About Virtual Wrestling Entertainment

For nearly a decade, Virtual Wrestling Entertainment has been the benchmark of professional wrestling in Second Life. VWE has always been driven to create the atmosphere, the look, and the entertainment of some of the best pro wrestling and sports entertainment, translated into a digital form. With unique characters that have made a name for themselves in VWE and around the grid, VWE is proud to present three weekly shows, every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. And approximately eight times a year, VWE presents a supershow, where the show is longer with extra matches, stipulation matches, and big title fights. And everything, a year worth of storylines and battles, collides at the big finale supershow, WrestleSeries, which happens every December.

From its founding, VWE has been the gold standard in Second Life and continues to push boundaries with the production value, the arena builds, stage setups, logos, website, social media, live streams on YouTube, and even merchandise in the digital world of Second Life. This merchandise includes t-shirts, posters, baseball hats, and action figures. And with your help, VWE can push even further.

Why are we doing a Patreon?

We want to continue to build on our legacy of producing excellent shows in Second Life and we want to make sure this goes to the next level. The thing is, with anything else in Second Life, it all costs money to put on the show. We fully believe the best way to pull this off is to do a Patreon to build this.

Why not do this in Second Life?

While we could do something similar to this in Second Life, with certain areas we want to expand into (such as the weekly live streams of our events) it feels like Patreon is the best platform to go with at this time.


  • Exclusive Weekly Live Streams of VWE Shows
  • Exclusive Photo Shoots
  • Shout Out on the VWE Website

$1 USD Pledge on Patreon

  • Includes Silver Tier Perks
  • Reserved seating in the Empire City Colosseum
  • Autographed photos with custom messages
  • Monthly Loot Crate of merchandise items.
  • Exclusive Patron-Only events

$5 USD Pledge on Patreon

  • Includes Gold Tier Perks
  • Roster Picture Postcards sent in real life
  • VIP Backstage Pass at Supershow Events

$9.99 USD Pledge on Patreon

Wall of Fame

Austin Knight

Brooke Owens

Kendra Nirvana


Adam Smith

Viola Beaumont

John Struk

Matt Asadar

Kendra Chemistry

Vince Easterwood

Kieran Darkwatch

Draven Campbell

Brooke Owens

Nyle Nightfire

Marcy “Sass” Schafer

Wolfy Kessel