BREAKING NEWS : Seth Cameron & Maxine win the VWE Elimination Royale.

VWE Elimination Royale 2017 Results

Every year, there is one event that signifies the beginning of WrestleSeries season, and that event is the Elimination Royale. Like all big shows, VWE presented a pre-show before the main card. During the pre-show, Aphrodite defeated Alex after nailing the Love Bites spinning kick to put Alex down on...
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VWE PrimeTime August, 30th 2017 Results

VWE presents Primetime every Wednesday at the Empire City Colosseum and this week, it kicked off with a video honoring one of the female superstars, “Ms. Bollywood” Rani Patel.  Rani was at a public gathering to officially declare a street, now dedicated in her name, called “Bollywood Boulevard”, but the...
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VWE PULSE August, 27th 2017 Results

Pulse Wrestling is where you get to see the mix of VWE, DIE, and WPWF, thrown together in the blender, and put on “frappe”. What that means is you get to see exclusive match-ups you would not be able to see otherwise. This week’s episode of Pulse kicked off with...
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VWE EDGE August. 25th 2017 Results

Do you want action?  Do you want drama?  Adventure?  Then pro wrestling can be your fix every week and VWE Edge this week was chock full of all those things.   For the past two weeks, the big will he, won’t he, the question was about Jeffrey Fireguard and if...
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BREAKING NEWS: Cody Houley is new VWE World Heavyweight Champion!

Cody Houley did it again. For the fourth time in his Career, he became the VWE World Heavyweight Champion. On the Friday, August 25th episode he defeated Braden Karsin in an epic encounter. With this victory, G.O.A.T is back on top. We have to see what will happen next. More...
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VWE PrimeTime August, 23rd 2017 Results

VWE Primetime is the highlight of every Wednesday night and is shown live to the audience at the home of VWE, the Empire City Colosseum. This week was an amazing episode, highlighted by the main event of two former World Champions colliding.
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