty stuck to her power game, trying to out-muscle Hyata, but Kasumi was quick with the strikes, nailing some punches and kicks against Kitty.  While the two were proficient at countering each other and ducking under some attacks, Hyata did take Kitty down to the mat with a Shogun Dropkick.  Even when Kitty seemed to have the upper-hand, Hyata caught Kitty with a leg sweep and then hit a Rolling Thunder.  Kitty was strong enough to break away and tag in DavidHawk Actor, which made both David and Vince automatically the legal participants.  Easterwood and DHA responded as you might assume, trying to one-up each other in a technical aspect, but David quickly traded strategies, catching Vince with a quick combination of punches.  DHA sent Vince into the ropes, missing with a clothesline but catching Easterwood with a big dropkick after Vince rebounded off the opposite ropes.  Anytime David utilized his larger frame for power, he found success, but when trying to tie Vince up like in a headlock, he could not keep the Crusader down.  Vince took control, even catching David with a solid combination of his own and a Flash Kick, but only earned a two count when he went for the pin.  Seeing that Kasumi had better luck against Kitty, Easterwood tagged out.  With both women legal again, Kasumi fired off first with a big kick combination, knocking Kitty to the mat and springboarding off the ropes into a huge leg drop, but the lateral press only gained her a two count.  Kasumi made another big risk, getting to the top of the turnbuckle and grabbing onto Kitty with the Molly-Go-Round, but again Kitty kicked out at two.  Hyata taunted for the Bomaye, but when she went for the strike, Kitty rolled out of the way, hitting the ropes and connecting with a Floatover DDT on the return.  Kitty moved to the corner, looking to fly and climbed up.  She flew out into the middle of the ring with a splash, but when she landed, Hyata had rolled out of the way, shifting to a knee to tag Vince.   The men got into the ring and DHA quickly grabbed both legs, taking Easterwood down to the mat but quickly Vince rolled David up for a pin, but DHA kicked out.  Vince went for a back suplex, but David flipped out of the maneuver, landing on his feet and putting Easterwood into the Full Nelson, looking for the Ego Trip, but Vince reversed, hit the ropes and pulled DHA into the Crusader Armbar.  David struggled in the hold for a moment, but was too far from the ropes and had no option but to tap out.

Morgan Jones, who along with Sybille had been watching ringside, grabbed a microphone, saying congratulations to Vince and Kasumi on the win, but they still haven’t beaten Morgan and Sybille, who do claim a win over the champs.  Jones then suggested they discuss it next week, live in the middle of the ring, and talk about when they will fight again with the VWE Intergender Tag Team Titles on the line.

When will Morgan and Sybille receive their title opportunity, or will Vince and Kasumi suggest they jump through more hoops to “prove they are worthy”?  What will the IPWA and VWE CEO, Stuart Warf, decide to do about the US Championship situation?  Will Viola be looking for retribution against Lexi Wicked?  Speaking of retribution, will Victor Kessel find his against Night or will Night prove why Kessel is always going to be in his shadow?  And what will happen to Ellie Embers after attacking Rani Patel at a non-wrestling function?  More questions than answers, like always, but an entertaining episode with amazing action, adventure, and drama.  Be sure to stay tuned to VWEWRESTLING.COM for further developments as well as the previews, reviews, interviews, and news you can use.