BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

Tale of Two Women – Preview for VWE EDGE

Just one week ago, VWE returned from break with Fallout, and now we’re counting down the days til BreakDown!  The next stop on this train is VWE Edge this Friday at 6 pm SLT.  This week we got a couple Misfits, a God, a Crusader, and a man bent on retaliation.  So hold your Sidney Bear tight and let’s jump in.  

In the first scheduled match, we get a rematch of sorts.  One of the biggest rivalries in 2017 was Jeff Fireguard and Maxine battling Vince Easterwood and Kasumi Hyata for the VWE Intergender Tag Team Championships, the end results seeing the Misfits taking the victory.  But anyone lucky enough to see the singles matches between Fireguard and the Crusader would tell you that it is clear these two world-class athletes are not just superior athletes, but they are in the prime of their careers.  Both men have had similar careers.  Vince is a former Elimination Royale winner while Jeffrey was a former King of the Arena.  Fireguard was a VWE Grid Champion, while Easterwood was representing as the VWE International Champion.  And of course, both are former VWE World Heavyweight Champions.  So to see these two first-ballot future Hall of Famers together, they don’t just wrestle in the ring, they make magic.  Vince is arguably the best mat technician in the world, while Jeffrey has made his name as a kind of jack-of-all-trades, a guy who can throw punches and kicks, he can fly, and he can mat wrestle.  Look for this match to be an early contender for match of the night.

One week ago, a huge betrayal shocked everyone when Cody Houley allowed Night to take his place during his title rematch against Derrick Cult for the VWE World Title, but then during the match, Cody showed up with a steel chair and hit Night instead.  The self-proclaimed “God” hit the Architect of Annihilation repeatedly with the chair until Derrick Cult got up and assisted the referee back to his feet (the referee had fallen a minute or two earlier) and immediately let the referee know what happened.  Everyone has had opinions on the matter, but the men involved have stayed pretty quiet about the situation.  Perhaps we can get some answers this week because Cody is booked in a match, taking on Rhys Tucker in singles action.  The former World Champion is very upset and Tucker should hope that this week has calmed Houley.  Looking at both men, Rhys has a speed advantage but if he is hoping to outlast Cody, he will be sorely disappointed.  Cody is a conditioning machine.  We’ve seen in his battles with Braden Karsin and Michael Karsin, Houley loves a faster-paced match and utilizing quick strikes.  Rhys has not had the best of luck in his matches, but a win over “God” could be just what he needs to turn all eyes on to him.  

And all that action leads us to the main event where the former VWE Radiance Champion and one-half of Transcendence, Alison Daines, takes on one-half of the reigning VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions, Maxine.  These two are no strangers to each other and Maxine has seen the best and worst of Daines.  When facing Alison Daines, there are two possibilities that you might face.  You could be in the ring with Alison when she is lighting up the ring, where every move is perfectly timed and counters just open her opponents up.  But, you could also see the desperation of Alison, where it appears Daines is losing and makes a choice to cheat or get intentionally disqualified.  Maxine is no angel, herself, but the past two years have shown her really grow into a leader inside the ring, utilizing her decade of experience as her biggest advantage.  She can see the moves coming and immediately know the counter.  Looking at the two competitors, Alison does have the reach advantage and could utilize that in the opening moments, but she will have to try something completely unexpected to find her way to the victory.  The key to victory for Maxine will be getting in close and using her strength to try to keep Daines on the mat and look for a submission.  The longer this match goes, the more it favours Alison, so Maxine should be looking for the quickest way to finish the match.  And of course, the biggest X-factor to this match will be the reigning VWE Women’s World Champion, Krystal, who is the other half of Transcendence.  If the Champion makes her presence known, we could see any number of situations occur that benefit Daines in this match.  

So many questions brought up for these matches.  Will Jeffrey try to out mat wrestle, the Crusader?  Will Loody be the next victim on Kessel’s road to retribution, retaliation, and revenge?  Will we find out anything about WHY Cody attacked Night?  And can Maxine wrap up Alison, or will Transcendence reign over VWE Edge?  Find out as you see these matches and much, much, more as VWE presents Edge at 6 pm SLT at the Empire City Colosseum this Friday night.  And stay tuned to VWEWrestling.Com for all the news, interviews, and previews you need about all your favourite and most despised characters in Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.

Written by Brian Dusel