Launch Week for VWE on Patreon – 15/3/2018

It’s a very exciting week for Virtual Wrestling Entertainment as this is the week the VWE Patreon launches and we have an action-packed week to kick us off. As part of this system, we’re going to give you updates on what you can expect during the weeks.

Note for Non-American audiences that events may be earlier than usual due to daylight savings time and to check your local time to make sure you don’t miss out. 

Thursday – 15th March 2018

  • The VWE Patreon officially goes LIVE
  • VWE FALLOUT on January 5th releases for Patreon

Friday – 16th March 2018 

  • VWE ShockWave on February 9th releases for Patreon Backers at 12 PM PST
  • VWE Friday Night EDGE Live Stream at 6 PM PST

Saturday – 17th March 2018 

  • WPWF Riot IV on February 3rd releases for Patreon Backers at 12 PM PST
  • A Night with the Beard Live Stream at 2 PM PST

Sunday – 18th March 2018 

  • A Night with the Beard releases for Patreon Backers at 12 PM PST
  • PULSE Wrestling Live Stream at 2 PM PST
  • PULSE Wrestling Anniversary II releases for Patreon Backers at 4 PM PST 

What is Patreon and why are we doing this?

Patreon is a membership platform that enables creators to get paid and in turn, the fans themselves get exclusive perks and rewards. It’s been a fantastic platform for creators both large and small and we believe the value for value model works. 

We want to continue to build on our legacy of producing excellent shows in Second Life and we want to make sure this goes to the next level. The thing is, with anything else in Second Life, it all costs money to put on the show. We fully believe the best way to pull this off is to do a Patreon to build this.