VWE PrimeTime June 7th 2017


VWE PrimeTime

Time and Location
Wednesday, June 11th 5 PM PDT at Empire City Colluseum

Featured Superstars

VWE Superstar

David Hawk Actor

VWE Superstar

Derrick Cult

VWE Superstar

Loody Graves

VWE Superstar

Brooke Owens

VWE Superstar


VWE Superstar


About the Show

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the best live entertainment you will see on the grid with professional wrestling. And today, VWE presents Primetime at 5pm SLT. Kicking things off, representing the women’s division, Aphrodite will face off against Alex. Then “The Devil” Kieran Darkwatch takes on Rhys Tucker in a Singles Match. After not making her rematch vs new VWE Radiance Champion Hilary Lanfier last week on Edge because of the injury she sustained from the 2017 Queen of the Arena, Brooke Owens will be back in action against “Ms. Bollywood” Rani Patel. And the main event will be explosive. DHA had been asking for a rematch against Derrick Cult since his questionable loss to Derrick two months ago, but the old saying is “be careful what you wish for”. After DHA took Derrick out of the KOTA ladder match, hitting Cult with the NMP off the ladder, it appears Austin Knight has deemed David worthy for the rematch and the fans will be the true winners. And you can be one of those lucky people. The show kicks off at 5pm SLT at the Empire City Colosseum!

Complete Matchcard

Match one: Aphrodite vs Alexandra

Match two: Kieran Darkwatch vs Rhys Tucker

Match three: Rani Patel vs Brooke Owens

Main Event: David Hawk Actor vs Derrick Cult